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Would you believe us if we revealed we had more than one hundred thousand books on political science? You should, because this is exactly the size of collection you're looking at here. You can buy cheap political science textbooks on topics such as globalization, civics and citizenship, economic conditions and public policy, depending on your needs. With affordable prices attached to all our books it couldn't be easier to rent cheap political science textbooks if the need should arise. These books include titles such as Nickel and Dimed On (Not) Getting By in America; Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics; Government and Politics in the Lone Star State; and Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties and Justice. You can sell your political science books back whenever you like and earn money for doing so. This makes our collection even bigger and gives you another reason to come back to us.

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Law for Society: Nature, Functions, and Limits by Kevin M. Clermont, Hillman,... ISBN: 9780735568532 List Price: $152.95
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 4th Edition by W. Kip Viscusi, John M. Ver... ISBN: 9780262220750 List Price: $95.00
Critical Thinking and American Government by Kent Brudney, Mark Weber ISBN: 9780205212804 List Price: $47.40
Smart Talk: Contemporary Interviewing and Interrogation by Denise Kindschi Gosselin ISBN: 9780131146969 List Price: $77.20
Managing Urban America by Morgan, David R., England, ... ISBN: 9781608716722 List Price: $63.95
Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer by Frederick M. Stowell ISBN: 9780879392819 List Price: $47.00
Politics by Aristotle, Barker, Ernest, ... ISBN: 9780199538737 List Price: $12.95
unSpun Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation by Jamieson, Kathleen Hall, Ja... ISBN: 9781400065660 List Price: $14.00
Democracy and Public Administration by Box, Richard C. ISBN: 9780765618153 List Price: $88.95
Comparative Politics of Latin America: Democracy at Last? by Daniel C. Hellinger ISBN: 9780415889179 List Price: $58.95
On Education (Thinking in Action) by HARRY BRIGHOUSE ISBN: 9780415327909 List Price: $24.95
Keeping the Republic : Power and Citizenship in American Politics, the Essentials by Barbour, Christine, Wright,... ISBN: 9781608710058 List Price: $94.95
World on the Edge : How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse by Brown, Lester R. ISBN: 9780393339499 List Price: $15.95
Africans in the Americas A History of Black Diaspora by Conniff, Michael L., Davis,... ISBN: 9781930665682 List Price: $34.95
Practical Loss Control Leadership by Bird, F. E., Jr., Germain, ... ISBN: 9780880610544 List Price: $65.00
Performance Measurement: Building Theory, Improving Practice by De Lancer Julnes, Patria, H... ISBN: 9780765620385 List Price: $32.95
Sport Business in the Global Marketplace (Finance and Capital Markets) by Hans Westerbeek, Aaron Smith ISBN: 9781403903006 List Price: $120.00
Understanding Regulation: Theory, Strategy, and Practice by Baldwin, Robert, Cave, Mart... ISBN: 9780199576098 List Price: $50.00
Law, Ethics and the Visual Arts by John Henry Merryman, Stephe... ISBN: 9789041125170 List Price: $161.00
Structural Firefighting: Strategy And Tactics by Bernard J. Klaene, Russell ... ISBN: 9780763751685 List Price: $115.95
Basic Writings of John Stuart Mill On Liberty, the Subjection of Women, and Utilitarianism by Mill, John Stuart, Schneewi... ISBN: 9780375759185 List Price: $9.95
American Intergovernmental Relations, 5th Edition by Laurence J OToole, Robert K... ISBN: 9781452226293 List Price: $74.00
The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin ISBN: 9780912986395 List Price: $24.50
Congress Reconsidered, 10th Edition by Lawrence C Dodd, Bruce I Op... ISBN: 9781452227825 List Price: $64.00
Promised Land, Crusader State The American Encounter With the World Since 1776 by McDougall, Walter A., McDou... ISBN: 9780395901328 List Price: $15.00
Road to Serfdom The Definitive Edition by Hayek, F. A., Caldwell, Bru... ISBN: 9780226320557 List Price: $17.00
Oxford Handbook of Civil Society by Edwards, Michael ISBN: 9780195398571 List Price: $150.00
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