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As a student studying biology and microbiology you will be used to looking at the fine details of all types of microscopic organisms, whether they be unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. Similarly, as someone who has such great attention to detail you will have noticed that our microbiology textbooks are the cheapest available. Not only are they cheap but they are also all in great condition, whether they are pre-owned or new. Even a microscope investigation will reveal their great quality! By ordering your biology and microbiology textbooks online here you can avoid the mass of students cramming into your campus bookshops to buy their books, and also avoid the bacteria and viruses that they are bound to be carrying and sharing. You know the greats such as Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand Cohn, Martinus Beijerinck and Sergi Winogradsky would have made the right decision and bought their textbooks here. We have a huge range of affordable textbooks to help you through your biology and microbiology studies. Take advantage of our buyback service when you are finished with the books.

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Microbiology : An Introduction by Tortora, Gerard J., Funke, ... ISBN: 9780321733603
Foundations in Microbiology by Talaro, Kathleen P., Chess,... ISBN: 9780073375298 List Price: $211.95
Fundamentals of Molecular Virology by Acheson, Nicholas H. ISBN: 9780470900598 List Price: $151.95
Microbiology: A Systems Approach by Marjorie Kelly Cowan ISBN: 9780073522524 List Price: $165.00
Brock Biology of Microorganisms (13th Edition) by Madigan, Michael T., Clark,... ISBN: 9780321649638 List Price: $184.00
Prescott's Microbiology by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwo... ISBN: 9780077350130
Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy (3rd Edition) by Bauman, Robert W., Machunis... ISBN: 9780321640437 List Price: $184.00
Microbiology by Black, Jacquelyn G., Black,... ISBN: 9780470107485 List Price: $195.95
Foundations of Parasitology by Roberts, Larry S., Janovy, ... ISBN: 9780073028279 List Price: $166.56
Foundations in Microbiology by Talaro, Kathleen Park ISBN: 9780077260576 List Price: $187.61
Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology by Mahon, Connie R., Lehman, D... ISBN: 9781416061656 List Price: $113.00
Benson's Microbiological Applications: Short Version by Brown, Alfred E. ISBN: 9780073375274 List Price: $130.05
Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology by Forbes, Betty A., Sahm, Dan... ISBN: 9780323030656 List Price: $113.00
Brock Biology of Microorganisms by Madigan, Michael, Martinko,... ISBN: 9780132324601 List Price: $184.00
Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual (9th Edition) by Cappuccino, James, Sherman,... ISBN: 9780321651334 List Price: $95.60
Prescott's Principles of Microbiology by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwo... ISBN: 9780077213411
Microbiology An Introduction by Tortora, Gerard J., Funke, ... ISBN: 9780805347913 List Price: $186.80
Human Parasitology by Bogitsh, Burton J., Carter,... ISBN: 9780124159150 List Price: $94.95
Environmental Microbiology by Maier, Raina M., Maier, Rai... ISBN: 9780123705198 List Price: $79.95
Microbiology An Introduction by Tortora, Gerard J., Funke, ... ISBN: 9780805347906 List Price: $186.80
Principles and Applications of Soil Microbiology by Sylvia, David M., Fuhrmann,... ISBN: 9780130941176 List Price: $129.80
Microbiology - a Genomic Perspective by Slonczewski, Joan L., Foste... ISBN: 9780393978575 List Price: $136.17
Microbiology by Cowan, Marjorie Kelly, Tala... ISBN: 9780077266868 List Price: $187.61
Soil Microbiology, Ecology, And Biochemistry by Paul, Eldor A., Paul, Eldor A. ISBN: 9780125468077 List Price: $83.95
Prescott, Harley, and Klein's Microbiology by Willey, Joanne M., Woolvert... ISBN: 9780073302089 List Price: $191.90
Benson's Microbiological Applications by Brown, Alfred E. ISBN: 9780073522548 List Price: $97.19
Problem-Based Microbiology by Nath, Swapan K., Revankar, ... ISBN: 9780721606309 List Price: $44.95
Study Guide for Microbiology: An Introduction by Tortora, Gerard J., Funke, ... ISBN: 9780321581952 List Price: $52.13
Microbiology Case Studies by Edwards, J, Anderson, Rodne... ISBN: 9780470631225 List Price: $57.95
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