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As a student studying biology and microbiology you will be used to looking at the fine details of all types of microscopic organisms, whether they be unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. Similarly, as someone who has such great attention to detail you will have noticed that our microbiology textbooks are the cheapest available. Not only are they cheap but they are also all in great condition, whether they are pre-owned or new. Even a microscope investigation will reveal their great quality! By ordering your biology and microbiology textbooks online here you can avoid the mass of students cramming into your campus bookshops to buy their books, and also avoid the bacteria and viruses that they are bound to be carrying and sharing. You know the greats such as Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand Cohn, Martinus Beijerinck and Sergi Winogradsky would have made the right decision and bought their textbooks here. We have a huge range of affordable textbooks to help you through your biology and microbiology studies. Take advantage of our buyback service when you are finished with the books.

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Natural History of Viruses by Andrewes, Christopher ISBN: 9780393062779 List Price: $8.00
Microbiology:essentials+appl.-text Only by McKane, Larry K., Kandel, Judy ISBN: 9780070451544 List Price: $82.81
Microbiology by Norton, Cynthia F. ISBN: 9780201109979 List Price: $53.33
Art Notebook to Accompany Microbiology A Human Perspective by Nester, Eugene W. ISBN: 9780072978032 List Price: $33.75
Readings in Tumor Virology by Varmus, Harold E., Levine, ... ISBN: 9780879691578 List Price: $39.50
Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses: Fifth Report of the International Committee on T... by Francki, R. I., Fauquet, Cl... ISBN: 9780387822860 List Price: $94.00
Parasite Life Cycles - Dickson D. Despommier - Hardcover by Despommier, D. D., Karapelo... ISBN: 9780387964867 List Price: $79.00
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Superantigens - Michael B. Oldstone - Hardcover by Oldstone, Michael B., Fleis... ISBN: 9780387542058 List Price: $114.00
Biology Microorganisms - Thomas D. Brock - Hardcover by Brock, Thomas D. ISBN: 9780135337042
Microbiology for Health Careers - Elvira B. Ferris - Paperback by Ferris, Elvira ISBN: 9780827313262 List Price: $17.95
Microbiology for Health Careers - Elvira B. Ferris - Paperback by Ferris, Elvira ISBN: 9780827313279 List Price: $6.00
Functional Biology of Parasitism: Ecological and Evolutionary Implications - Gerald W. Esch ... by Esch, Gerald W., Fernandez, J. ISBN: 9780412399107 List Price: $40.95
Microbiology - Michael J. Pelczar - Hardcover - 4th ed by Pelczar, Michael J., Jr. ISBN: 9780070492295 List Price: $43.95
Basic Microbiology - Wesley A. Volk - Hardcover - 5th ed by Volk, Wesley A., Wheeler, M... ISBN: 9780060468453 List Price: $40.00
Basic Microbiology - Wesley A. Volk - Paperback - 6th ed by Volk, Wesley A., Wheeler, M... ISBN: 9780060468484 List Price: $54.68
Foundations in Microbiology by Talaro, Kathleen Park ISBN: 9780072419214 List Price: $96.88
Frontiers in Microbiology From Antibiotics to AIDS by Clercq, Erik de ISBN: 9780898389593 List Price: $330.00
Fundamentals of Microbiology by Alcamo, I. Edward ISBN: 9780805303254 List Price: $77.00
General Food Microbiology by Unknown ISBN: 9780808755593 List Price: $17.60
General Microbiology by Sullia, S. B., Shantharam, S. ISBN: 9781578080205 List Price: $49.50
General Microbiology by Schlegel, Hans G., Kogut, M... ISBN: 9780521439800 List Price: $79.00
General Microbiology by Schlegel, Hans G., Kogut, M... ISBN: 9780521433723 List Price: $130.00
Genetics and Molecular Biology of Anaerobic Bacteria by Sebald, M. ISBN: 9780387976693 List Price: $299.00
Genetics and Product Formation in Streptomyces by Baumberg, S. ISBN: 9780306438851 List Price: $138.00
Genetic Approaches to Microbial Pathogenicity by Goebel, W. ISBN: 9780387155975 List Price: $89.00
Georgi's Parasitology for Veterinarians by Bowman, Dwight D., Kersey, Ray ISBN: 9780721670973 List Price: $62.95
Geomicrobiology by Ehrlich, Henry L. ISBN: 9780824795412 List Price: $195.00
Geomicrobiology by Ehrlich, Henry Lutz ISBN: 9780824707644 List Price: $229.95
Halophilic Microorganisms and Their Environments by Oren, Aharon ISBN: 9781402008290 List Price: $299.00
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Neutralization of Animal Viruses - Michael B.... by Oldstone, Michael B., Potte... ISBN: 9780387560304 List Price: $135.00
Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Transport Systems - Michael Forte - Hardcover by Forte, Michael, Colombini, ... ISBN: 9780387579085 List Price: $235.00
Molecular Basis of Bacterial Metabolism - G. Hauska - Hardcover by Hauska, G., Thauer, R. ISBN: 9780387529967 List Price: $94.00
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Viral Expression Vectors - Michael B. Oldston... by Oldstone, Michael B., Potte... ISBN: 9780387524313 List Price: $134.00
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Macrophage Biology and Activation - Hilary Ko... by Koprowski, Hilary, Cooper, ... ISBN: 9780387552934 List Price: $129.00
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology: Pathogenesis of Shigellosis, Vol. 180 - Micha... by Oldstone, Michael B., Potte... ISBN: 9780387550589 List Price: $140.00
Modern Trends in Virology - H. Bauer - Hardcover by Bauer, H., Klenk, H. D., Sc... ISBN: 9780387193137 List Price: $83.00
Biolaminated Deposits - Gisela Gerdes - Hardcover by Gerdes, G., Krumbein, Wolfg... ISBN: 9780387179377 List Price: $34.95
Bacteria, Complement and the Phagocytic Cell - Felipe C. Cabello - Hardcover by Cabello, F. C., Pruzzo, C. ISBN: 9780387185491 List Price: $172.00
Microbiology - Neal Dollison Buffaloe - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Buffaloe, Neal D., Ferguson... ISBN: 9780395296493 List Price: $53.16
Parasitology: A Global Perspective - Kenneth S. Warren - Hardcover by Warren, K. S., Bowers, J. Z. ISBN: 9780387908403 List Price: $119.00
Reproduction in Mammals: Germ Cells and Fertilization, Vol. 1 - C. R. Austin - Paperback - REV by Austin, C. R., Short, R. V.... ISBN: 9780521288613 List Price: $30.95
Battle against Bacteria: A Fresh Look - P. E. Baldry - Hardcover - REV by Baldry, P. E. ISBN: 9780521212687 List Price: $42.95
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