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The medical world has many different topics to focus on. One of them includes the idea of physical medicine and the process of rehabilitation. If this topic is included in your college course, buy used physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks here today and save an incredible amount over what you'd pay if you purchased at the cover prices. We can offer huge savings when you buy cheap physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks including Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion, Rehabilitation Techniques in Sports Medicine and Electrotherapy, to name just three. However, these just skim the surface of the affordable and pre-owned books you can buy in their hundreds. Whatever stage of your college course you are at, make sure you have the books to help you along. Rent used physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks now and sell back to us any you're already finished with. It's a no brainer way to succeed at college on a small budget.

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Geriatric Rehabilitation A Clinical Approach by Bottomley, Jennifer M., Lew... ISBN: 9780838522844 List Price: $79.00
Anatomical Kinesiology by Gench, Barbara E., Hinson, ... ISBN: 9781578790036 List Price: $42.95
Physical Agents : A Comprehensive Text for Physical Therapists by Hecox, Bernadette, Mohrotoa... ISBN: 9780838580400 List Price: $68.00
Motor Control and Physical Therapy by MONTGOMERY ISBN: 9781879971004 List Price: $34.95
Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Thompson, Clem W. ISBN: 9780801650314 List Price: $22.95
Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine And Athletic Training by Prentice, William E. ISBN: 9780072842869 List Price: $38.44
Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Thompson, Clem W., Floyd, R... ISBN: 9780801678318 List Price: $28.95
Functional Electrical Stimulation for Ambulation by Paraplegics: Twelve Years of Clinical Ob... by Daniel Graupe, Kate H. Kohn ISBN: 9780894648458 List Price: $49.50
Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant - Text and E-Book Package by Mansfield, Paul Jackson, Ne... ISBN: 9780323062992 List Price: $77.95
The Student's Companion to Physiotherapy: A Survival Guide by Southorn, Nick T. ISBN: 9780702033803 List Price: $31.95
Rehabilitation Services: An Introduction for the Human Services Professional by Andrew, Jason Dana, Faubion... ISBN: 9780972164207
Thermal Agents in Rehabilitation by Michlovitz, Susan L. ISBN: 9780803661653 List Price: $36.00
The Art and Practice of Dance/Movement Therapy by Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, ... ISBN: 9780536024206 List Price: $125.00
Concise Guide to Physiotherapy - 2-Volume Set : Assessment and Treatment by Ainslie, Timothy Robert ISBN: 9780702040481 List Price: $70.99
Kinesiology (Enhanced Edition): The Skeletal System and Muscle Function by Joseph E. Muscolino DC ISBN: 9780323048866 List Price: $67.95
Geriatric Physcial Therapy by Guccione, Andrew A. ISBN: 9780323001724 List Price: $87.95
Rehabilitation Medicine Principles and Practice by Delisa, Joel A., Gans, Bruc... ISBN: 9780781710152 List Price: $199.00
Case Studies in Rehabilitation by Ghikas, Patricia A., Cloppe... ISBN: 9781556424250 List Price: $50.95
Anatomy, Mechanics and Human Motion by Hay, James G., Reid, J. Gavin ISBN: 9780130352132 List Price: $162.00
Anatomy of Movement: Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain, St... ISBN: 9780939616220 List Price: $29.95
Kinesiology Movement in the Context of Activity by Greene, David Paul, Roberts... ISBN: 9781556644160 List Price: $39.95
Physical Therapy for Children by Darl W. Vander Linden, Suza... ISBN: 9780721683164 List Price: $80.00
Human Motor Control by Rosenbaum, David A. ISBN: 9780125973007 List Price: $78.95
Authentic Movement by Whitehouse, Mary Starks, Ad... ISBN: 9781853026539 List Price: $44.95
Clinical Pediatric Physical Therapy A Guide for the Physical Therapy Team by Ratliffe, Katherine T. ISBN: 9780815170884 List Price: $55.95
Mosby's Basic Science for Soft Tissue and Movement Therapies by Fritz, Sandy, Paholsky, Kat... ISBN: 9780323002844 List Price: $42.95
Documentation for Physical Therapist Assistants by Lukan, Marianne ISBN: 9780803601871 List Price: $23.95
Kinesiology with PowerWeb: Health and Human Performance by Michael G Wade, John A. W. ... ISBN: 9780072506242
Physical Agents in Rehabilitation - Text and E-Book Package: From Research to Practice, 3e by Michelle H. Cameron MD PT ... ISBN: 9781416069355 List Price: $113.00
Psychological Management of Physical Disabilities A Practitioner's Guide by Kennedy, Paul ISBN: 9781583917121 List Price: $104.00
Kinesiology of the Spine by Gatterman, Meridel I. ISBN: 9780763751029 List Price: $89.95
Principles and Techniques of Patient Care, 2e by Frank M. Pierson MA PT ISBN: 9780721675244 List Price: $49.95
Clinical Research in Allied Health and Special Education by Stein, Franklin, Cutler, Su... ISBN: 9781565936317 List Price: $68.95
Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Thompson, Clem W., Floyd, R... ISBN: 9780072930344 List Price: $69.25
Dance Injuries by Daniel D. Arnheim ISBN: 9780801603112 List Price: $17.95
Plyometrics: Explosive Power Training - James C. Radcliffe - Paperback by Radcliffe, James C., Farent... ISBN: 9780873220248 List Price: $15.95
Manual Medicine, 1984 by Dvorak, J., Dvorak, V., Sch... ISBN: 9780387150970 List Price: $69.00
Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Thompson, Clem W., Floyd, R... ISBN: 9780815146308 List Price: $27.95
Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation - Text a... by Magee, David J., Zachazewsk... ISBN: 9781416068532 List Price: $113.00
Biotherapy A Comprehensive Overview by Rieger, Paula T. ISBN: 9780867207071 List Price: $42.00
Behavioral Principles in Medical Rehabilitation A Practical Guide by O'Neill, George W., Gardner... ISBN: 9780398048815 List Price: $33.00
Planning Curricula in Physical Therapy Education by Barr, Jean ISBN: 9780912919003 List Price: $19.95
Concise Guide to Physiotherapy by Ainslie, Timothy Robert ISBN: 9780702035524 List Price: $36.95
Brumstrom's Clinical Kinesiology by Smith, Laura K., Weiss, Eli... ISBN: 9780803679160 List Price: $53.95
Physical Therapy Research: Principles and Applications by Russell Carter EdD PT, Jay... ISBN: 9780721669632 List Price: $44.95
Creative Play Activities for Children With Disabilities A Resource Book for Teachers and Par... by Schulz, Linda, Morris, Lisa R. ISBN: 9780873229333 List Price: $21.95
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