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Health Sciences Librarianship by Wood, M. Sandra ISBN: 9780810888135 List Price: $75.00
Law for K-12 Libraries and Librarians by Torrans, Lee Ann ISBN: 9781591580362 List Price: $29.00
Alphabetic Indexing by Guthrie, Mearl R., Norwood,... ISBN: 9780538669269 List Price: $24.95
Crash Course in Library Supervision: Meeting the Key Players by Tucker, Dennis C., Mosley, ... ISBN: 9781591585640
Special Libraries by Silva ISBN: 9780233961361
Metadata And Its Applications in the Digital Library by Liu, Jia ISBN: 9781591583066 List Price: $45.00
Planning And Evaluating Library Networked Services And Resources by Bertot, John C., Davis, Den... ISBN: 9781563089640 List Price: $50.00
Service Quality in Academic Libraries by Hernon, Peter, Altman, Ellen ISBN: 9781567502107 List Price: $47.95
Basic Business Library: Core Resources by Schlessinger, Bernard S., S... ISBN: 9780897747394
Marc/aacr2/authority Control Tagging A Blitz Cataloging Workbook by Ferguson, Bobby ISBN: 9781591582052 List Price: $32.00
Library and Information Center Management by Stueart, Robert D., Moran, ... ISBN: 9781591584063 List Price: $50.00
RDA Primer : A Guide for the Occasional Cataloger by Hart, Amy ISBN: 9781586833480
Wilkie Collins's Library A Reconstruction by Baker, William ISBN: 9780313313943 List Price: $87.95
Internet Technologies and Information Services by Miller, Joseph B. ISBN: 9781591586265
Doing Things with Information: Beyond Indexing and Abstracting by O'Connor, Brian C., Kearns,... ISBN: 9781591585770
Communication Research Infotrac Strategies and Sources by Rubin, Rebecca B., Rubin, A... ISBN: 9780534564865 List Price: $79.95
Academic Librarians as Emotionally Intelligent Leaders by Hernon, Peter, Giesecke, Jo... ISBN: 9781591585138
Governing Knowledge Commons by Frischmann, Brett M., Madis... ISBN: 9780190225827
Guide to Native American Ledger Drawings and Pictographs in United States Museums, Libraries... by Lovett, John R., Jr., DeWit... ISBN: 9780313306938 List Price: $81.95
Crash Course in Library Gift Programs by Roberts, Ann ISBN: 9781591585305
Conversion Tables by Scott, Mona L. ISBN: 9781591583486 List Price: $100.00
Libraries and the Future Essays on the Library in the Twenty-First Century by Lancaster, F. W. ISBN: 9781560243823 List Price: $34.95
Conversion Tables Subject Headings LC And Dewey by Scott, Mona L. ISBN: 9781591583479 List Price: $45.00
Building Influence for the School Librarian Tenets, Targets & Tactics by Hartzell, Gary ISBN: 9781586831615 List Price: $44.95
Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts : A Bibliographical Handlist of Manuscripts Written or Owned in Engl... by Gneuss, Helmut, Lapidge, Mi... ISBN: 9781442648234 List Price: $175.00
Motion Picture Film Maintenance Manual, 16MM by University Film Centers Con... ISBN: 9780840330307 List Price: $23.95
Computers in Libraries An Introduction for Library Technicians by Wilson, Katie ISBN: 9780789021502 List Price: $29.95
Teen Genreflecting (Genreflecting Advisory Series) by Herald, Diana Tixier ISBN: 9781591587293 List Price: $45.00
Out of Sorts : On Typography and Print Culture by Dane, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780812242942 List Price: $59.95
Special Collections 2.0: New Technologies for Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archival Collections by Thomas, Lynne M., Whittaker... ISBN: 9781591587200 List Price: $45.00
It's All About Student Learning Managing Community And Other College Libraries in the 21st C... by McCabe, Gerard B., Dowell, ... ISBN: 9781591581499 List Price: $45.00
National Electronic Library A Guide to the Future for Library Managers by Pitkin, Gary M. ISBN: 9780313296130 List Price: $62.95
Letting Go of Legacy Services : Library Case Studies by Evangeliste, Mary, Furlong,... ISBN: 9780838912201
The Elements of Library Research: What Every Student Needs to Know by George, Mary W., George, Ma... ISBN: 9780691131504 List Price: $35.00
International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science by Feather, John, Sturges, Paul ISBN: 9780415259019 List Price: $315.00
Understanding Frbr What It Is and How It Will Affect Our Retrieval Tools by Taylor, Arlene G. ISBN: 9781591585091 List Price: $45.00
Information Orientation The Link to Business Performance by Marchand, Donald A., Kettin... ISBN: 9780199240678 List Price: $150.00
Introduction to Technical Services for Library Technicians by Kao, Mary L. ISBN: 9780789014894 List Price: $22.95
American Libraries and the Internet by Li, Bin ISBN: 9781934043875 List Price: $109.95
Serving New Immigrant Communities in the Library by Cuban, Sondra, De La Pea Mc... ISBN: 9781591582977 List Price: $40.00
Abhb Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries Publications of 1... by Vervliet, Hendrik D. ISBN: 9789024729708 List Price: $371.00
Unreluctant Years: A Critical Approach to Children's Literature - Lillian Helen Smith - Hard... by Smith, Lillian H., Vandergr... ISBN: 9780838905579 List Price: $25.00
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