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LL A Wellness Way of Life by Gwen Robbins, Debbie Powers... ISBN: 9780078022609
Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health by Henderson, Joseph Neil, Cor... ISBN: 9781412957045 List Price: $101.00
Safety, Health, and Environment by Center for the Advancement ... ISBN: 9780137004010 List Price: $115.00
Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education by Cottrell, Randall R., Girva... ISBN: 9780321532350 List Price: $74.40
Principles of Public Health Practice by Scutchfield, F Douglas, Kec... ISBN: 9781418067250 List Price: $132.95
Managed Care by Kongstvedt, Peter R. ISBN: 9780763759117 List Price: $74.95
Epidemiology for Public Health Practice by Friis, Robert H., Sellers, ... ISBN: 9780763751616 List Price: $84.95
Environmental Health by Morgan, Monroe T. ISBN: 9780534517175 List Price: $98.95
Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs by McKenzie, James F., Neiger,... ISBN: 9780321495112 List Price: $121.00
Introduction to Health Physics by Cember, Herman, Johnson, Th... ISBN: 9780071423083 List Price: $72.95
Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine by LaDou, Joseph ISBN: 9780071443135 List Price: $72.95
Primer on International Health by Buckingham, Robert W. ISBN: 9780205198092 List Price: $96.00
Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Public Health by Padgett, Deborah K. ISBN: 9781412990332 List Price: $59.95
Health Politics and Policy by Morone, James A., Litman, T... ISBN: 9781418014285 List Price: $123.95
Basic Allied Health Statistics and Analysis 3e by Koch, Gerda ISBN: 9781428320895 List Price: $116.95
The Practice of Health Program Evaluation by David E. Grembowski ISBN: 9780761918462 List Price: $110.00
Climate Change Biology by Hannah, Lee ISBN: 9780123741820 List Price: $59.95
The U.S. Health System: Origins and Functions by Raffel, Marshall, Raffel, N... ISBN: 9781418052980 List Price: $155.95
Social Work in Health Settings: Practice in Context by Schwaber Kerson, Toba, Mcco... ISBN: 9780415778459 List Price: $145.00
Nutrition and Metabolism in Sports, Exercise and Health by Jie Kang ISBN: 9780415578790 List Price: $69.95
Research Techniques for the Health Sciences by Neutens, James J., Rubinson... ISBN: 9780321596413 List Price: $136.60
Public Health by Turnock, Bernard J. ISBN: 9780763754440 List Price: $100.95
Public Health in Action Practicing in the Real World by Carney, Jan K. ISBN: 9780763734473 List Price: $94.95
Community Health in the 21st Century by Reagan, Patricia A., Brooki... ISBN: 9780205342815 List Price: $102.20
Introduction To Public Health In Pharmacy by Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Peter... ISBN: 9780763735395 List Price: $110.95
Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education by Robertson, Cathie ISBN: 9781428352933 List Price: $139.95
Community Health Education+promotion by Wurzbach, Mary Ellen ISBN: 9780834220973 List Price: $86.95
Health Promotion: Planning and Strategies by Green, Jackie, Tones, Keith ISBN: 9781847874900 List Price: $47.95
Case Studies in Community Health by Fairbanks, Jo, Candelaria, ... ISBN: 9780761914051 List Price: $52.95
Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective by Anne Nadakavukaren ISBN: 9781577664024 List Price: $42.95
Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health by Aschengrau, Ann, Seage, Geo... ISBN: 9780763725372 List Price: $94.95
Introduction to Public Health by Mary-Jane Schneider ISBN: 9780763725945 List Price: $136.95
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