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Applied Geophysics by Telford, W. M., Geldart, L.... ISBN: 9780521339384 List Price: $100.00
Atmospheric Thermodynamics by Bohren, Craig F., Albrecht,... ISBN: 9780195099041 List Price: $130.00
Introduction to Atmospheric Physics by Andrews, David G. ISBN: 9780521693189 List Price: $65.00
Lectures on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics by Salmon, Rick ISBN: 9780195108088 List Price: $80.00
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics by Pedlosky, Joseph ISBN: 9780387963877 List Price: $105.00
Atmospheric Convection by Emanuel, Kerry A. ISBN: 9780195066302 List Price: $165.00
Applied Geophysics by W. M. Telford, L. P. Geldar... ISBN: 9780521326933 List Price: $110.00
Surge Tectonics A New Hypothesis of Global Geodynamics by Meyerhoff, Arthur A., Agocs... ISBN: 9780792341567 List Price: $219.00
Basic Exploration Geophysics by Robinson, Edwin S., Coruh, ... ISBN: 9780471879411 List Price: $164.95
Principles of Applied Geophysics by Parasnis, D. S. ISBN: 9780412640803 List Price: $155.00
Introduction to Geophysical Prospecting by Milton B. Dobrin, Carl H. S... ISBN: 9780070171961 List Price: $77.75
Introduction to Atmospheric Thermodynamics by Tsonis, Anastasios A. ISBN: 9780521696289 List Price: $66.00
Introduction to Our Dynamic Planet by Rogers, Nick, Blake, Stephe... ISBN: 9780521729543 List Price: $64.00
Geodynamics by Turcotte, Donald L., Schube... ISBN: 9780521666244 List Price: $91.00
The Earth's Ionosphere : Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics by Michael C Kelley, Rodney A ... ISBN: 9780124040120 List Price: $73.95
Atmospheric Processes and Systems by Thompson, Russell D. ISBN: 9780415171465 List Price: $35.95
Remote Sensing of the Lower Atmosphere An Introduction by Stephens, Graeme L. ISBN: 9780195081886 List Price: $100.95
Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid Flows by Kantha, Lakshmi H., Clayson... ISBN: 9780124340701 List Price: $137.00
Geothermics in Basin Analysis by Förster, Andrea, Merriam, D... ISBN: 9780306461255 List Price: $179.00
Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences An Introduction by Wilks, Daniel S. ISBN: 9780127519654 List Price: $102.00
Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere by Watts, A. B. ISBN: 9780521006002 List Price: $84.00
Physics of the Solar System Dynamics and Evolution, Space Physics, and Spacetime Structure by Bertotti, B., Farinella, Pa... ISBN: 9781402014284 List Price: $239.00
Recent Evolution and Seismicity of the Mediterranean Region by Boschi, E., Mantovani, E., ... ISBN: 9780792323259 List Price: $349.00
Optical Aurora by Omholt, A. ISBN: 9780387054865 List Price: $42.00
Theory of the Earth - Don L. Anderson - Paperback by Anderson, Don ISBN: 9780865421233 List Price: $49.95
Solved Problems in Geophysics by Elisa Buforn, Carmen Pro, A... ISBN: 9781107602717 List Price: $53.00
Propagation of Radio Waves by Budden, K. G. ISBN: 9780521254618 List Price: $172.99
Soil Survey and Land Evaluation - Anthony Young - Paperback by Young, Anthony, Dent, David ISBN: 9780046310141 List Price: $24.95
Geological Evolution of the Earth during the Precambrian by Salop, Lazarus J. ISBN: 9780387117096 List Price: $114.00
Physics of Atmospheres by Houghton, John Theodore ISBN: 9780521011228 List Price: $79.00
Physics of the Earth and the Solar System Dynamics and Evolution, Space Navigation, Space-Ti... by Bertotti, Bruno, Farinella,... ISBN: 9780792305354 List Price: $342.00
Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures by Budhu, Muni, Budhu, Muniram ISBN: 9780471470120 List Price: $197.95
Why the Sky Is Blue Discovering the Color of Life by Stewart, John, Hoeppe, Gotz ISBN: 9780691124537 List Price: $29.95
Equations of State of Solids for Geophysics and Ceramic Science by Anderson, Orson ISBN: 9780195056068 List Price: $275.00
Modeling Delivery of Landslide Materials to Streams by Ward, Tim J. ISBN: 9780788123634 List Price: $20.00
Mantle Convection in the Earth and Planets by Schubert, Gerald, Turcotte,... ISBN: 9780521798365 List Price: $105.00
Earth Almanac An Annual Geophysical Review of the State of the Planet by Goldstein, Natalie ISBN: 9781573564526 List Price: $86.95
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