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Would you believe us if we revealed we had more than one hundred thousand books on political science? You should, because this is exactly the size of collection you're looking at here. You can buy cheap political science textbooks on topics such as globalization, civics and citizenship, economic conditions and public policy, depending on your needs. With affordable prices attached to all our books it couldn't be easier to rent cheap political science textbooks if the need should arise. These books include titles such as Nickel and Dimed On (Not) Getting By in America; Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics; Government and Politics in the Lone Star State; and Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties and Justice. You can sell your political science books back whenever you like and earn money for doing so. This makes our collection even bigger and gives you another reason to come back to us.

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Essentials of Fire Fighting by International Fire Service ... ISBN: 9780879392840 List Price: $66.90
Nickel and Dimed On (Not) Getting by in America by Ehrenreich, Barbara, Piven,... ISBN: 9780805063899 List Price: $13.00
Creature from Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Griffin, G. Edward ISBN: 9780912986395 List Price: $19.50
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Vintage) by Kristof, Nicholas D., WuDun... ISBN: 9780307387097 List Price: $15.95
The Logic of American Politics, 5th Edition by Jacobson, Gary C., Kernell,... ISBN: 9781608712755 List Price: $95.95
World Is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Friedman, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780312425074 List Price: $16.00
Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context, 2nd edition by Drogus, Carol Ann, Orvis, S... ISBN: 9781608716685 List Price: $89.95
The Politics of the Administrative Process by Kettl, Donald F., Fesler, J... ISBN: 9781608716883 List Price: $94.95
Nickel and Dimed by Ehrenreich, Barbara, Piven,... ISBN: 9780805088380 List Price: $15.00
Political Science Research Methods by Johnson, Janet Buttolph, Re... ISBN: 9781608716890 List Price: $99.95
The Essentials of Political Analysis by Pollock III, Philip H. ISBN: 9781608716869 List Price: $62.95
Modern Diplomacy by Barston, R. ISBN: 9781405812016 List Price: $63.80
The Anarchist Cookbook - William F. Powell - Paperback - REISSUE by Powell, William F., Bergman... ISBN: 9780962303203 List Price: $25.00
International Business Theory and Practice by Ajami, Riad A., Cool, Karel... ISBN: 9780765617804 List Price: $119.95
America's Constitution A Biography by Amar, Akhil Reed ISBN: 9780812972726 List Price: $20.00
The Globalization Reader by Lechner, Frank J., Boli, John ISBN: 9780470655634 List Price: $44.95
Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation by Wholey, Joseph S., Hatry, H... ISBN: 9780470522479 List Price: $80.00
Inventing Human Rights by Hunt, Lynn ISBN: 9780393331998 List Price: $15.95
Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View by Milgram, Stanley, Milgram ISBN: 9780061765216 List Price: $14.99
Governing States and Localities by Smith, Kevin B., Greenblatt... ISBN: 9781604267280 List Price: $98.95
Democracy and Public Administration by Box, Richard C. ISBN: 9780765618153 List Price: $88.95
Discourse on Colonialism by Césaire, Aimé, Pinkham, Joa... ISBN: 9781583670255 List Price: $14.00
Performance Measurement: Building Theory, Improving Practice by De Lancer Julnes, Patria, H... ISBN: 9780765620385 List Price: $32.95
I Love a Cop, Revised Edition: What Police Families Need to Know by Kirschman, Ellen ISBN: 9781593853532 List Price: $16.95
Big Ideas in Collaborative Public Management by Bingham, Lisa Blomgren, O'L... ISBN: 9780765621184 List Price: $94.95
An Introduction to Global Studies by Campbell, Patricia, MacKinn... ISBN: 9781405187367 List Price: $49.95
The Irony of American History by Niebuhr, Reinhold, Bacevich... ISBN: 9780226583983 List Price: $17.00
Poor People's Movements Why They Succeed, How They Fail by Piven, Frances F., Cloward,... ISBN: 9780394726977 List Price: $15.85
5000 Year Leap The 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World by Skousen, W. Cleon ISBN: 9780880801485 List Price: $19.95
History of Political Philosophy by Strauss, Leo, Cropsey, Joseph ISBN: 9780226777108 List Price: $32.50
Ultimate Life by Stovall, Jim ISBN: 9780781445474 List Price: $14.99
Silent Warfare Understanding by Shulsky, Abram N., Schmitt,... ISBN: 9781574883459 List Price: $24.95
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