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Buy English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh textbooks online now and access all kinds of books in this area that focus on literary criticism. Among them you'll find critical editions of books such as Dracula, as well as titles written by such authors as Charlotte Bronte. Rent used English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh textbooks as well if you wish - simply look at the different options available for each book so you can see whether rental is a possibility in that case. Discounted deals are regularly available though, so you won't be disappointed and will find a wide range of deals to look through. Valore Books always works hard to bring more new deals to the table, providing discounted offers on all kinds of books. It's easy to see why thousands of American students come to us for the deals they want. When you try us out you'll probably do the same.

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Jane Eyre Easyread Large Edition by Brontë, Charlotte, Dunn, Ri... ISBN: 9780393975420 List Price: $83.64
Masters of British Literature by Damrosch, David, Dettmar, K... ISBN: 9780205559725 List Price: $80.00
The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, Larry Benson ISBN: 9780395978238 List Price: $123.95
Dubliners by Joyce, James, Norris, Margo... ISBN: 9780393978513 List Price: $79.28
Dracula (Norton Critical Editions) by Stoker, Bram, Auerbach, Nin... ISBN: 9780393970128 List Price: $14.20
Gulliver's Travels by Swift, Jonathan, Fox, Chris... ISBN: 9780312066659 List Price: $12.95
Wife of Bath by Beidler, Peter G., Chaucer,... ISBN: 9780312111281 List Price: $154.95
English Romantic Writers by Perkins, David, Perkins, David ISBN: 9780155016880 List Price: $182.95
Letters of Charles Dickens 1862-1864 by Dickens, Charles, Storey, G... ISBN: 9780198122944 List Price: $299.00
Letters of Charles Dickens 1865-1867 by Dickens, Charles, Storey, G... ISBN: 9780198122951 List Price: $299.00
Annotations to Finnegans Wake by McHugh, Roland, Joyce, James ISBN: 9780801883828 List Price: $42.00
Ecocriticism (The New Critical Idiom) by Garrard, Greg ISBN: 9780415667852 List Price: $95.00
British Literature 1780 to 1830 by Mellor, Anne K., Matlak, Ri... ISBN: 9781413022537 List Price: $115.95
Contexts for Criticism by Keesey, Donald ISBN: 9780767422963 List Price: $91.25
Truth about Love: A Collection of Writing on Love Through the Ages by Siddall, Stephen, Ward, Mary ISBN: 9780521748346 List Price: $13.00
5 Steps to a 5 500 AP English Literature Questions to Know by Test Day by Miller, Shveta Verma, Evang... ISBN: 9780071754101 List Price: $14.00
Much Ado About Nothing by Mares, F. H., Braunmuller, ... ISBN: 9780521532501 List Price: $16.99
Lord Jim Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Sources, Criticism by Conrad, Joseph, Moser, Thom... ISBN: 9780393963359 List Price: $17.05
English Literature for the IB Diploma by James, David, Amy, Nic ISBN: 9781107402232 List Price: $42.00
Oscar Wilde A Collection of Critical Essays by Freedman, Jonathan ISBN: 9780131460447 List Price: $13.80
A Reference Companion to Dylan Thomas by James A. Davies ISBN: 9780313287749 List Price: $131.95
Bleak House: The Critics Debate - Jeremy Hawthorn - Paperback - Literary Commentary by Hawthorn, Jeremy ISBN: 9780391034242 List Price: $8.95
Conversations With James Joyce by Arthur Power ISBN: 9780226677200 List Price: $4.95
En Attendant Godot by Beckett, Samuel, Bree, Germ... ISBN: 9780132769570 List Price: $30.75
Sherlock Holmes The Major Stories With Contemporary Critical Essays by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Hodgso... ISBN: 9780312089450
British Literature 1780-1830 by Mellor, Anne K., Matlak, Ri... ISBN: 9780155002609 List Price: $70.95
Milton's God by Empson, William ISBN: 9780313210211 List Price: $36.95
Jane Austen and the War of Ideas by Butler, Marilyn ISBN: 9780198129684 List Price: $50.00
Ben Jonson and the Cavalier Poets; Authoritative Texts, Criticism by Jonson, Ben, Maclean, Hugh D. ISBN: 9780393093087 List Price: $20.60
Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe by Cheney, Patrick ISBN: 9780521527347 List Price: $28.99
The Wrongs of Woman; or Maria and Memoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Wo... by Mary Wollstonecraft, Willia... ISBN: 9780967912165 List Price: $16.25
Oxford Guides to Chaucer Troilus and Criseyde by Windeatt, Barry ISBN: 9780198111948 List Price: $50.00
D. H. Lawrence: The Early Fiction by Michael Black ISBN: 9780521322935 List Price: $137.00
Cambridge Companion to Thomas Hardy by Kramer, Dale ISBN: 9780521566926 List Price: $34.99
Faerie Queene A Reader's Guide by Heale, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780521654685 List Price: $32.99
Jane Austen and the Fiction of Her Time by Waldron, Mary ISBN: 9780521003889 List Price: $35.99
Conversations With J. K. Rowling by Fraser, Lindsey ISBN: 9780439314558 List Price: $4.99
Yeats Nations Gender, Class, and Irishness by Howes, Marjorie ISBN: 9780521645270 List Price: $45.00
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