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Arithmetic is one of those great subjects that poses students great challenges, yet also offers clarity and reward when you know you have successfully solved a problem and have the right answer. As someone who is good with numbers you won't need us to point out the basics for you and tell you that our textbooks are the cheapest available, and are far better value than the textbooks in your college bookshop. They are exactly the same product, but at a cheaper price. We'll let you do the maths! You can also save yourself valuable time by buying your textbooks from us online as you can avoid the lengthy lines at the checkout, the time wasted searching through the over-stocked shelves, and then we will deliver your books to your door, saving you even more time. Our new and used books are all in great condition and just what you need to get yourself off to the right start on your course. It doesn't take an arithmetic genius to work out that our books are great value.

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Numerical Methods for Engineers by Canale, Raymond, Chapra, St... ISBN: 9780073401065 List Price: $171.56
MyMathGuide : Notes, Practice, and Video Path for Basic College Mathematics by Bittinger, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780321925466 List Price: $32.00
Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics System of Basic Math by Cutler, Ann, McShane, Rudolph ISBN: 9780313232008 List Price: $87.95
Fund.of Mathematics by Barker, Jack ISBN: 9780030031540 List Price: $70.00
Essential Arithmetic by Johnston, Carol L., Willis,... ISBN: 9780534944827 List Price: $50.95
Introduction to Numerical Computations by Yakowitz, Sidney J., Szidar... ISBN: 9780024308214 List Price: $130.00
Basic Mathematics by Bittinger, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780321319067 List Price: $118.00
Fundamentals With Elements of Algebra by Cass, Patricia J., O'Connor... ISBN: 9780759310001 List Price: $150.95
Fundamentals of Mathematics, Enhanced Edition (with Enhanced WebAssing 1-Semester Printed Ac... by Van Dyke, James, Rogers, Ja... ISBN: 9781439047293 List Price: $169.95
Essential Mathematics by Lial, Margaret L., Salzman,... ISBN: 9780321287427 List Price: $78.00
Fundamentals of Mathematics by Van Dyke, James (James Van ... ISBN: 9781111429485
Division Grade 4 by Teacher Created Resources S... ISBN: 9780743933247 List Price: $5.99
Introduction to Logic and to the Methodology of the Deductive Sciences by Tarski, Alfred, Tarski, Jan ISBN: 9780195044720 List Price: $210.00
Finite Mathematics by Lial, Margaret L., Greenwel... ISBN: 9780321228260 List Price: $134.67
Prealgebra by Martin-Gay, K. Elayn ISBN: 9780132319515 List Price: $118.67
Developmental Mathematics College Mathematics and Introductory Algebra by Bittinger, Marvin L., Beech... ISBN: 9780321331915 List Price: $130.67
Student's Solutions Manual for Developmental Mathematics: Basic Mathematics and Algebra by Lial, Margaret L., Hornsby,... ISBN: 9780321599704 List Price: $36.67
Numerical Adventures With Geochemical Cycles by Walker, James C. ISBN: 9780195045208 List Price: $100.00
Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics 4 by Baines, M. J., Morton, K. W. ISBN: 9780198536963 List Price: $150.00
Developmental Mathematics by Martin-Gay, K. Elayn ISBN: 9780132290906 List Price: $164.00
Integrated Arithmetic and Basic Algebra by Jordan, Bill E., Palow, Wil... ISBN: 9780321442550 List Price: $152.67
Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra by Martin-Gay, Elayn ISBN: 9780131577053 List Price: $130.67
Essential Math with Application -Student Support Edition by Barker, Vernon C., Aufmann,... ISBN: 9780547016474 List Price: $132.95
Prealgebra Organizer for Prealgebra (standalone) by Martin-Gay, Elayn ISBN: 9780321634023 List Price: $40.00
Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers Using Matlab and C by Harris, Sandra L., Schillin... ISBN: 9780534370145 List Price: $183.95
Student Solutions Manual for Aufmann/Lockwood's Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra: An Appl... by Aufmann, Richard N., Lockwo... ISBN: 9780840049308 List Price: $56.95
Worksheets for Classroom or Lab Practice for Basic College Mathematics by Bittinger, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780321627285 List Price: $26.67
Developmental Mathematics -Stud. Solution Manual by Penna, Judith A., Bittinger... ISBN: 9780321348586 List Price: $36.67
Developmental Mathematics: College Mathematics and Introductory Algebra by Bittinger, Marvin L., Beech... ISBN: 9780321468420 List Price: $154.00
Arithmetic and Algebra by Proga, Rosanne ISBN: 9780534947583 List Price: $136.95
Basic Mathematics: A Program for Semi-Independent Study by Baley, John D., Holstege, M... ISBN: 9780669010190 List Price: $50.36
Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra by Martin-Gay, K. Elayn ISBN: 9780131449725 List Price: $133.00
Introductory Mathematics - Charles P. McKeague - Hardcover by McKeague, Charles P. ISBN: 9780534008659 List Price: $46.95
Basic Mathematics by Bittinger, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780201959581 List Price: $89.00
Prealgebra, Books a la Carte Plus MathXL 12-month Student Access Kit by Martin-Gay, Elayn ISBN: 9780321732224 List Price: $115.00
Developmental Mathematics THEA Hardback (7th Edition) by Bittinger, Marvin L., Beech... ISBN: 9780321483409 List Price: $170.67
Introduction to Computational Physics by Pang, Tao ISBN: 9780521825696 List Price: $89.00
Magic of Numbers by Gross, Benedict H., Harris,... ISBN: 9780131777217 List Price: $82.80
Student Solutions Manual for Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra by Miller, Julie, O'Neill, Mol... ISBN: 9780077582968
Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra, Books a la Carte Edition by Martin-Gay, Elayn ISBN: 9780321692535 List Price: $119.47
Integrated Arithmetic and Basic Algebra by Jordan, Bill E., Palow, Wil... ISBN: 9780201642032 List Price: $108.00
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