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No matter what your reasons are for deciding to study the history of Canada you are in for a real treat. It is a fascinating topic and will leave you viewing the country through new and more appreciative eyes. From the Paleo-Indians arriving thousands of years ago through to the present day, the events and people that have shaped Canada into the country that it is today make for very interesting learning. Our huge range of affordable textbooks on Canada will help you through your studies. If you have a recommended reading list from your college tutor just type in the ISBN numbers to find the exact books that you need. You can avoid the crowded campus bookstores and the long checkout lines by buying or renting your books from us online, and we will deliver them to you in the comfort of your home or dorm. It's as easy as that!

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Canada before Confederation: A Study in Historical Geography by Harris, R. Cole, Warkentin,... ISBN: 9780195017915 List Price: $9.95
Super Review of Canadian History (REA) by Bain, Colin M., Crowley, Te... ISBN: 9780738603087 List Price: $9.95
Canada and the French by Riseborough, Donald ISBN: 9780871962249 List Price: $19.95
At the End of the Shift: Mines and Single-Industry Towns in Northern Ontario by Bray, Matt, Thomson, Ashley ISBN: 9781550021509
Canada in the North Atlantic Triangle by Finlay, John L. ISBN: 9780195402377 List Price: $12.50
Our Lives by Finkel, Alvin ISBN: 9781550285505
Distemper of Our Times by Newman, Peter C. ISBN: 9780771098130 List Price: $29.95
Duff Pattullo of British Columbia by Fisher, Robin ISBN: 9780802027801 List Price: $40.00
Brief History of Canada by Rogozinski, Jan, Reindeau, ... ISBN: 9780816031573 List Price: $45.00
Canada Among Nations 1994 A Part of the Peace by Molot, Maureen A., Von Riek... ISBN: 9780886292263 List Price: $95.00
Canada Among Nations 1993-94 Global Jeopardy by Hampson, Fen O., Maule, Chr... ISBN: 9780886292027 List Price: $95.00
Canada Among Nations A World in Conflict by Appel Molot, Maureen, Tomli... ISBN: 9781550280456 List Price: $19.95
Canada Among Nations 1988 The Tory Record by Appel Molot, Maureen, Tomli... ISBN: 9781550281972 List Price: $14.95
Canada Observed Perspectives from Abroad and from Within by Kleist, Jurgen, Huffman, Shawn ISBN: 9780820450223 List Price: $53.95
Canada's Department of External Affairs, the Early Years 1909-1946 by Hilliker, John F. ISBN: 9780773507364 List Price: $95.00
Canada's Colonies A History of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories by Coates, Kenneth ISBN: 9780888629319 List Price: $9.95
Canadian Political Philosophy Contemporary Reflections by Beiner, Ronald, Norman, Wayne ISBN: 9780195416084 List Price: $99.00
Interpreting Canada's past: Pre-Confederation, Vol. 1 by Bumsted, J. M. ISBN: 9780195409468 List Price: $55.00
Interpreting Canada's Past Post Confederation by Bumsted, J. M. ISBN: 9780195409475 List Price: $55.00
Debts to Pay A Fresh Approach to the Quebec Question by Conway, John, Conway, John F. ISBN: 9781550285444 List Price: $19.95
Cultural Industries in Canada: Policies, Problems and Prospects by Dorland, Michael ISBN: 9781550284942 List Price: $24.95
Out Lives Canada Since 1945 by Finkel, Alvin ISBN: 9781550285512 List Price: $24.95
Documents in Canadian History by Jaenen, Cornelius, Morgan, ... ISBN: 9780673984791 List Price: $28.40
Documents in Canadian History by Keshen, Jeff, Morton, Suzanne ISBN: 9780673984807 List Price: $28.40
Comparative Dismissal Law by Napier, B. W. ISBN: 9780709918080 List Price: $27.00
Courtship, Love, and Marriage in Nineteenth Century English Canada by Ward, Peter ISBN: 9780773507494 List Price: $75.00
Alexander Kennedy Isbister A Respectable Critic of the Honourable Company by Cooper, Barry ISBN: 9780886290641 List Price: $29.95
Vive Quebec!: New Thinking and New Approaches to the Quebec Nation by Venne, Michel, Chodos, Robe... ISBN: 9781550287349 List Price: $19.95
Few Acres of Snow Documents in Canadian History, 1577-1867 by Thorner, Thomas ISBN: 9781551111506 List Price: $22.95
Crisis of Quebec by Armstrong, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780771097744 List Price: $27.95
What Does Quebec Want? by Bernard, Andre ISBN: 9780888621399
Century That Made Us by Woodcock, George ISBN: 9780195407037 List Price: $24.95
October Crisis, 1970 An Insider's View by Tetley, William ISBN: 9780773531185 List Price: $59.95
Halifax : The First 250 Years by Fingard, Judith, Guildford,... ISBN: 9780887804908 List Price: $29.95
Canada among Nations 1986 : Talking Trade by Molot, Maureen A., Tomlin, ... ISBN: 9780888628602
Reply to the Report of the Earl of Durham (Early Canadian Poetry) by Haliburton, Thomas Chandler ISBN: 9780919614192 List Price: $4.95
Beyond the City Limits Rural History in British Columbia by Sandwell, R. W. ISBN: 9780774806947 List Price: $85.00
Nation, Ideas, Identities Essays in Honour of Ramsay Cook by Behiels, Michael D., Behiel... ISBN: 9780195414615 List Price: $25.00
Recollections of the on to Ottawa Trek by Liversedge, Ronald, Howard,... ISBN: 9780771097669 List Price: $32.95
For the Love of the Game Amateur Sport in Small-Town Ontario, 1838-1895 by Bouchier, Nancy Barbara ISBN: 9780773524569 List Price: $44.95
Forgotten North by Coates, Ken S., Morrison, W... ISBN: 9781550283907 List Price: $16.95
Framing Our Past Canadian Women's History in the 20th Century by Cook, Sharon Anne, McLean, ... ISBN: 9780773521728 List Price: $29.95
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