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Antiques and collectibles is big business in America and by studying it at college you could be significantly enhancing your future career prospects. One very lucrative branch of antiques and collectible is comics. To help you develop your skills around antique comic collecting we have a great range of cheap comic textbooks for you to choose from. These books will help you identify genuine collectors comics and provide you with the knowledge you need to value them. The affordable textbooks will also give you an insight to the history of collectible and antique comics. Whether this is something that you are already passionate about, or a subject that is entirely new to you, our discounted comic textbooks will help you move forward with your studies. Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition. We deliver the books to the address of your choice, leaving you with more valuable time to find those collectors comics! When you are done with the books you can sell your comic textbooks back to us.

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American Comic Strip Collections, 1884-1939: The Evolutionary Phase by Gifford, Dennis ISBN: 9780816172702 List Price: $55.00
Fred Basset Yearbook 2016 by Graham, Alex ISBN: 9781849537582
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