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Human Services and the study of social technologies examine a range of delivery systems covering areas such as social welfare, mental health services, education and healthcare. Understanding how these delivery systems work and how public policies affect the users of the services is a large subject, but we have plenty of excellent pre-owned and new textbooks on human services available to buy or rent to help you learn the subject. Our extensive range of affordable textbooks cover families and children with special needs, advocacy in human services, research process for human services, effectively managing human service organizations, theory, practice and trends in human services and much, much more. You could choose to buy these books from your college bookshop on campus but you will be paying much more for the same books. We know money is precious to students, so save your dollars and buy your discounted textbooks at a much better price here online and get them delivered straight to you.

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Program Evaluation: An Introduction, 5th Edition by David Royse, Bruce A. Thyer... ISBN: 9780495601661 List Price: $185.95
Agency-Based Program Evaluation: Lessons From Practice by Anderson, Gary R., Kapp, St... ISBN: 9781412939843 List Price: $53.95
Effectively Managing Human Service Organizations by Brody, Ralph ISBN: 9781412904209 List Price: $96.95
Human Services Contemporary Issues and Trends by Harris, Howard S., Maloney,... ISBN: 9780205327706 List Price: $81.00
Careers Serving Families and Consumers by Sproles, Elizabeth Kendall,... ISBN: 9780130819758 List Price: $108.40
Theory, Practice, and Trends in Human Services An Introduction by Neukrug, Edward S. ISBN: 9780495097136 List Price: $121.95
Management of Human Service Programs by Lewis, Packard, Thomas R., ... ISBN: 9780495007821 List Price: $106.95
Theory, Practice, and Trends in Human Services An Introduction by Neukrug, Edward S. ISBN: 9780534533847 List Price: $86.95
Families And Children With Special Needs Professional And Family Partnerships by Smith, Tom E. C., Gartin, B... ISBN: 9780135700037 List Price: $48.00
Social Welfare in Today's World by Whitaker, William H., Feder... ISBN: 9780070696242
Research Process In The Human Services Behind The Scenes by Alexander, Leslie, Solomon,... ISBN: 9780534626105 List Price: $94.95
Staff Management in Human Services: Behavioral Research and Applications by Dennis H. Reid, Marsha B. P... ISBN: 9780398055479 List Price: $72.95
Delivering Human Services/a Self-Instructional Approach by Unknown ISBN: 9780582285910 List Price: $37.75
Identification and Care of Fetal Alcohol-Exposed Children A Guide for Primary-Care Providers by Fleming, Michael, De Zafra,... ISBN: 9780756733520 List Price: $25.00
Generalist Model for Human Services Practice Non-Infotrac Version by Hull, Bryan D., Kirst-Ashma... ISBN: 9780534512781 List Price: $67.95
Practising Critical Reflection: A Handbook by Fook, Jan, Gardner, Fiona ISBN: 9780335221707
Chiseled in Sand Perspectives on Change in Human Services Organizations by Cohen, Robert, Cohen, Jessye ISBN: 9780534348625 List Price: $79.95
Effectively Managing Human Service Organizations, Vol. 1 by Brody, Ralph ISBN: 9780761921431 List Price: $53.95
Introduction to Human Services Through the Eyes of Practice Settings by Martin, Michelle E. ISBN: 9780205439614 List Price: $91.20
Introduction To Human Services Policy And Practice by Mandell, Betty R., Schram, ... ISBN: 9780205442140 List Price: $100.00
Human Service Organizations by Hasenfeld, Yeheskel ISBN: 9780134474908 List Price: $136.80
Innovation and Change in the Human Services by Nicholas D. Richie, Diane E... ISBN: 9780398073381 List Price: $69.95
Research for the Helping Professions by Wilkinson, William K., McNe... ISBN: 9780534340032 List Price: $205.95
Innovations in Maternal Health: Case Studies from India by Unknown ISBN: 9788132113102 List Price: $59.75
Institutional Selves Troubled Identities in a Postmodern World by Gubrium, Jaber F., Holstein... ISBN: 9780195129281 List Price: $45.95
Practice and the Human Sciences The Case for a Judgment-Based Practice of Care by Polkinghorne, Donald E. ISBN: 9780791461990 List Price: $78.50
Study Guide to accompany Nursing Care of Children by Anne-Marie Kiehne RN MSN, ... ISBN: 9780721695815 List Price: $22.95
Management of Human Service Programs by Judith A. Lewis, Michael D.... ISBN: 9780534368869 List Price: $97.95
Practising Critical Reflection by Fook, Jan, Gardner, Fiona ISBN: 9780335221714
Crash Course in Children's Services by Peck, Penny ISBN: 9781591583523 List Price: $25.00
Evaluation in Social Work The Art And Science of Practice by Unrau, Yvonne A., Grinnell,... ISBN: 9780195308068 List Price: $60.00
Introduction to Human Services Cases and Applications by McClam, Tricia, Woodside, M... ISBN: 9780534418687 List Price: $54.95
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