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Typical industries have more than six main competitors within the market. The top two generally capture more than 75% of the profit pool and the company with the largest market share, the leader, usually snares about 70% of total profits. As you can see this is an area of study that contains a lot of facts and figures. We have a fantastic range of cheap leadership textbooks to buy or rent to help you get your head around this complex subject. It affects all areas of business, no matter what the size of the industries involved. Once you start studying this subject you will start to look at economies and businesses differently, and start to analyze the leadership companies. We have the same textbooks that are on offer at your college bookstore, but we sell the books for a fraction of the prices that they charge. We also deliver the discounted books to your home address saving you precious time which you can better spend analyzing the economies of your choice!

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The Leadership Experience by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9781439042113 List Price: $198.95
Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications by Shriberg, Arthur, Shriberg,... ISBN: 9780470086988 List Price: $132.95
Competency, 5e by Quinn, Robert E., St. Clair... ISBN: 9780470284667 List Price: $114.95
Leaders and the Leadership Process by Pierce, Jon, Newstrom, John W. ISBN: 9780078137105 List Price: $99.40
Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills by Jacobs, Ed E., Masson, Robe... ISBN: 9780840033932 List Price: $113.95
The Art of Leadership by Manning, Curtis ISBN: 9780078029080
Organizations by Gibson, James L., Ivancevic... ISBN: 9780073381305 List Price: $160.63
Ethics of Leadership by Ciulla, Joanne B. ISBN: 9780155063174 List Price: $60.95
Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development by Lussier, Robert N., Achua, ... ISBN: 9780324596557 List Price: $181.95
Leadership: Theory and Practice by Northouse, Peter G. ISBN: 9781412974882 List Price: $84.95
Understanding Behaviors For Effective Leaderhsip by Howell, Jon, Costley, Dan L. ISBN: 9780131484528 List Price: $121.67
Leadership by DuBrin, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780547143965 List Price: $171.95
Strategy: A View from the Top by De Kluyver, Cornelis A., Pe... ISBN: 9780132145626
Training & Development: Communicating for Success by Steven A. Beebe, Timothy P.... ISBN: 9780205006120 List Price: $66.20
Learning Group Leadership: An Experiential Approach by Englar-Carlson, Matt, Kottl... ISBN: 9781412953719 List Price: $83.95
Operations Strategy Competing in the 21st Century by Beckman, Sara L., Rosenfiel... ISBN: 9780072500783 List Price: $165.63
Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills by Johnson, Frank P., Johnson,... ISBN: 9780205578634 List Price: $113.33
Leadership by Hughes, Richard L., Ginnett... ISBN: 9780073405049 List Price: $180.31
The Nature of Leadership by Day, David V., Antonakis, John ISBN: 9781412980203 List Price: $69.95
Level Three Leadership by Clawson, James G. ISBN: 9780132423847 List Price: $97.67
Interpersonal Skills for Leadership by Fritz, Susan M, Banset, Eli... ISBN: 9780131173439 List Price: $88.00
Leadership: Leaders, Followers, Environments by Art Padilla ISBN: 9780470907207
Motivation and Work Behavior by Porter, Lyman W., Bigley, G... ISBN: 9780072481624 List Price: $114.06
Leadership at the Crossroads by Ciulla, Joanne B., Hoyt, Cr... ISBN: 9780275997601
Leadership: A Communication Perspective by Michael Z. Hackman, Craig E... ISBN: 9781577665793 List Price: $39.95
Social Psychology and Organizations by De Cremer, David, Murnighan... ISBN: 9781848728561
Leadership: Personal Development and Career Success by Ricketts, Cliff, Ricketts, ... ISBN: 9781435492882 List Price: $122.95
Introduction to Group Work Practice by Toseland, Ronald W., Rivas,... ISBN: 9780205593828 List Price: $135.40
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