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History is a huge subject to study at college, which is why we've got several sections on our website devoted to it. This is the section that allows you to buy cheap military textbooks on such subjects as nuclear warfare, naval warfare and aviation. We also have separate sections for the Afghan War, the Iraq War and the Korean War, making it easier to find exactly what you need. Pre-owned and affordable titles including Interpretation, World War II: A Short History and Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I. You can also rent used military textbooks in order to expand your collection of text books even further. If you have any to sell, you can sell back specific books using our buyback service. Get in touch today to find out more. In any event, it is easy to buy cheap military textbooks to help your history studies at college.

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World War II: A Short History (5th Edition) by Lyons, Michael J. ISBN: 9780205660568 List Price: $82.00
Twentieth-Century War and Conflict : A Concise Encyclopedia by Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9781118884638 List Price: $29.95
United States at War, 1941-1945 by Hess, Gary R. ISBN: 9780882952819 List Price: $19.95
Wars in the World History by Morillo, Stephen, Black, Je... ISBN: 9780070525856 List Price: $58.13
American Military History A Survey from Colonial Times to the Present by Allison, William T., Grey, ... ISBN: 9780131838758 List Price: $30.00
Vietnam Reader Sources and Essays by Moss, George D. ISBN: 9780139466250 List Price: $75.20
Counterinsurgency Warfare Theory And Practice by Galula, David, Nagl, John A. ISBN: 9780275992699 List Price: $74.95
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism by Howard, Russell D., Forest,... ISBN: 9780073379708
Origins of the First World War by Joll, James, Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9780582423794 List Price: $48.80
My Lai A Brief History With Documents by Olson, James S., Roberts, R... ISBN: 9780312142278 List Price: $17.05
Major Problems in History of Vietnam War by McMahon, Robert J. ISBN: 9780618749379 List Price: $81.95
The World Since 1945: A History of International Relations by McWilliams, Wayne C., Piotr... ISBN: 9781588266620 List Price: $28.50
Origins of the Second World War American Foreign Policy and World Politics by Offner, Arnold A. ISBN: 9780894643200 List Price: $19.50
Outbreak of World War I Causes and Responsibilities by Herwig, Holger H. ISBN: 9780669416923 List Price: $46.95
Iraq War Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons by Cordesman, Anthony H. ISBN: 9780275982270 List Price: $47.95
Origins of the Second World War by Overy, R. J. ISBN: 9781405824699 List Price: $25.00
Origins of the First World War by Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9781405874311 List Price: $26.00
Vietnam War A History in Documents by Young, Marilyn B., Fitzgera... ISBN: 9780195166354 List Price: $24.95
Spread of Nuclear Weapons A Debate Renewed With New Sections on India and Pakistan, Terrori... by Sagan, Scott D., Waltz, Ken... ISBN: 9780393977479 List Price: $19.70
Strategy in the Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies by Baylis, John, Gray, Colin S... ISBN: 9780199548873 List Price: $49.95
Rethinking the Korean War A New Diplomatic and Strategic History by Stueck, William W. ISBN: 9780691118475 List Price: $26.95
Korean War by Immell, Myra ISBN: 9780737757941 List Price: $39.70
The Second World War on the Eastern Front by Baker, Lee ISBN: 9781405840637 List Price: $23.80
Origins of the Cold War 1941-49 by McCauley, Martin ISBN: 9781405874335 List Price: $26.00
America and the Great War, 1914-1920 by James, D. Clayton, Wells, A... ISBN: 9780882959443 List Price: $11.95
The World in Flames: A World War II Sourcebook by Coetzee, Frans, Shevin-Coet... ISBN: 9780195174427 List Price: $29.95
World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights by Griswold del Castillo, Richard ISBN: 9780292717398 List Price: $24.95
Historical Atlas Of World War Two by Story, Ronald ISBN: 9780195182200 List Price: $24.95
Culture of Deference Congress, the President, and the Course of the U.S.-Led Invasion and Oc... by Ohaegbulam, Festus Ugboaja ISBN: 9780820495385 List Price: $32.95
Strategic Choice and International Relations by Lake, David A., Powell, Robert ISBN: 9780691026978 List Price: $30.95
In Peace and War by Hagan, Kenneth J., McMaster... ISBN: 9780275999551 List Price: $34.95
First World War by Robson, Stuart ISBN: 9781405824712 List Price: $24.00
American Cold War Strategy Interpreting Nsc 68 by May, Ernest R. ISBN: 9780312066376 List Price: $17.95
France and the Great War 1914-1918 by Smith, Leonard V., Audoin-R... ISBN: 9780521666312 List Price: $30.99
The U.S. War with Mexico: A Brief History with Documents by Chavez, Ernesto ISBN: 9780312249212 List Price: $15.75
Conflict After Cold War by Betts, Richard K. ISBN: 9780205583522 List Price: $84.20
The U.S.-Mexican War: A Binational Reader by Conway, Christopher, Conway... ISBN: 9781603842204 List Price: $14.95
Origins of the Second World War in Europe by Bell, P. M. H. ISBN: 9781405840286 List Price: $46.80
Mao's Generals Remember Korea by Li, Xiaobing, Yu, Bin ISBN: 9780700610952 List Price: $39.95
Russia's First World War A Social And Economic History by Gatrell, Peter ISBN: 9780582328181 List Price: $46.60
Tainted Desert Environmental Ruin in the American West by Kuletz, Valerie ISBN: 9780415917711 List Price: $44.95
Korea's Place in the Sun A Modern History by Cumings, Bruce ISBN: 9780393316810 List Price: $14.50
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