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A Reader in Promoting Public Health (Published in association with The Open University) by Lloyd, Cathy E., Jones, Lin... ISBN: 9781849201049 List Price: $38.95
Researching Health Needs A Community-Based Approach by Payne, Judy ISBN: 9780761960843 List Price: $49.95
Future of Public Health A Scenario Study by Scenario Committee on the F... ISBN: 9780792318149 List Price: $139.00
2011 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office by Covell, Alice ISBN: 9781111307356 List Price: $54.95
Going Inter-Professional Working Together for Health and Welfare by Leathard, Audrey, Horder, John ISBN: 9780415092852 List Price: $87.95
Principles of Public Health Practice by Scutchfield, F. Douglas, Ke... ISBN: 9780766828438 List Price: $138.95
To Give Their Gifts Health, Community, and Demacracy by Couto, Richard A., Eken, St... ISBN: 9780826514110 List Price: $24.95
Implementing Shared Governance by Porter-O'Grady, Timothy ISBN: 9780801663185 List Price: $49.95
Imperative of Health Public Health and the Regulated Body by Lupton, Deborah ISBN: 9780803979369 List Price: $47.95
Society and Health in Guyana The Sociology of Health Care in a Developing Nation by Fredericks, Marcel, Lennon,... ISBN: 9780890892954 List Price: $29.95
Health and Disease A Reader by Davey, Basiro, Gray, Alasta... ISBN: 9780335193264 List Price: $112.00
Key Concepts in Public Health by Mabhala, Andi, Wilson, Frances ISBN: 9781412948807 List Price: $41.95
People's Remedy : The Struggle for Health Care in El Salvador's War of Liberation by Metzi, Francisco, Carroll, ... ISBN: 9780853457749
Health Care Providers by Buff, Sheila ISBN: 9780816079766 List Price: $14.95
Point/Counterpoint Opposing Perspectives on Issues of Drug Policy by Levinthal, Charles F. ISBN: 9780205336074 List Price: $78.40
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Health and Society, 9e by Daniel, Eileen, Daniel, Eil... ISBN: 9780078139444 List Price: $35.31
Social Aspects of Health, Illness and Healthcare by Larkin, Mary ISBN: 9780335236626
Special Populations in the Community Advances in Reducing Health Disparities by Sebastian, Juliann G., Bush... ISBN: 9780834213647 List Price: $105.95
Action Research in Healthcare by Koshy, Elizabeth, Waterman,... ISBN: 9781848601895
Comprehensive School Health Education With Powerweb/olc Bind-in Card by Meeks, Linda Brower, Heit, ... ISBN: 9780072985900 List Price: $118.95
Understanding Health Policy A Clinical Approach by Bodenheimer, Thomas S., Gru... ISBN: 9780071378154 List Price: $34.95
The Shifting Sources of Power and Influence - Charles E. Dwyer - Paperback by Dwyer, Charles E. ISBN: 9780924674129 List Price: $25.95
Government and Public Health in America by Hamowy, Ronald ISBN: 9781845429119 List Price: $215.00
U.S. Health System Origins and Functions by Raffel, Marshall W., Barsuk... ISBN: 9780766807143 List Price: $155.95
Our Global Environment : A Health Perspective by Anne Nadakavukaren ISBN: 9781577660989 List Price: $36.50
Confronting the Drug Control Establishment Alfred Lindesmith As a Public Intellectual by Keys, David Patrick, Gallih... ISBN: 9780791443941 List Price: $31.95
Nursing and Health Care for the Homeless by Hunter, Juanita K. ISBN: 9780791413500 List Price: $29.95
Key Concepts in Public Health by Mabhala, Andi, Wilson, Fran... ISBN: 9781412948791
The War on Drugs (Point/Counterpoint) by David L., Jr. Hudson ISBN: 9781604137583 List Price: $35.00
Quick Reference To Food Safety & Sanitation Trainer's Kit by Rue ISBN: 9780131777040 List Price: $66.67
Added Value of Geographical Information Systems in Public and Environmental Health by De Lepper, Marion J., Schol... ISBN: 9780792318873 List Price: $169.00
Purchasing to improve health systems performance by Figueras, Josep, Robinson, ... ISBN: 9780335213689 List Price: $130.00
Reader in Promoting Public Health by Douglas, Jenny, Open Univer... ISBN: 9781412930741 List Price: $120.00
Community Health Education: Settings, Roles, and Skills for the 21st Century by Donald J. Breckon, John R. ... ISBN: 9780834209879 List Price: $55.00
Promoting Health Politics and Practice by Adams, Lee, Amos, Mary, Mun... ISBN: 9780761968344 List Price: $44.95
Working for Health by Heller, Tom, Lloyd, Cathy, ... ISBN: 9780761969983 List Price: $57.95
Global Health by Nichter, Jim, Nichter, Mark ISBN: 9780816525737 List Price: $65.00
Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management by Ramani, K. V., Mavalankar, ... ISBN: 9780761936541 List Price: $39.95
Economic Evolution of American Health Care From Marcus Welby to Managed Care by Dranove, David ISBN: 9780691006932 List Price: $65.00
Environmental Health New Directions by Shields, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780911131888 List Price: $45.00
Diagnostic Procedures for Viral, Rickettsial and Chyamydial Infections by Lennette ISBN: 9780875532202 List Price: $96.00
Qualitative Methods for Public Health by Hak, Tony ISBN: 9780761961925
Struggling for Health in the City An Anthropological Inquiry of Health, Vulnerability And Re... by Obrist van Eeuwijk, Brigit ISBN: 9780820475516 List Price: $45.95
Manual of School Health by Thomson, Helen, Lewis, Keet... ISBN: 9780201152920 List Price: $38.20
People's Health Public Health in Australia, 1788-1950 by Lewis, Milton J. ISBN: 9780313310904 List Price: $82.95
Developing Respite Services for the Elderly by Montgomery, Rhonda J., Prot... ISBN: 9780295963471 List Price: $10.00
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