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Genocide and Democracy in Cambodia The Khmer Rouge, the U.N., and the International Community by Kiernan, Ben, Andreopolos, ... ISBN: 9780938692492 List Price: $30.00
Southeast Asia: Past and Present by Sardesai, D. R. ISBN: 9780813344348 List Price: $44.00
History of Laos by Stuart-Fox, Martin ISBN: 9780521597463 List Price: $38.99
Cambridge History of Southeast Asia From C. 1800 to the 1930s by Tarling, Nicholas, Trocki, ... ISBN: 9780521663717 List Price: $42.00
Cambridge History of Southeast Asia From C. 1500 to C. 1800 by Tarling, Nicholas, Andaya, ... ISBN: 9780521663700 List Price: $39.99
After the Killing Fields Lessons from the Cambodian Genocide by Etcheson, Craig ISBN: 9780275985134 List Price: $45.00
Timor : Including the Islands of Roti and Ndao by Rowland, I. ISBN: 9781851091591 List Price: $67.50
History of the Philippines by Nadeau, Kathleen ISBN: 9780313340901
Southeast Asia Diversity and Development by Leinbach, Thomas R., Ulack,... ISBN: 9780138251260 List Price: $102.00
Understanding Vietnam by Jamieson, Neil L. ISBN: 9780520080485 List Price: $35.00
Cambodia The Legacy and Lessons of Untac by Findlay, Trevor ISBN: 9780198291855 List Price: $65.00
Charting the Shape of Early Modern Southeast Asia by Reid, Anthony ISBN: 9789747551068 List Price: $17.50
Modern Thailand by Slagter, Robert, Kerbo, Har... ISBN: 9780070344280 List Price: $24.50
Vietnam A History and Reader by Mooney, James W., West, Tho... ISBN: 9781881089285 List Price: $13.96
Southeast Asia in Age of Commerce,v.i by Reid, Anthony ISBN: 9780300039214 List Price: $30.00
World of Maluku: Eastern Indonesia in the Early Modern Period by Andaya, Leonard Y. ISBN: 9780824814908 List Price: $38.00
Inside the East Timor Resistance by Pinto, Constancio, Jardine,... ISBN: 9781550285888
Vietnam:american Ordeal by Moss, George D. ISBN: 9780138970833 List Price: $28.05
Autonomous Histories, Particular Truths : Essays in Honor of John Smail by Sears, Laurie J. ISBN: 9781881261100 List Price: $39.95
History of Thailand by Mishra, Patit ISBN: 9780313340918
Preliminary Analysis of the October 1 1965 Coup in Indonesia Interm Report by Anderson, Benedict R. O'G.,... ISBN: 9780877630081 List Price: $10.75
Tinio Brigade Anti American Resistance in the Ilocos Provinces, 1899-1901 by Ochosa, Orlino A. ISBN: 9789711003401 List Price: $14.50
War, Nationalism and Peasants Java Under the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945 by Sato, Shigeru ISBN: 9781563245459 List Price: $42.95
English in New Cultural Contexts Reflections from Singapore by Foley, Joseph A., Kandiah, ... ISBN: 9780195884159 List Price: $19.95
The History of Cambodia (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) by Corfield, Justin ISBN: 9780313357220 List Price: $49.95
South East Asia by Osborne, Milton E. ISBN: 9780868612690 List Price: $9.95
Area, Development Policy and the Middle City in Malaysia by Osborn, James, Vandergrift,... ISBN: 9780890650608 List Price: $12.00
Aspects of the Embassy to Siam 1685 The Chevalier De Chaumont and the Abbe De Choisy by Smithies, Michael, Smithies... ISBN: 9789747100518 List Price: $15.00
East Asia: A New History by Murphey, Rhoads ISBN: 9780321078018 List Price: $75.00
Cambridge History of Southeast Asia From Early Times C. 1500 by Tarling, Nicholas, Legge, J... ISBN: 9780521663694 List Price: $42.00
Culture and the City in East Asia by Kim, Won B., Douglass, Clyd... ISBN: 9780198233589 List Price: $125.00
Vietnam An American Ordeal by Moss, George Donelson ISBN: 9780131925885 List Price: $72.00
Lee's Lieutenants - Lam Peng - Paperback by Er, Lam Peng, Tan, Kevin ISBN: 9781864486391
Javanese Culture - R. M. Koentjaraningrat - Paperback by Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas ISBN: 9780195889079 List Price: $32.00
Indonesia: Law, Propaganda and Terror by Southwood, Julie, Flanagan,... ISBN: 9780862321055
Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia : Measurement and Decomposition by Anand, Sudhir ISBN: 9780195201543 List Price: $5.95
Southeast Asia : A Modern History by Tarling, Nicholas ISBN: 9780195584417 List Price: $85.00
History of South-East Asia by Hall, Daniel G. ISBN: 9780312386405
History of South-East Asia by Hall, Daniel G. ISBN: 9780312386054 List Price: $19.95
Malaysia by Stedman, Joann B. ISBN: 9780929851891 List Price: $22.00
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