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Spartan'02 for Macintosh Tutorial and User's Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661205 List Price: $35.00
Getting Started with Spartan (Second Edition) by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661229 List Price: $30.00
Intermolecular and Surface Forces by Israelachvili, Jacob N. ISBN: 9780123751812 List Price: $107.00
Spectra and Dynamics of Diatomic Molecules by Lefebvre-Brion, Helene, Fie... ISBN: 9780124414563 List Price: $122.00
Electrical Prop.of Materials by Solymar, L., Walsh, D. ISBN: 9780198562733 List Price: $85.00
Statistical Mechanics of Chain Molecules by Flory, Paul J. ISBN: 9781569900192 List Price: $59.95
Chemical Reactions in Clusters by Bernstein, Elliot R. ISBN: 9780195090048 List Price: $225.00
Molecules by Peter Atkins, Atkins ISBN: 9780716760047 List Price: $33.25
Molecular Orbitals and Their Energies, Studied by the Semiempirical Ham Method - E. Lindholm... by Lindholm, E., Asbrink, L. ISBN: 9780387156590 List Price: $42.95
Lectures on the Electrical Properties of Materials - L. Solymar - Paperback by Solymar, L., Walsh, D., Au,... ISBN: 9780198562214 List Price: $22.95
Molecular Dynamics Simulations - F. Yonezawa - Hardcover by Yonezawa, F. ISBN: 9780387550992 List Price: $81.95
Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Collisions by Johnson, R. E., Johnson, T. J. ISBN: 9780306407871 List Price: $45.00
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 2 Volume Set Proceedings 19th International Symposium by Harvey, John, Lord, Gordon ISBN: 9780198565055 List Price: $227.50
Determination of Molecular Structure by Wheatley, P. J. ISBN: 9780486640686 List Price: $7.95
Recent Studies in Atomic and Molecular Processes by Kingston, A. E. ISBN: 9780306426872 List Price: $158.00
Lectures on Electrical Prop.of Mtrls. by Solymar, L., Walsh, D. ISBN: 9780198562818 List Price: $69.95
Concepts in Solids: Lectures on the Theory of Solids by Anderson, P. W. ISBN: 9789810231958 List Price: $36.00
Atoms in Molecules An Introduction by Popelier, Paul L. A. ISBN: 9780582367982 List Price: $50.00
Nearby Molecular Clouds (Lecture Notes in Physics) by Serra, G. ISBN: 9780387159911 List Price: $29.95
Molecular Mechanisms of Hormone Action (Gesellschaft Fuer Biologische Chemie//Colloquium) by Gehring, U., Helmreich, E.,... ISBN: 9780387516073 List Price: $97.00
Atoms and Molecules by Nestor, Lisa ISBN: 9781568700762 List Price: $15.40
Spectroscopy and Modeling of Biomolecular Building Blocks by Schermann, Jean-Pierre ISBN: 9780444527080 List Price: $185.00
Superconductivity in D- And F-Band Metals (AIP Conference Proceedings) by American Institute of Physi... ISBN: 9780883181034 List Price: $14.00
Spartan02 for Windows Tutorial and User's Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661199 List Price: $35.00
Getting Started with Spartan by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661212 List Price: $30.00
Quantum Classical Theory by Billing, Gert D., Billing, ... ISBN: 9780195146196 List Price: $109.45
Molecular Origami Precision Scale Models from Paper by Hanson, Robert M. ISBN: 9780935702309 List Price: $36.00
Introduction to Molecular Orbitals by Jean, Yves, Volatron, Franc... ISBN: 9780195069181 List Price: $79.95
Orbitals in Chemistry A Modern Guide for Students by Gil, Victor ISBN: 9780521666497 List Price: $84.00
Molecular Magnetism From Molecular Assemblies to the Devices by Coronado, Eugenio, Pierre, ... ISBN: 9780792341307 List Price: $442.00
Quantum Theory of Solids by Peierls, R. E. ISBN: 9780198507819 List Price: $85.00
Observation, Prediction and Simulation of Phase Transitions in Complex Fluids by Baus, Marc, Rull, Luis F., ... ISBN: 9780792334392 List Price: $474.00
Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials Theory, Techniques, and Applications by Turnbull, Mark M., Sugimoto... ISBN: 9780841234529 List Price: $60.00
Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution by Li, Wen-Hsiung, Graur, Dan ISBN: 9780878934522 List Price: $34.95
142. by Silberberg, Martin S. ISBN: 9780815180074 List Price: $30.50
Band Theory of Solids An Introduction from the Point of View of Symmetry by Altmann, Simon L. ISBN: 9780198558668 List Price: $99.00
Self-Production of Supramolecular Structures From Synthetic Structures to Models of Minimal ... by Fleischaker, Gail R., Colon... ISBN: 9780792331636 List Price: $279.00
Nonlinear Dynamics in Polymeric Systems by Pojman, John A., Pojman, Jo... ISBN: 9780841238503 List Price: $232.00
Crystallographic and Modeling Methods in Molecular Design by Bugg, C. E., Ealick, S. E. ISBN: 9780387972107 List Price: $142.00
Electrical Properties of Materials (Oxford Science Publications) by L. Solymar, D. Walsh ISBN: 9780198562726 List Price: $59.95
Laser Control and Manipulation of Molecules by Bandrauk, Andre D., Fujimur... ISBN: 9780841237865 List Price: $236.00
Imaging in Chemical Dynamics by Suits, Arthur G., Continett... ISBN: 9780841236905 List Price: $300.00
Mixture and Chemical Combination And Related Essays by Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie... ISBN: 9781402002328 List Price: $179.00
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