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Old items and antiques are precious treasures that reflect a particular age or time period. They may be valued for their rarity, unique features, and historical worth. People have always been interested in discovering the significance of such precious pieces, which may be collected for business, pleasure, or educational purposes. But only people who understand the worth of such collectibles can appreciate them. For such people, there are plenty of antiques and collectibles textbooks available. These books aim to share information regarding antiques and collectibles. At ValoreBooks, you can search for and compare prices on these books, finding them at prices you can actually afford.

Value of antiques and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks uncover the worth of the items they discuss, focusing on the historical significance. These books contain a lot of valuable information that may be useful for those who are doing research.

Range of antique and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks cover their subjects from unique angles that include: the methods of preserving these valued items, their origin, the artistic value they represent, and information on how to buy or sell them. These books also cover topics including: learning about the identity and value of antiques and collectibles, tips for buying the right art items, and getting to know the price guides for antiques. In addition to these, you can find information on archaeological collections, marble antiques, precious gems, museum collectibles, classic antiques, Byzantine and early Mediaeval antiques, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese antiques, English pottery, and more.

Purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks
The purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks is to share knowledge on these collections for educational and informational purposes.

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Collector's Bookshelf Value Guide by LeFontaine, Joseph R. ISBN: 9780879756062 List Price: $30.98
Copper Coinage of the State of New Jersey Manuscript of Damon G. Douglas by Trudgen, Gary, Douglas, Damon ISBN: 9780897222891 List Price: $45.00
Pocket Collectibles-Costume Jewelry by Miller, Judith ISBN: 9780135009703
Romano-British Glass Vessels by Price, Jennifer, Cottam, Sa... ISBN: 9781872414966
Medaglie Italiane Del Museo Nazionale Del Bargello by Toderi, Fiorenza Vannel, To... ISBN: 9788859600060
Medaglie Italiane Del Museo Nazionale Del Bargello by Toderi, Fiorenza Vannel, To... ISBN: 9788883048494
Presidential Medal of Freedom: Winners and Their Achievements by Wetterau, Bruce ISBN: 9781568021287 List Price: $41.40
Crossing the Rift Resources, Routes, Settlement Patterns and Interaction in the Wadi Arabah by Bienkowski, Piotr, Galor, K... ISBN: 9781842172094 List Price: $90.00
The Stamp Atlas; Raife Wellsted and Stuart Rossiter by Wellsted, W. Raife, Flower,... ISBN: 9780816013463 List Price: $29.95
Images of the Illustrious The Numismatic Presence in the Renaissance by Cunnally, John ISBN: 9780691016689 List Price: $75.00
Worcester Porcelain The Klepser Collection by Spero, Simon, Sandon, Henry ISBN: 9780839003427 List Price: $48.00
John Max Wulfing Collection in Washington University by Herbert, Kevin ISBN: 9780897221801 List Price: $20.00
The Art of the Greek Goldsmith (Scholarly) by Dyfri Williams ISBN: 9780714122113 List Price: $63.00
Mnemata by Metcalf, William E. ISBN: 9780897222433
Clay Bodies by Tichane, Robert ISBN: 9780914267065 List Price: $25.00
Coinage of the Lycian League by Troxell, Hyla A. ISBN: 9780897221924 List Price: $35.00
Barbie Culture by Rogers, Mary F. ISBN: 9780761958871 List Price: $158.00
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Vol. 26 : East Anglia by Clough, T. H. ISBN: 9780197259917 List Price: $99.00
Turkoman Figural Bronze Coins and Their Iconography : Vol II by Spengler, William F., Sayle... ISBN: 9781879080041 List Price: $35.00
The Thames Through Time (Heritage Postcards) by English Heritage ISBN: 9781905624720 List Price: $12.00
Numismatic Literature 148 by Hoover, Oliver ISBN: 9780897223041
Coin Hoards X : Greek Hoards by Hoover, Oliver, Meadows, An... ISBN: 9780897223157
Assay Office and Silversmiths of York 1776-1858 by Gubbins, Martin ISBN: 9780900657702
The Shield Five Cent Series by Fletcher, Edward L., Jr. ISBN: 9780964245112 List Price: $37.00
Roemische Glaser des Landesmuseums Mainz by Harter, Gabriele ISBN: 9783895001512
Teddy Bears by Pearson, Sue ISBN: 9781851830244
Kontorniat-Medaillons by Alfoeldi, Andreas, Alfoeldi... ISBN: 9783110034844
Woerterbuch der Muenzkunde by Schroetter, Friedrich Von ISBN: 9783110012279
Snuff Taker's Ephemeris Volume VII by Lucien Publishing ISBN: 9780985478131 List Price: $10.99
Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money by Detlev S. Schlichter ISBN: 9781118877326 List Price: $40.00
Getty Research Journal No. 6 by Unknown ISBN: 9781606062975 List Price: $55.00
Silversmithing: A Contemporary Guide to Making by Brian Hill, Andrew Putland ISBN: 9781847976154 List Price: $49.95
Remington's No. 3 Hepburn by Tom Rowe ISBN: 9781931464628 List Price: $125.00
2014 Scott United States Pocket Stamp Catalogue by Snee, Charles ISBN: 9780894874871 List Price: $24.99
Toys by Celinda Conteh ISBN: 9781628543728 List Price: $8.99
J.J. North Collection Edwardian Silver Coins, 1279-1351 by North, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780197260753 List Price: $79.00
Coinage of the Dobunni - Robert Van Arsdell - Paperback by Van Arsdell, Robert ISBN: 9780947816384
American Journal of Numismatics by UTE Wartenberg Staff ISBN: 9780897222907 List Price: $40.00
Early Italian Sigillata The Chronological Framework And Trade Patterns, Proceedings of the F... by Poblome, J., Brulet, Raymon... ISBN: 9789042914810 List Price: $99.00
Early Children's Books: A Collector's Guide - Eric Quayle - Hardcover by Quayle, Eric ISBN: 9780389203315 List Price: $28.50
Collectible German Animals Value Guide, 1948-1968 by Hockenberry, Dee ISBN: 9780875883373 List Price: $9.95
Baby Dolls by Richter, Lydia ISBN: 9780875883311 List Price: $25.00
Glass at the Fitzwilliam Museum by Schnitzer, Barbara, Nicholl... ISBN: 9780521293358 List Price: $14.95
Roman Provincial Coinage, Volume I by Michael Amandry, Andrew Bur... ISBN: 9780714108711 List Price: $325.00
Bearers of Memories I, Vol. 1 by Hockenberry, Dee ISBN: 9780875883380 List Price: $5.95
Doulton Stoneware Pothouse in Lambeth Excavations at 9 Albert Embankment, London by Tyler, Kieron, Museum of Lo... ISBN: 9781901992632 List Price: $16.00
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