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Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere by Watts, A. B. ISBN: 9780521622721 List Price: $179.00
Physical Science Today by Jay M. Pasachoff, Naomi Pas... ISBN: 9780136698623 List Price: $63.90
Geological Hazards; Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Avalanches, Landslides, Floods - Bruce... by Bolt, B. A., Horn, W. L., M... ISBN: 9780387902548 List Price: $52.00
Palaeomagnetism and Plate Tectonics - M. W. McElhinney - Paperback by McElhinney, M. W. ISBN: 9780521297530 List Price: $21.95
Environmental Magnetism by Thompson, Roy, Oldfield, Frank ISBN: 9780045380039 List Price: $100.00
Facts on File Dictionary of Geology and Geophysics by Lapidus, Dorothy F. ISBN: 9780816019298 List Price: $12.95
Paleokarst by James, N. P., Choquette, P. W. ISBN: 9780387965635 List Price: $120.00
Introduction to Theoretical Geophysics by Officer, Charles B. ISBN: 9780387064857 List Price: $32.00
Introduction to the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere by Ratcliffe, John A. ISBN: 9780521099707 List Price: $11.50
Satellite of the Sun: The Science of the Earth and Its Surroundings by Spilhaus, Athelstan, Tate, A. ISBN: 9780689701863 List Price: $1.25
Ice Sheets, Sea Level and the Dynamic Earth (Geodynamics Series) by Unknown ISBN: 9780875905310 List Price: $73.00
Earth's Rotation from Eons to Days by Brosche, P., Sundermann, J. ISBN: 9780387524092 List Price: $83.00
Earth's Rotation and Reference Frames for Geodesy and Geodynamics by Babcock, Alice K., Wilkins,... ISBN: 9789027726575 List Price: $299.00
Specialist Symposium on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, European Geophysical Society, Fourth Mee... by European Geophysical Societ... ISBN: 9780677401157 List Price: $149.00
Science Underground by Nieto, Michael M., Haxton, ... ISBN: 9780883181959 List Price: $38.75
Handbook Of Geophysics In Archaeology by Witten, Alan J. ISBN: 9781904768593 List Price: $165.00
Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere A Course in Theoretical Meteorology by Zdunkowski, Wilford, Bott, ... ISBN: 9780521809535 List Price: $182.00
Nutation and the Earth's Rotation: Proceedings of the I.A.U. Symposium, No. 78, Kiev, U.S.S.... by International Astronomical ... ISBN: 9789027711137 List Price: $189.00
Earth's Variable Rotation: Geophysical Causes and Consequences by Lambeck, Kurt, Batchelor (D... ISBN: 9780521673303 List Price: $84.00
Experiments to Study Our Atmosph.envir. by Businger, Steven ISBN: 9780133692327 List Price: $32.20
Physical Signatures of Magnetospheric Boundary Layer Processes by Holtet, Jan A., Egeland, Alv ISBN: 9780792327639 List Price: $309.00
Frontiers in Exploration Geophysics by Bhattacharya, B. B. ISBN: 9788120403000 List Price: $36.00
Galaxies Interactions and Induced Star Formation Saas-Fee Advanced Course 26 Lecture Notes ... by Kennicutt, R. C., Schweizer... ISBN: 9783540635697 List Price: $98.00
Geoelectromagnetic Investigation of the Earth's Crust and Mantle by Rokityansky, J. J. ISBN: 9780387106304 List Price: $96.00
Geological Hazards A Sourcebook by Kusky, Timothy M. ISBN: 9781573564694 List Price: $76.95
Geomagnetic Micropulsations by Jacobs, J. A. ISBN: 9780387049861 List Price: $32.00
Geomagnetic Diagnosis of the Magnetosphere by Nishida, A. ISBN: 9780387082974 List Price: $90.00
Geophysics, the Earth's Interior by De Bremaecker, Jean-Claude ISBN: 9780894645365 List Price: $51.95
Geophysical Characterization of Sites by Woods, Richard D. ISBN: 9781881570363 List Price: $55.00
Glacial Isostasy, Sea-Level, and Mantle Rheology Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research W... by Sabadini, R., Lambeck, Kurt... ISBN: 9780792311676 List Price: $419.00
Global Paleomagnetic Database Design, Installation and Use With Oracle by Lock, J., McElhinny, Michae... ISBN: 9780792313274 List Price: $128.00
Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields by Campbell, Wallace H. ISBN: 9780521822060 List Price: $187.00
Key to the Future The Study of Earth History by Cater, John ISBN: 9780415278775 List Price: $94.95
Dynamic Structure of the Deep Earth An Interdisciplinary Approach by Karato, Shun'ichirao ISBN: 9780691095110 List Price: $42.00
Advances in Fundamental Physics by Barone, Michele, Selleri, F... ISBN: 9780911767728 List Price: $85.00
Atlas of the Textural Patterns of Basic and Ultrabasic Rocks and Their Genetic by Augustithis, S. S. ISBN: 9783110065718 List Price: $164.55
Atmospheric Processes and Systems by Thompson, Russell D. ISBN: 9780415171458 List Price: $145.00
Geodynamic Domains in Alpine-Himalaya Thetys: A Publication of IGCP Project 276 by Sinha, A. K., Sassi, F. P.,... ISBN: 9789054107057 List Price: $99.00
Rheology of Solids and of the Earth (Oxford Science Publications) by Karato, Shun-ichiro, Torium... ISBN: 9780198544975 List Price: $115.00
Volatiles in the Earth and Solar Systems by Farley, Kenneth ISBN: 9781563964091
Geodynamics and Viscous Flow : An Alternative Earth Model by Keith, MacKenzie L., Yoder,... ISBN: 9780318658728
Magnetic Field of the Earth: Paleomagnetism, the Core, and the Deep Mantle - Ronald T. Merri... by Merrill, Richard T., McElhi... ISBN: 9780124912458 List Price: $89.00
Atmospheric Interactions by Martin, Andrew, Steila, Donald ISBN: 9780840380524 List Price: $26.95
Physics of the Environment and Climate (Wiley-Praxis Series in Atmospheric Physics) by GĂ©rard Guyot ISBN: 9780471968283 List Price: $135.00
Sedimentary Environments from Wireline Logs by Serra, O. ISBN: 9780929119014 List Price: $20.00
Ice Interaction with Offshore Structures by Cammaert, A. B., Muggeridge... ISBN: 9780894648175
Dynamics of Geomagnetically Trapped Radiation by Roederer, J. G. ISBN: 9780387049878 List Price: $26.00
Advances in Magnetospheric Physics with GEOS-1 and ISEE by Knott, K., Durney, A., Ogil... ISBN: 9789027790217 List Price: $369.00
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