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Partial Differential Equations by Strauss, Walter A. ISBN: 9780470054567 List Price: $186.95
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations by Renardy, Michael, Rogers, R... ISBN: 9780387004440 List Price: $99.00
Partial Differential Equations by Strauss, Walter A. ISBN: 9780470260715 List Price: $60.95
Applied Partial Differential Equations by Logan, J. David ISBN: 9780387209531 List Price: $54.95
Elementary Partial Differential Equations by Berg, Paul, McGregor, James L. ISBN: 9780070048508 List Price: $65.75
Variational Analysis in Sobolev and BV Spaces: Applications to PDES and Optimization - H. At... by Attouch, Hedy, Buttazzo, Gi... ISBN: 9780898716009 List Price: $157.00
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations by Folland, Gerald B. ISBN: 9780691043616 List Price: $75.00
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations With Matlab by Cooper, J. M. ISBN: 9780817639679 List Price: $69.95
Multigrid by Trottenberg, Ulrich, Ooster... ISBN: 9780127010700 List Price: $109.00
Partial Differential Equations by Evans, Lawrence C. ISBN: 9780821807729 List Price: $83.00
Applied Partial Differential Equations An Introduction by Jeffrey, Alan ISBN: 9780123822529 List Price: $112.00
Numerical Methods for Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations by Knabner, Peter, Angerman, Lutz ISBN: 9780387954493 List Price: $99.00
Multivariate Polysplines Applications to Numerical and Wavelet Analysis by Kounchev, Ognyan ISBN: 9780124224902 List Price: $136.00
Workbook for Harmonic Practice: In Tonal Music: by Gauldin, Robert ISBN: 9780393970753 List Price: $36.95
Plane Waves And Spherical Means Applied To Partial Differential Equations by John, Fritz ISBN: 9780486438047 List Price: $12.95
Geometry and Arithmetic Around Euler Partial Differential Equations by Holzapfel, R. P. ISBN: 9789027718273 List Price: $141.00
Partial Differential Equations by Rauch, Jeffrey, Ewing, J. H... ISBN: 9780387974729 List Price: $79.95
Nonlinear Stochastic Evolution Problems in Applied Sciences by Bellomo, N., Brzezniak, Z.,... ISBN: 9780792320425 List Price: $169.00
Computational Partial Differential Equations Numerical Methods and Diffpack Programming by Langtangen, Hans Petter ISBN: 9783540434160 List Price: $86.95
Contributions to the Theory of Partial Differential Equations by Bers, Lipman, Douglis, A., ... ISBN: 9780691095844 List Price: $47.50
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations An Introduction by Morton, K. W., Mayers, D. F. ISBN: 9780521429221 List Price: $34.99
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations by Meis, T., Marcowitz, U. ISBN: 9780387905501 List Price: $49.00
Partial Differential Equations by Levine, Harold ISBN: 9780821807750 List Price: $80.00
Partial Differential Equations With Numerical Methods by Larsson, Stig, Thomée, Vidar ISBN: 9783540017721 List Price: $99.00
Schaum's Outline of Partial Differential Equations by Duchateau, Paul, Zachmann, ... ISBN: 9780071756181 List Price: $19.00
Traveling Wave Analysis of Partial Differential Equations : Numerical and Analytical Methods... by Griffiths, Graham, Schiesse... ISBN: 9780123846525 List Price: $79.99
Geometry of Spherical Space Form Groups by Gilkey, Peter B. ISBN: 9789971509279 List Price: $82.00
Computational Partial Differential Equations Using MATLAB by Li, Jichun, Chen, Yi-Tung ISBN: 9781420089042 List Price: $115.95
Scrodinger Equation by Berezin, F. A., Shubin, M. A. ISBN: 9780792312185 List Price: $139.00
Spectral Elements for Transport-Dominated Equations by Funaro, Daniele ISBN: 9783540626497 List Price: $89.95
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations by Evans, G. A., Blackledge, J... ISBN: 9783540761259 List Price: $49.95
Lectures on Partial Differential Equations by Arnold, Vladimir I., Cooke, R. ISBN: 9783540404484 List Price: $69.95
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations Fundamental Concepts for Scientific and Enginee... by Celia, Michael A., Gray, Wi... ISBN: 9780136269618 List Price: $117.20
Numerical Solutions for Partial Differential Equations Problem Solving Using Mathematica by Ganzha, Victor G., Vorozhts... ISBN: 9780849373794 List Price: $119.95
Partial Differential Equations An Introduction by Colton, David L. ISBN: 9780486438344 List Price: $19.95
Energy Method, Stability, and Nonlinear Convection by Straughan, Brian ISBN: 9780387004532 List Price: $99.00
Introduction To Partial Differential Equations by Rubinstein, Jacob, Pinchove... ISBN: 9780521848862 List Price: $168.00
Degenerate Elliptic Equations by Levendorskii, Serge ISBN: 9780792323051 List Price: $139.00
Partial Differential Equations by Wloka, J. T. ISBN: 9780521277594 List Price: $105.00
Partial Differential Equations Through Examples and Exercises by Pap, Endre, Takaci, Arpad, ... ISBN: 9780792347248 List Price: $139.00
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