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Leading and Managing in Nursing, 5e by Patricia S. Yoder-Wise RN ... ISBN: 9780323069779 List Price: $73.95
Leadership and Management in Nursing (4th Edition) by Mary Ellen Grohar-Murray, H... ISBN: 9780135138670 List Price: $69.20
Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 4e by Diane Huber PhD RN FAAN ... ISBN: 9781416059844 List Price: $71.95
Budgeting Concepts for Nurse Managers by Finkler, Steven A., McHugh,... ISBN: 9781416033417 List Price: $80.95
Case Applications in Nursing Leadership & Management by Polifko-Harris, Karin ISBN: 9781401834548 List Price: $54.95
The Case Manager's Survival Guide: Winning Strategies for Clinical Practice by Toni G. Cesta PhD RN FAAN... ISBN: 9780323016889 List Price: $53.95
Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (7th Edition) by Eleanor J. Sullivan ISBN: 9780135142639 List Price: $77.95
Leading and Managing in Nursing by Yoder-Wise, Patricia S. ISBN: 9780323039000 List Price: $60.95
Nursing Leadership & Management by Kelly, Patricia ISBN: 9781418050269 List Price: $92.95
Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Theory and Application by Marquis, Bessie L., Huston,... ISBN: 9780781737944 List Price: $44.95
Effective Leadership & Management in Nursing by Sullivan, Eleanor J., Decke... ISBN: 9780131780941 List Price: $53.95
Nursing Leadership and Management: A Practical Guide by Patricia Carroll ISBN: 9781401827045 List Price: $63.95
Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management by Kelly-Heidenthal, Patricia ISBN: 9781401830175 List Price: $59.95
Nurse as Executive by Karlene M. Kerfoot ISBN: 9780834205710 List Price: $72.00
Virtual Clinical Excursions 3.0 for Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 2e by Susan C. deWit MSN RN CNS... ISBN: 9781416030348 List Price: $54.95
Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 3e by Diane Huber PhD RN FAAN ... ISBN: 9781416001683 List Price: $54.95
Professional Practice of Nursing Administration by Simms, Lillian M., Price, S... ISBN: 9780766807907 List Price: $124.95
Nursing Administration Handbook (NURSING ADMINISTRATION HANDBOOK (ROWLAND)) by Howard Rowland, Beatrice Ro... ISBN: 9780834209268 List Price: $215.95
Budgeting Concepts for Nurse Managers by Finkler, Steven A., Graf, C... ISBN: 9780721678023 List Price: $64.95
Managing Client Care by Elizabeth F. Wywialowski ISBN: 9780801665295 List Price: $28.95
Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management by Kelly, Patricia ISBN: 9781435453562 List Price: $59.95
Nurse Management Demystified by McEachen, Irene, Keogh, James ISBN: 9780071472418 List Price: $19.95
Study Guide for Huber: Leadership and Nursing Care Management by Jean Nagelkerk RN PhD FNP... ISBN: 9780721692005 List Price: $21.95
Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators by Roussel, Linda, Swansburg, ... ISBN: 9780763757144 List Price: $93.95
Health Care Financial Management For Nurse Managers Applications In Hospitals, Long-term Car... by Dunham-Taylor, Janne, Pincz... ISBN: 9780763734756 List Price: $94.95
Handbook for Directors of Nursing in Long-Term Care by Mitty, Ethel L. ISBN: 9780827367777 List Price: $53.95
Nursing Leadership And Management In Canada by Hibberd, Judith M., Smith, ... ISBN: 9780920513897 List Price: $72.95
Supervisory Skills for Nurses by York, Gloria, Colgan, Becky ISBN: 9781878025999 List Price: $49.95
Nursing Leadership & Management by Kelly-Heidenthal, Patricia ISBN: 9780766825086 List Price: $85.95
Nursing Management in the New Paradigm by Loveridge, Catherine E., Cu... ISBN: 9780834206205 List Price: $128.95
Nursing Issues in Leading and Managing Change by Lancaster, Jeanette ISBN: 9780323002509 List Price: $48.95
Leadership in Health Care by Barr, Jill, Dowding, Lesley ISBN: 9781412920681 List Price: $48.95
Transformational Nursing Leadership A Vision for the Future by Barker, Anne M. ISBN: 9780887375514 List Price: $41.95
Managing Client Care, 3e by Elizabeth F. Wywialowski Ed... ISBN: 9780323024822 List Price: $61.95
Nursing Administration: Managing Patient Care (2nd Edition) by Jacqueline A. Dienemann ISBN: 9780838569863 List Price: $107.40
Budgeting and Financial Management for Nurse Managers (Jones & Bartlett Series in Nursing) by Russell Swansburg, R. N. Sw... ISBN: 9780763702328 List Price: $49.95
Nursing Leadership and Management: Concepts and Practice by Tappen, Ruth M. ISBN: 9780803683358 List Price: $25.95
Effective Management in Nursing by Sullivan, Eleanor J., Decke... ISBN: 9780805378627 List Price: $42.00
Introduction to Management and Leadership for Nurse Managers (3rd Edition) by Russell C. Swansburg, Richa... ISBN: 9780763716448 List Price: $56.95
Critical Incidents in Nursing Management - Carl Joiner - Paperback by Joiner, Carl, Corkrean, Mary ISBN: 9780838512470
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