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No matter what your reasons are for deciding to study the history of Canada you are in for a real treat. It is a fascinating topic and will leave you viewing the country through new and more appreciative eyes. From the Paleo-Indians arriving thousands of years ago through to the present day, the events and people that have shaped Canada into the country that it is today make for very interesting learning. Our huge range of affordable textbooks on Canada will help you through your studies. If you have a recommended reading list from your college tutor just type in the ISBN numbers to find the exact books that you need. You can avoid the crowded campus bookstores and the long checkout lines by buying or renting your books from us online, and we will deliver them to you in the comfort of your home or dorm. It's as easy as that!

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Parallel Paths The Development of Nationalism in Ireland And Quebec by Stevenson, Garth ISBN: 9780773530294 List Price: $95.00
20 Years Later: Reading the History of 17th and 18th-Century Canada by Dechene, Louise, Depatie, S... ISBN: 9780773516939 List Price: $39.95
Canada among Nations 1989: The Challenge of Change, Vol. 2 by Molot, Maureen A., Hampson,... ISBN: 9780886291129 List Price: $95.00
Sociology Of Work In Canada by Wipper, Audrey ISBN: 9780886292416 List Price: $32.95
Canada: The State of Federation by Lazer, McIntosh ISBN: 9780889117792 List Price: $95.00
Structure of Canadian History by Finlay, J. L., Sprague, D. N. ISBN: 9780138543648 List Price: $30.20
Pioneers in Canada by Johnston, Harry Hamilton ISBN: 9788120611528
Transatlantic Subjects by Christie, Nancy ISBN: 9780773533882 List Price: $34.95
Rethinking Canada: The Promise of Women's History by Strong-Boag, Veronica, Fell... ISBN: 9780195412918 List Price: $55.00
Lion, the Eagle, and Upper Canada : A Developing Colonial Ideology by Errington, Elizabeth Jane ISBN: 9780773540262 List Price: $32.95
Rat Hex by Deforge ISBN: 9780983800514 List Price: $10.00
1759 Revisited : The Conquest of canada in Historical Perspective by Buckner, Phillip, Reid, Joh... ISBN: 9781442644076 List Price: $60.00
Quebec Since 1930 by Durocher, René, Robert, Jea... ISBN: 9781550282986
Passion for Identity : An Introduction to Canadian Studies by Mandel, Eli, Taras, David ISBN: 9780685192689 List Price: $15.95
Narrative of the Late Rebellion by Mackenzie, William Lyon ISBN: 9780919614376
Canada among Nations 1986 : Talking Trade by Molot, Maureen A., Tomlin, ... ISBN: 9780888628602
Other People's Wars : A Review of Overseas Terrorism in Canada by Thompson, John C., Turlej, Joe ISBN: 9780756737542 List Price: $30.00
History of Prince Edward Island by Warburton, A. B. ISBN: 9780788409936 List Price: $41.00
Personalizing Place : the Defence of Local History:The Kingston Case by Swainson, Donald, Hilderley... ISBN: 9781550823448
Man Proposes, God Disposes : Recollections of a French Pioneer by Maturi�, Pierre, Bosley, Vi... ISBN: 9781926836553
Yamashita's Gold by Gwynne, Phillip ISBN: 9781610673075 List Price: $7.99
Turn off the Lights by Gwynne, Phillip ISBN: 9781610673044 List Price: $7.99
Corner of Empire : The Old Ontario Strand by Glover, T. R., Calvin, D. D. ISBN: 9781107425651 List Price: $28.99
Competitive Grade Finder by Unknown ISBN: 9781931068741
Time of the French in the Heart of North America : 1673-1818 by Balesi, Charles ISBN: 9780990704904 List Price: $25.00
Art at the Edge by Stacey, Jean Edwards ISBN: 9780980936933 List Price: $26.95
How Schools Worked : Public Education in English Canada, 1900-1940 by Gidney, R. D., Millar, W. P... ISBN: 9780773539907 List Price: $34.95
Toby and Sam Fly a Kite by Lawrence, Pan ISBN: 9780988547902
Ghost of Bill Masterson and Other Thousand Island Tales by Pullyblank, Thomas ISBN: 9780985692667
Winnipeg's General Strike : Reports from the Front Lines by Carl, Julie, Dupuis, Michael ISBN: 9781626193390 List Price: $19.99
Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2014 by Wiseman, Alexander W., Wise... ISBN: 9781783504534 List Price: $134.95
We Can See by Starfall ISBN: 9781595771773
Scot in New France, an Ethnological Study by Lemoine, J. M. ISBN: 9780788437953
SERBIAN EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH of ST. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in TORONTO, 50th ANNIVERSARY by A. Nikic, Sophrony, SEOC of... ISBN: 9781634435581 List Price: $30.00
Why I Am a Separatist by Chaput, Marcel, Taylor, Rob... ISBN: 9780598646507 List Price: $34.80
Klondike Stampede by Adney, Tappan, Coates, Ken ISBN: 9780774804899 List Price: $43.95
Listening to the Stone : Inuit Art from the Bieri Family Collection by Passalacqua, Veronica, Pass... ISBN: 9780988768239 List Price: $29.95
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