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Do you want access to a superb range of affordable text books on the subject of property law? This alone is a vast area to study and we have just the books you'll need to complete your studies successfully. Buy cheap property textbooks from us today and get the most out of every cent you have in your budget. Look for examples such as Law of Property: Cases and Materials; Right to Private Property; Management of Intangibles: The Organizations Most Valuable Assets; and Property Rights Co-operation, Conflict and Law. With these and other in depth titles available on a regular basis to buy or rent, cheap property textbooks are just within your grasp. We buy back property books as well so don't forget to get in touch if you want to sell rather than buy. That's how our collection got to be this big in the first place - by buying back from other students.

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California Community Property Cases and Materials by Verrall, Harold E., Bird, G... ISBN: 9780314741127 List Price: $28.95
Property by Reeve, Andrew ISBN: 9780391034372 List Price: $18.50
Economic Analysis of Property Rights by Barzel, Yoram ISBN: 9780521364096 List Price: $44.95
Personal Property Law Text and Materials by Worthington, Sarah ISBN: 9781901362435 List Price: $1.40
Property Rights Cooperation, Conflict, and Law by Anderson, Terry Lee, McChes... ISBN: 9780691099972 List Price: $67.50
Idea of Property in Law by Penner, James E. ISBN: 9780198260295 List Price: $180.00
1991 Supplement to Cases and Materials on American Property Law by Kurtz, Sheldon F., Hovenkam... ISBN: 9780314899286 List Price: $12.50
Perspectives on Property Law by Ellickson, Robert C., Rose,... ISBN: 9781454848547 List Price: $44.25
Contemporary Property by Nelson, Grant S., Whitman, ... ISBN: 9780314204448
Consequences of Possession by Descheemaeker, Eric, Reid, ... ISBN: 9780748693641
Property : A Contemporary Approach by Sprankling, John G., Colett... ISBN: 9781634599665
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