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102. Community Health by McKenzie, James F., Pinger,... ISBN: 9780763708726 List Price: $52.00
Community Health Nursing Promoting the Health of Aggregates by Swanson, Janice M., Nies, M... ISBN: 9780721661674 List Price: $52.00
Drug Legalization Debate by Inciardi, James A. ISBN: 9780761906902 List Price: $59.95
Process of Community Health Education and Promotion by Doyle, Eva, Ward, Susan ISBN: 9781577664383 List Price: $38.95
Epidemiology for Public Health Practice by Friis, Robert H., Sellers, ... ISBN: 9780763731700 List Price: $94.95
Cases in Health Services Management by Rakich, Jonathon S., Longes... ISBN: 9781878812896 List Price: $39.95
Mile Stones in Public Health by Unknown ISBN: 9780976181514
Global Health by McCracken, Kevin, Phillips,... ISBN: 9780415557573
Global Health by McCracken, Kevin, Phillips,... ISBN: 9780415557566
Planning and Evaluating Health Programs A Primer by Hale, Charles D., Arnold, F... ISBN: 9780827354487 List Price: $150.95
Community and Population Health by Green, Lawrence W., Ottoson... ISBN: 9780072505153 List Price: $131.75
Evaluation and Decision Making for Health Services Programs - James E. Veney - Paperback by Veney, James E., Kaluzny, A... ISBN: 9780132922432 List Price: $34.50
Social Work in Health Settings: Practice in Context by Schwaber Kerson, Toba, Mcco... ISBN: 9780415778459 List Price: $145.00
Control of Drugs and Drug Users by Coomber, Ross ISBN: 9789057020421
Occupational and Environmental Medicine A Lange Medical Book by LaDou, Joseph ISBN: 9780838572160 List Price: $54.95
Complete Guide to Food Safety And Sanitation by McSwane, David R., Rue, Nan... ISBN: 9780131885523 List Price: $25.00
Diagnostic Procedures for Viral, Rickettsial and Chlamydial Infections by Lennette, Edwin H., Lennett... ISBN: 9780875532202 List Price: $96.00
The Contested Boundaries of American Public Health by Colgrove, James, Markowitz,... ISBN: 9780813543116 List Price: $70.00
Analytical Theory of Biological Populations by Lotka, Alfred J., Smith, Da... ISBN: 9780306459276 List Price: $95.00
Introduction to Community Health by McKenzie, James F., Pinger,... ISBN: 9780763716790 List Price: $67.00
World Health Organization by Kahn, Peggy, Prentzas, G. S... ISBN: 9780791098394 List Price: $35.00
Introduction to Public Health And Epidemiology 2/e by Unwin, Nigel , Carr, Susan,... ISBN: 9780335216253 List Price: $130.00
Future of Public Health A Scenario Study by Scenario Committee on the F... ISBN: 9780792318149 List Price: $139.00
Future Public Health by Hanlon, Phil, Carlisle, San... ISBN: 9780335243556
Vital Statistics for the Public Health Educator by Kittleson, Mark J. ISBN: 9780976205005
Reader in Promoting Public Health Challenge and Controversy by Douglas, Jenny, Handsley, S... ISBN: 9781412930758 List Price: $42.95
Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health by Earle, Sarah, Lloyd, Cathy,... ISBN: 9781412930703 List Price: $130.00
Health Services Restructuring in Canada New Evidence And New Directions by Beach, Charles, Chaykowski,... ISBN: 9781553390763 List Price: $40.00
Workbook for Boyle/Holben's Community Nutrition in Action: An Entrepreneurial Approach, 5th by Boyle, Marie A., Holben, Da... ISBN: 9780324598544 List Price: $7.95
Science and Public Health in Twentieth Century Asia by Bu, Liping , Stapleton, Dar... ISBN: 9780415665667
Public Health Vol. 2 : The Development of a Discipline, Twentieth-Century Challenges by Schneider, Dona, Lilienfeld... ISBN: 9780813550084 List Price: $90.00
Public Health Administration and Practice by Pickett, George E., Hanlon,... ISBN: 9780801625015 List Price: $56.95
Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health by Earle, Sarah, Sidell, Moyra... ISBN: 9781412930710 List Price: $49.95
Emerging Biological Threats: A Reference Guide by Callahan, Joan R. ISBN: 9780313372094 List Price: $85.00
Key Debates in Healthcare by Taylor, Roger, Hawley, Hele... ISBN: 9780335223947 List Price: $47.95
Key debates in healthcare by Taylor, Gary, Hawley, Helen ISBN: 9780335223930 List Price: $127.95
Common Symptom Guide by Wasson, John H., Walsh, B. ... ISBN: 9780070684690 List Price: $29.95
Public Health for 21st Century by Orme, Judy, Grey, Melanie, ... ISBN: 9780335211944 List Price: $120.00
Key Concepts in Public Health by Mabhala, Andi, Wilson, Frances ISBN: 9781412948807 List Price: $41.95
Public Health Administration Principles for Population-Based Management by Novick, Lloyd F., Mays, Gle... ISBN: 9780834217515 List Price: $78.75
Health Policy in a Globalising World by Lee, Kelley, Buse, Kent, Fu... ISBN: 9780521009430 List Price: $38.99
2011 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office by Covell, Alice ISBN: 9781111307356 List Price: $54.95
Measuring Vulnerability in Developing Countries: New Analytical Approaches by Naudé, Wim, Santos-Paulino,... ISBN: 9780415685948 List Price: $135.00
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