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When most people think of social studies classes, they think of middle school civics. The social studies are more than that, though. They are a mixture of history, sociology, geography, and political science that intends to describe not only how a government is formed, but why. Social study textbooks seek to explain why people have a need to form a governing body, why they choose certain types of government over others, and how they decide how much self-authority to surrender to their government for the good of everyone. When you rent social study textbooks, you gain insight into centuries of research into what makes a good government and a good citizen. Textbook rental is a way to obtain these books at an affordable price for the duration of your course. When you rent textbooks, rather than hope that the bookstore will buy them back, you simply return them. It's everyone's civic duty to understand why government run the way they do, but that doesn't mean you have to spend more money on the text books than you need to.

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Visualizing Elementary Education Social Studies by Lee, John K., Lee, John ISBN: 9780471720669 List Price: $115.95
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Parker, Walter C. ISBN: 9780132337076 List Price: $124.80
Teaching Social Studies in Early Education by Beck, Vesna, Fletcher, Melb... ISBN: 9780766802889 List Price: $105.95
Handbook of Research on Social Studies Education by Levstik, Linda S. ISBN: 9780805855364 List Price: $109.95
Meeting the Standards Social Studies Readings for K-6 Educators by Haas, Mary E., Laughlin, Ma... ISBN: 9780879860721 List Price: $19.50
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Parker, Walter ISBN: 9780135001608 List Price: $131.47
Study Guide Social Studies and Citizenship Education Content Knowledge by Educational Testing Service... ISBN: 9780886853815 List Price: $30.00
Education for Social Efficiency: A Study in the Social Relations of Education by King, Irving ISBN: 9781143337321 List Price: $30.75
Social Studies and Diversity Teacher Education: What We Do and Why by Heilman, Elizabeth E., Heil... ISBN: 9780415996723 List Price: $47.95
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Jarolimek, John ISBN: 9780023605413 List Price: $55.01
Jamestown Concentration Area Social Studies, 2005 by McGraw-Hill - Jamestown Edu... ISBN: 9780078617089 List Price: $20.08
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Parker, Walter ISBN: 9780131139367 List Price: $99.35
Peterson's Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law & Soci... by Peterson's Guides Staff, Or... ISBN: 9780768924077 List Price: $54.00
Leveled Texts for Social Studies: Expanding and Preserving the Union by Shell Education, Housel, De... ISBN: 9781425800826 List Price: $39.99
Social Studies and Social Science Education 1970-1972 : An ERIC Bibliography by Educational Resources Infor... ISBN: 9780024698407 List Price: $11.50
Function of Ideals and Attitudes in Social Education: An Experimental Study by Voelker, Paul Frederick ISBN: 9780554809458 List Price: $19.75
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Jarolimek, John ISBN: 9780023605406
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Unknown ISBN: 9780130724267 List Price: $86.00
Language Testing Matters: Investigating the Wider Social and Educational Impact of Assessmen... by Taylor, Lynda, Weir, Cyril J. ISBN: 9780521163910 List Price: $50.00
Computer-Based Education in the Social Studies by Ehman, Lee H., Glenn, Allen D. ISBN: 9780941339032 List Price: $8.00
STRAT OF EDUC RESEARCH PB (Social Research and Educational Studies Series) by Burgess, Robert G. ISBN: 9781850000341 List Price: $35.00
School As a Social Institution; an Introduction to the Study of Social Education by Robbins, Charles Leonidas ISBN: 9781178332933 List Price: $38.75
Social Studies Education for Young Americans by Jones, Ralph Herschell ISBN: 9780840302984
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Jarolimek, John, Parker, Wa... ISBN: 9780023605710 List Price: $69.00
Social Studies in Elementary Education by Parker, Walter C., Jarolime... ISBN: 9780134700151 List Price: $70.00
Education and Patho-Social Studies by Bureau Of Education ISBN: 9781168759184 List Price: $25.56
Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law 2010 (Peterson's ... by Peterson's, Schwartz, Jill C. ISBN: 9780768927139 List Price: $54.95
Comprehensive Teaching Models in Social Studies Education by Zodikoff, David ISBN: 9780840307835
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