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With dozens of affordable text books on this particular war, it's easy to expand your knowledge of the military and how it performed. When you buy cheap Korean War textbooks you will understand how the conflict unfolded and the part the military had to play. Look out for Rethinking the Korean War: A New Diplomatic and Strategic History; Korea's Place in the Sun: A Modern History; Korean War: An International History; and The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography. We can provide you with a chance to rent used Korean War textbooks as well if you want them for shorter periods. Check the options and see if you want to rent for a quarter or a semester. Make sure you get the cheapest deals and the chance to sell your Korean War books back whenever you need to. Don't miss out on the very best deals whenever you come to Valore Books.

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Korean War by Stein, R. Conrad ISBN: 9780766076594
Korean War and United States Economic Activity, 1950-1952 by Hickman, Bert G. ISBN: 9780598274984 List Price: $30.00
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