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Exploring Research by Salkind, Neil J. ISBN: 9780205093816
Research in Education by Best, John W., Kahn, James V. ISBN: 9780205458400 List Price: $136.53
Applying Educational Research: A Practical Guide by Gall, Joyce P., Gall, M. D.... ISBN: 9780205596706 List Price: $130.20
Introduction to Research in Education by Ary, Donald, Jacobs, Lucy C... ISBN: 9780495601227 List Price: $169.95
Research Methods in Education by Wiersma, William, Jurs, Ste... ISBN: 9780205581924 List Price: $130.20
Educational and Psychological Research by Patten, Mildred L. ISBN: 9781884585456 List Price: $24.95
Education Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications Text only by Gay, L. R., Mills, Geoffrey... ISBN: 9780132338776 List Price: $141.33
Educational Research An Introduction by Gall, Meredith D., Borg, Wa... ISBN: 9780205488490 List Price: $146.67
How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education by Fraenkel, Jack R., Wallen, ... ISBN: 9780073525969 List Price: $143.13
Research Methods in Education by Check, Joseph W., Schutt, R... ISBN: 9781412940092 List Price: $82.95
Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators by Mertler, Craig A. ISBN: 9781412988896 List Price: $44.95
Introduction to Research Methods in Education by Punch, Keith F., Punch, Keith ISBN: 9781847870186 List Price: $47.95
Educational Research by Schreiber, J., Asner-Self, ... ISBN: 9780470139103 List Price: $74.95
Educational Research Fundamentals for the Consumer by McMillan, James H. ISBN: 9780205508303 List Price: $128.73
Improving Schools Through Action Research by Hendricks, Cher ISBN: 9780205578467 List Price: $46.67
Teachers Doing Research An Introductory Guidebook by Thomas, R. Murray ISBN: 9780205435364 List Price: $47.67
Research Methods in Education An Introduction by Wiersma, William, Jurs, Ste... ISBN: 9780205406098 List Price: $126.40
Designing and Conducting Research in Education by Drew, Clifford J., Hardman,... ISBN: 9781412960748 List Price: $89.95
Action Research A Guide for the Teacher Researcher by Mills, Geoffrey E. ISBN: 9780131722767 List Price: $49.60
Educational Research Competencies for Analysis and Applications by Gay, Lorrie R., Airasian, P... ISBN: 9780131185340 List Price: $114.67
Educational Research A Practical Approach by Gerlach, Gail J., Bieger, G... ISBN: 9780827368347 List Price: $78.95
Educational Research by Gay, Lorraine R. ISBN: 9780023408144 List Price: $68.33
Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches by Johnson, Burke, Christensen... ISBN: 9781412954563 List Price: $99.95
Student Mastery Activities Book for Use with how to Design and Evaluate Research in Education by Fraenkel, Jack R., Wallen, ... ISBN: 9780073326559 List Price: $34.69
Action Research in the Classroom by Baumfield, Vivienne, Hall, ... ISBN: 9781412930390
Educational Research An Introduction by Gall, Meredith D., Gall, Jo... ISBN: 9780321081896 List Price: $127.20
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