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The Latin roots of the word "literature" mean "acquaintance with letters." If you are reading something that sounds as elegant as that phrase, you're probably reading literature. It is through literature textbooks that we begin to see the world as it was years, decades, or centuries ago. We understand the way 1800s America looked because of the works of Mark Twain. Through Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales," we know that the English of the 14th century enjoyed a dirty joke as much as we do. Although a fine piece of literary art may stay with you forever, you may not want your text books to do the same. When this is the case, consider textbook rental. When you rent textbooks, you make use of them for the duration of your class and then return them. Students who rent literature textbooks never have to worry about the bookstore declining to buy back a book because the professor chose to use a different edition next year. Literature can evoke some of our strongest emotions, but so does saving money.

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Norton Anthology of English Literature With Wuthering Heights by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393151336 List Price: $67.45
Heathen Gods in Old English Literature by North, Richard, Keynes, Sim... ISBN: 9780521030267 List Price: $74.00
English Postcoloniality Literatures from Around the World by Mohanram, Radhika, Rajan, Gita ISBN: 9780313288548 List Price: $83.95
Professor Borges : A Course on English Literature by Borges, Jorge Luis, Silver,... ISBN: 9780811218757
5 Steps to a 5 AP English Literature with CD-ROM, 2014-2015 Edition by Rankin, Estelle, Murphy, Ba... ISBN: 9780071803847 List Price: $29.95
Ghost Road: Student Text Guide (As/a-Level English Literature) by James, David, Barker, Pat ISBN: 9780340965757 List Price: $23.50
Canadian Literature in English by Unknown ISBN: 9780321313621
Kaplan AP English Literature and Composition 2013-2014 by Pivarnik-Nova, Denise ISBN: 9781609786892
English Language, Literature, and Composition Content Knowledge by Educational Testing Service... ISBN: 9780886852528 List Price: $25.00
History of English Literature by Fowler, Alastair ISBN: 9780674396654 List Price: $41.50
Using Young Adult Literature in the English Classroom by Bushman, John H., Bushman, ... ISBN: 9780023175329 List Price: $31.20
A Critical History of English Literature: v. 1 by DAVID DAICHES ISBN: 9780436121081
Teaching English Literature 16-19 : An Essential Guide by Green, Andrew, Snapper, Gar... ISBN: 9780415528238
Transactions With Literature A Fifty-Year Perspective For Louise M. Rosenblatt by National Council of Teacher... ISBN: 9780814155103 List Price: $3.24
Adventures in English Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9780153350955 List Price: $36.95
Ovid's Metamorphoses Englished: George Sandys as translator and mythographer (Garland Publi... by Rubin, Deborah D., Sandys, ... ISBN: 9780824067168 List Price: $10.00
Cognitive Approaches to Language and Linguistic Data: Studies in Honor of Barbara Lewandowsk... by Oleksy, Wieslaw, Stalmaszcz... ISBN: 9783631588611 List Price: $115.95
Norton Anthology of English Literature by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393151411 List Price: $63.90
AP English Literature & Composition Crash Course (REA) by Hogue, Dawn ISBN: 9780738607825 List Price: $11.95
English and American Literatures by Michael Meyer ISBN: 9783825235505
Teaching English Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9783825229979
Outline of English Literature by Rogers, Pat ISBN: 9780192829382 List Price: $14.95
Norton Anthology of English Literature The Major Authors by Abrams, M. H. ISBN: 9780393151084 List Price: $65.35
Classical Myths in English Literature by Norton, Daniel S., Rushton,... ISBN: 9780837124407
Sexuality and Its Queer Discontents in Middle English Literature by Pugh, Tison ISBN: 9781403984876 List Price: $69.95
Cracking The GRE Literature In English Subject Test by McMullen, Douglas, Jr., Pri... ISBN: 9780375764905 List Price: $18.00
History of Old English Literature by Fulk, Robert D., Cain, Chri... ISBN: 9781405121811 List Price: $49.95
Peterson's Master the AP English Literature & Composition by Moran, Margaret C., Holder,... ISBN: 9780768924732 List Price: $18.00
Complete Idiot's Guide to English Literature by Stevenson, Jay ISBN: 9781592576562 List Price: $18.95
An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English: Volume II by Bennett, Donna, Brown, Russell ISBN: 9780195403947 List Price: $30.95
The Oxford Companion to English Literature by Birch, Dinah, Drabble, Marg... ISBN: 9780192806871 List Price: $160.00
Medieval English Literature by Ker, W. P. ISBN: 9780198880431
The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English - Jenny Stringer - Hardcover by Stringer, Jenny, Sutherland... ISBN: 9780192122711 List Price: $60.00
Vagrancy, Homelessness, and English Renaissance Literature by Woodbridge, Linda ISBN: 9780252026331 List Price: $45.00
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