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Doing Qualitative Research in Educ... by Hatch, J. Amos ISBN: 9780791455036 List Price: $68.50
Educational Research An Introduction by Gall, Meredith D., Borg, Wa... ISBN: 9780801309809 List Price: $96.00
Directory Of Grants In The Humanities, 2005/2006 by Grants Program Staff ISBN: 9781573566162 List Price: $89.95
154. Educ.>4th Prtg.+< by Ary, Donald, Jacobs, Lucy C... ISBN: 9780030324628 List Price: $47.75
Participatory Action Research International Contexts and Consequences by McTaggart, Robin ISBN: 9780791435342 List Price: $29.95
Student Study Guide To Accompany Fundamentals Of Educational Research by Thomas K Crowl, Leonard, R ... ISBN: 9780697294685 List Price: $33.13
Introduction to Research in Education by Ary, Donald, Jacobs, Lucy C... ISBN: 9780534246822 List Price: $90.95
Introduction to Research Methods by Burns, Robert ISBN: 9780761965923 List Price: $135.00
Introduction to Educational Research by Charles, Carol M. ISBN: 9780801312731 List Price: $62.00
School-based Research: A Guide for Education Students by Wilson, Elaine ISBN: 9781412948494
Undertaking Educational Challenges In The 21st Century by Sunal, Cynthia S., Mutua, K... ISBN: 9781593119706
Educational Research Policymaking and Practice by Hammersley, Martyn ISBN: 9780761974208 List Price: $35.95
Educational Research Fundamentals for the Consumer by McMillan, James H. ISBN: 9780673998644 List Price: $48.75
Action Research for Inclusive Education Changing Places, Changing Practice, Changing Minds by Moore, Michelle, Armstrong,... ISBN: 9780415318013 List Price: $145.00
Biography and Education A Book of Readings by Erben, Michael ISBN: 9780750707510 List Price: $46.95
Primer of Educational Research by Suter, W. Newton ISBN: 9780205270149 List Price: $79.40
Educational Research for Teachers by Boudah, Daniel J., Weiss, M... ISBN: 9780205408535 List Price: $58.67
Research in Education by Best, John W., Kahn, James V. ISBN: 9780205349975 List Price: $96.00
Researching Schools Stories from a Schools-university Partnership for Educational Research by McLaughlin, Colleen, Black-... ISBN: 9780415388429 List Price: $44.95
Introduction to Research in Education - Donald Ary - Hardcover by Ary, Donald, Jacobs, Lucy C... ISBN: 9780030206061
Fundamentals of Educational Research by Crowl, Thomas K. ISBN: 9780697141040 List Price: $38.00
Exploring Research by Salkind, Neil J. ISBN: 9780135206362 List Price: $46.80
Practitioner Research in Education Making a Difference by Middlewood, David, Coleman,... ISBN: 9781853964435 List Price: $76.95
Conducting Educational Research - Bruce W. Tuckman - Hardcover by Tuckman, Bruce W. ISBN: 9780155129801 List Price: $14.95
Introduction to Educational Research by Charles, C. M., Mertler, Cr... ISBN: 9780321081759 List Price: $98.80
Fundamentals of Educational Research by Thomas K Crowl ISBN: 9780697241337 List Price: $72.50
Educational Research Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches by Christensen, Larry B., John... ISBN: 9780205266593 List Price: $100.00
Studying Children in Schools : Qualitative Research Traditions by David F. Lancy ISBN: 9781577661702 List Price: $21.95
Educational Inclusion As Action Research by O'Hanlon, Christine ISBN: 9780335207329 List Price: $39.95
Educational Inclusion as Action Research (Inclusive Education) by Christine O'Hanlon ISBN: 9780335207336 List Price: $120.00
Research in Education - James H. McMillan - Hardcover - 2nd ed by McMillan, James H., Schumacher ISBN: 9780673397928 List Price: $46.87
Developing and Evaluating Educational Research - Gary W. Moore - Hardcover by Moore, Gary W. ISBN: 9780673391728 List Price: $47.81
Practical Guide to Educational Research - Ward Mitchell Cates - Paperback by Cates, Ward M. ISBN: 9780136906780 List Price: $35.00
Networking Practitioner Research by McLaughlin, Colleen, Black-... ISBN: 9780415388467
Educational Research and Evidence-based Practice by Hammersley, Martyn ISBN: 9781412945615 List Price: $130.00
Educational Research, the National Agenda, and Educational Reform by Johanningmeier, Erwin V. ISBN: 9781593117306 List Price: $39.99
Introducing The World Of Education A Case Study Reader by Yin, Robert K. ISBN: 9781412906661 List Price: $79.95
Teachers' Voices for School Change - Andrew David Gitlin - Paperback by Gitlin, Andrew, Guidance In... ISBN: 9780807731802 List Price: $20.95
Understanding and Conducting Research: Applications in Education and the Behavioral Sciences by Mason, Emanuel J., Bramble,... ISBN: 9780070406971 List Price: $32.25
Research Methods in Education by Cohen, Louis, Manion, Lawrence ISBN: 9780415044103 List Price: $35.00
Educational Research: Readings in Focus by Lehmann, Irvin J., Mehrens,... ISBN: 9780030430169
Understanding Educational Research by Sprinthall, Richard C., Sch... ISBN: 9780139459733 List Price: $59.67
Research Methods in Education: An Introduction by Wiersma, William ISBN: 9780205164028
Doing Collective Biography Investigating the Production of Subjectivity by Davies, Bronwyn, Gannon, Su... ISBN: 9780335220458 List Price: $122.95
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