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Typical industries have more than six main competitors within the market. The top two generally capture more than 75% of the profit pool and the company with the largest market share, the leader, usually snares about 70% of total profits. As you can see this is an area of study that contains a lot of facts and figures. We have a fantastic range of cheap leadership textbooks to buy or rent to help you get your head around this complex subject. It affects all areas of business, no matter what the size of the industries involved. Once you start studying this subject you will start to look at economies and businesses differently, and start to analyze the leadership companies. We have the same textbooks that are on offer at your college bookstore, but we sell the books for a fraction of the prices that they charge. We also deliver the discounted books to your home address saving you precious time which you can better spend analyzing the economies of your choice!

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Groups in Context Leadership and Participation in Small Groups by Wilson, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780072862874 List Price: $87.69
Leader's Shadow Exploring and Developing Executive Character by Judge, William Q. ISBN: 9780761915393 List Price: $72.95
Ready to Lead by Larkin, Enda M. ISBN: 9780273715061
Leadership Personal Development and Career Success by Ricketts, Cliff ISBN: 9780766825369 List Price: $122.95
Art of Leadership by Manning, George, Curtis, Kent ISBN: 9780072995688 List Price: $103.70
Leadership Theory, Application, Skill Development by Lussier, Robert N., Achua, ... ISBN: 9780324155563 List Price: $144.95
Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership by Howell, Jon P., Costley, Da... ISBN: 9780130284037 List Price: $84.00
Understanding Leadership in the Real World: Metaphors We Lead By by Alvesson, Mats, Spicer, André ISBN: 9780415568456 List Price: $47.95
Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow by Johnson, Craig E. ISBN: 9780761923343 List Price: $44.95
Lessons in Leadership Mostly Learned the Hard Way by Lund, Duane R., Finch, Lewi... ISBN: 9780934860475 List Price: $8.95
Lead with Humility : 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis by KRAMES, Jeffrey A. ISBN: 9780814449110 List Price: $14.00
Business of Leadership : An Introduction by Bowerman, Karen Dill, Wart,... ISBN: 9780765621405 List Price: $79.95
Leadership Experience + Infotrac by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9780324261271 List Price: $198.95
Leading Coherently Reflections from Leaders around the World by Stanford-Blair, Nancy, Dick... ISBN: 9781412905893 List Price: $55.95
Leadership With Infotrac Theory, Application, Skill Development by Lussier, Robert N., Achua, ... ISBN: 9780324316971 List Price: $169.95
Values-based Leadership by Kuczmarski, Thomas D. ISBN: 9780131218567 List Price: $21.95
Implicit Leadership Theories Essays And Explorations by Schyns, Birgit, Meindl, Jam... ISBN: 9781593113605 List Price: $39.99
Leadership Classical, Contemporary, and Critical Approaches by Grint, Keith ISBN: 9780198781820 List Price: $150.00
Art and Science of Leadership by Nahavandi, Afsaneh ISBN: 9780131485419 List Price: $113.33
Dilemmas Of Leadership by Clark, Murray, Rickards, Tudor ISBN: 9780415355858 List Price: $44.95
Leadership by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9780030224171 List Price: $71.00
Art+science of Leadership by Nahavandi, Afsaneh ISBN: 9780133815344 List Price: $68.00
Leadership Through the Ages by Sylvia, Ronald D. ISBN: 9781577666219 List Price: $17.95
Intro.to Group Work Practice by Toseland, Ronald W., Rivas,... ISBN: 9780205265848 List Price: $51.75
Dissent and the Failure of Leadership by Banks, Stephen P. ISBN: 9781847205759 List Price: $115.00
Leadership and Management in Social Care by Chick, Neil F., Leonard, Ka... ISBN: 9781412929615
Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study Of Philanthropian Leadership by Barrow, Lisa ISBN: 9781581122374 List Price: $19.95
Leadership and Management of HR Professionals by Porter, Keith, Fagg, Roger,... ISBN: 9780750667944 List Price: $62.95
Key Concepts in Leadership by Gosling, Jonathan, Sutherla... ISBN: 9781849205887
Leading from the Inside Out A Coaching Model by Bianco-Mathis, Virginia, Na... ISBN: 9780761923923 List Price: $72.95
Theory and Practice of Leadership by Gill, Roger ISBN: 9780761971771 List Price: $64.95
Leadership Is Common Sense by Cain, Herman, Kemp, Jack ISBN: 9780442023683 List Price: $25.95
Police Manager by Lynch, Ronald C. ISBN: 9780075548188 List Price: $68.75
Joining Together by Johnson, David W., Johnson,... ISBN: 9780205197507 List Price: $54.00
Level Three Leadership Getting Below the Surface by Clawson, James G. ISBN: 9780130329431 List Price: $58.00
Interpersonal Skills for Leadership by Fritz, Susan M, Banset, Eli... ISBN: 9780132447737 List Price: $81.00
Lifeskills and Leadership for Engineers by Goldberg, David E. ISBN: 9780070236899 List Price: $29.38
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