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Teaching Children Art by Jack A. Hobbs, Jean C. Rush ISBN: 9781577664734 List Price: $64.95
Creating Meaning Through Art Teacher As Choice Maker by Simpson, Judith W., Carroll... ISBN: 9780133514216 List Price: $112.80
Art Connections by Thompson, Kimberly B., Loft... ISBN: 9780673360809 List Price: $17.95
Art in the Elementary School by Linderman, Marlene G. ISBN: 9780697125002 List Price: $88.44
Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond by McCaslin, Nellie ISBN: 9780801330735 List Price: $93.40
Creative Drama Book Three Approaches by Kase-Polisini, Judith ISBN: 9780876020289 List Price: $36.00
Secondary Art Education An Anthology of Issues by Little, Bruce E. ISBN: 9780937652534 List Price: $22.00
Art in Action Grade 3 by Hubbard, Guy ISBN: 9780157700480 List Price: $50.30
^ Growing Artists by Koster, Joan Bouza ISBN: 9781428318120 List Price: $128.95
Art and Creative Development for Young Children by Robert Schirrmacher ISBN: 9780827376397 List Price: $95.95
Emphasis Art (with MyEducationLab) by Clements, Robert D., Wachow... ISBN: 9780136101055
Arts in Children's Lives Aesthetic Education in Early Childhood by Jalongo, Mary R., Stamp, La... ISBN: 9780205145676 List Price: $84.20
Art Express Teacher's Edition by Lee Hanson, Kristen Pederso... ISBN: 9780153090776
Adventures in Art by Chapman, Laura H. ISBN: 9780871923257 List Price: $49.95
Ancient World 8 Short Plays For Building Fluency, Vocabulary, And Content Area Knowledge by Hanson-Harding, Alexandra ISBN: 9780439222617 List Price: $12.99
Drama and Diversity A Pluralistic Perspective for Educational Drama by Grady, Sharon, SaldaƱa, Johnny ISBN: 9780325002620 List Price: $32.50
Art Teacher's Desktop Reference by Parks, Michael E. ISBN: 9780130522344 List Price: $112.00
Dorothy Heathcote: Drama as a Learning Medium by Betty J Wagner ISBN: 9781893056008 List Price: $38.75
Art for the Very Young by Instructional Fair Staff, M... ISBN: 9781568226682 List Price: $13.99
Emphasis Art A Qualitative Art Program for Elementary and Middle Schools by Wachowiak, Frank, Clements,... ISBN: 9780321023513 List Price: $109.40
Teaching Children Art by Hobbs, Jack A., Rush, Jean C. ISBN: 9780131041592 List Price: $85.40
Elementary Art Resources: Studio Masters, Level 4 (Adventures in Art) by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780871923677 List Price: $19.95
Children and Their Art: Methods for the Elementary School by Gaitskell, Charles D., Hurw... ISBN: 9780155072978 List Price: $16.95
Bringing Art into the Elementary Classroom by Koster, Joan B. ISBN: 9780766805415 List Price: $187.95
Growing Artists: Teaching Art to Young Children by Joan Bouza Koster ISBN: 9780766810587 List Price: $116.95
Adventures in Art 1st Grade by Chapman, Laura H. ISBN: 9780871923233 List Price: $49.95
Art Lessons Busy Teachers Guide Intermediate by McAuliffe, Michelle M., Bla... ISBN: 9781576904718 List Price: $10.99
Drama: A View from the Wings by Goodman, Randolph ISBN: 9780030408113 List Price: $13.75
Experience and Art: Teaching Children to Paint - Nancy R. Smith - Paperback by Smith, Nancy R. ISBN: 9780807727003 List Price: $14.95
Death of a Salesman A Unit Plan by Collins, Mary B. ISBN: 9781583370339 List Price: $19.95
Theater and the Adolescent Actor: Building a Successful School Program by Poisson, Camille L. ISBN: 9780208023803 List Price: $29.50
Creative Display & Environment - Margaret Jackson - Paperback by Jackson, Margaret ISBN: 9780435083465 List Price: $18.00
Emphasis Art: A Qualitative Art Program for Elementary and Middle Schools by Frank Wachowiak, Robert D. ... ISBN: 9780673997364 List Price: $77.00
Drama and Traditional Story for the Early Years by Toye, Nigel, Prendiville, F... ISBN: 9780415195362 List Price: $41.95
Art Projects That Dazzle & Delight Grades 2-3 by Tush, Karen, Evans, Linda, ... ISBN: 9780439153881 List Price: $13.95
Perpetual Motion Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts by Pomer, Janice ISBN: 9780736033930 List Price: $35.00
History, Theory, and Practice of Art Criticism in Art Education by Cromer, Jim ISBN: 9780937652503 List Price: $18.00
Art in the Elementary School Drawing, Painting, and Creating for the Classroom by Linderman, Marlene G. ISBN: 9780697033413 List Price: $48.30
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