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Adventures in Art by Chapman, Laura H. ISBN: 9780871923257 List Price: $49.95
Growing Artists Teaching Art to Young Children by Koster, Joan B. ISBN: 9780827375444 List Price: $53.95
On the Subject of Drama by Hornbrook, David ISBN: 9780415168830 List Price: $38.95
Ancient World 8 Short Plays For Building Fluency, Vocabulary, And Content Area Knowledge by Hanson-Harding, Alexandra ISBN: 9780439222617 List Price: $12.99
Assessment Masters: Level 3 by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780871923370 List Price: $19.95
Dramathemes by Swartz, Larry ISBN: 9780435085094 List Price: $15.00
Miracle Worker A Unit Plan by Sherman, Janine ISBN: 9781583372272 List Price: $19.95
Creative Display & Environment - Margaret Jackson - Paperback by Jackson, Margaret ISBN: 9780435083465 List Price: $18.00
Teaching Art to Young Children Four to Nine by Barnes, Rob ISBN: 9780043710968 List Price: $39.95
Studio Masters : Level 1 by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780871923646 List Price: $19.95
Art for the Very Young by Instructional Fair Staff, M... ISBN: 9781568226682 List Price: $13.99
Experience and Art: Teaching Children to Paint - Nancy R. Smith - Paperback by Smith, Nancy R. ISBN: 9780807727003 List Price: $14.95
Children and Their Art: Methods for the Elementary School by Gaitskell, Charles D., Hurw... ISBN: 9780155072978 List Price: $16.95
Drama: A View from the Wings by Goodman, Randolph ISBN: 9780030408113 List Price: $13.75
Artworks for Elementary Teachers: Developing Artistic and Perceptual Awareness by Herberholz, Donald, Herberh... ISBN: 9780697107527
Adventures in Art 1st Grade by Chapman, Laura H. ISBN: 9780871923233 List Price: $49.95
Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond by McCaslin, Nellie ISBN: 9780801330735 List Price: $93.40
Snack Art by Meahl, Elizabeth, Lorseyedi... ISBN: 9781576903186 List Price: $3.25
Stuff I Wish I'd Known A Practical Guide for High School Speech and Drama Teachers by Heathcotte, Toby, Whitesell... ISBN: 9780964088207 List Price: $15.00
Art of Childhood and Adolescence The Construction of Meaning by Matthews, John ISBN: 9780750707664 List Price: $210.00
Learning Through Drama Report of the Schools Council Drama, Teaching Project by McGregor, Lynn, Tate, Maggi... ISBN: 9780435185657 List Price: $15.00
Reader's Theater Scripts: Improve Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Grade 5 (Book with ... by Kartchner Clark, Sarah, Cla... ISBN: 9781425803971 List Price: $24.99
Art A Community Connection by Katter, Eldon, Stewart, Mar... ISBN: 9780871924919 List Price: $61.95
Hamlet A Unit Plan by Collins, Mary B. ISBN: 9781583370995 List Price: $19.95
Julius Caesar A Unit Plan by Collins, Mary B. ISBN: 9781583371275 List Price: $19.95
Adventures in Art Level 2 by Chapman, Laura H. ISBN: 9780871923240 List Price: $49.95
Play It Again Suggestions for Drama by Porter, Sue ISBN: 9780713106985 List Price: $14.50
From Play to Art by Szekely, George ISBN: 9780435085711 List Price: $24.50
Teaching Creative Arts & Media 14+ by May, Markham, Warr, Sue ISBN: 9780335237517 List Price: $120.00
Teaching Creative and Media 14+ by May, Markham, Warr, Sue ISBN: 9780335237524
Art Experience by Ryder, Willet ISBN: 9780673463531 List Price: $17.95
Art in Action Grade 5 Grade 5 by Hubbard, Guy ISBN: 9780157700527 List Price: $56.60
Art in Action Grade 6 Grade 6 by Hubbard, Guy ISBN: 9780157700541 List Price: $56.60
Artworks for Elementary Teachers Developing Artistic and Perceptual Awareness by Herberholz, Donald W., Herb... ISBN: 9780697125255 List Price: $36.05
Interdisciplinary Art Lessons and Resources by Bickley-Green, Cynthia A. ISBN: 9780070396043 List Price: $51.85
Making Sense of Drama A Guide to Classroom Practice by Neelands, Jonothan ISBN: 9780435186586 List Price: $20.95
'This Earthly Stage': World and State in Late Medieval and Early Modern England (Cursor Mundi) by Hirsch, B., Wortham, C. ISBN: 9782503532264 List Price: $102.00
Taking Center Stage - Teacher's Manual Drama in America by Rathburn, Amy K. ISBN: 9780472084319 List Price: $14.95
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