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No matter what your reasons are for deciding to study the history of Canada you are in for a real treat. It is a fascinating topic and will leave you viewing the country through new and more appreciative eyes. From the Paleo-Indians arriving thousands of years ago through to the present day, the events and people that have shaped Canada into the country that it is today make for very interesting learning. Our huge range of affordable textbooks on Canada will help you through your studies. If you have a recommended reading list from your college tutor just type in the ISBN numbers to find the exact books that you need. You can avoid the crowded campus bookstores and the long checkout lines by buying or renting your books from us online, and we will deliver them to you in the comfort of your home or dorm. It's as easy as that!

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SERBIAN EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH of ST. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in TORONTO, 50th ANNIVERSARY by A. Nikic, Sophrony, SEOC of... ISBN: 9781634435581 List Price: $30.00
Toby and Sam Fly a Kite by Lawrence, Pan ISBN: 9780988547902
Ghost of Bill Masterson and Other Thousand Island Tales by Pullyblank, Thomas ISBN: 9780985692667
Winnipeg's General Strike : Reports from the Front Lines by Carl, Julie, Dupuis, Michael ISBN: 9781626193390 List Price: $19.99
Art at the Edge by Stacey, Jean Edwards ISBN: 9780980936933 List Price: $26.95
Listening to the Stone : Inuit Art from the Bieri Family Collection by Passalacqua, Veronica, Pass... ISBN: 9780988768239 List Price: $29.95
Lessons in LeadershiT : Detoxing the Workplace by Dutra, Ana ISBN: 9780997516906 List Price: $9.99
Colour My Canada by Diaz, Elina ISBN: 9781633535138 List Price: $12.95
History of Canada Series: the Best Place to Be by Lownsbrough, John ISBN: 9780143169581
Quebec Questions : Quebec Studies for the Twenty-First Century by Kirkey, Christopher, Rudy, ... ISBN: 9780199014620 List Price: $65.00
Newfoundland Stamp Stories : An Entertaining Look Behind the Images by Brown, Cliff ISBN: 9780990787747 List Price: $15.95
Articulation Skill Strips R and R Blends : Strp34 by Kjesbo, Rynette ISBN: 9781607231646 List Price: $39.99
Direct Hit : The Bombing of Darwin Post Office by Bowden, Brett ISBN: 9781925078848
Following Chief Sauganash Captain Billy Caldwell (1780-1841) by Kelsey, Susan ISBN: 9781624150449 List Price: $21.99
Accidental Eden : Hippie Daze Comes to Lasqueti Island by Hamilton, Douglas, Olesko, ... ISBN: 9781927575529
Hold Fast : The Siege of Fort St. Johns 1775 by Goodman, Deb ISBN: 9780985977634
Young Knights of the Round Table : The King's Ransom by Carpinello, Cheryl ISBN: 9780997487572 List Price: $12.99
History of Halifax City by Akins, Thomas B. ISBN: 9781896986036
The Fake Boyfriend Experiment (Once Upon an Ending) (Volume 1) by Rowe, Stephanie, Stephanie ... ISBN: 9781940968346 List Price: $9.99
Girl to the World : Chazelle's Creamy Creations by Oladapo, Oladoyin ISBN: 9781945623035 List Price: $16.99
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