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The childhood years of development and growth are vital to the long-term health of an individual. The lifestyle habits and practices picked up as child can become the normality for the remainder of a person's life. Childhood years are very informative and it is during that impressionable time that healthy lifestyle choices should be instilled. We have a fantastic range of cheap children's health textbooks for you to buy or rent which cover subjects ranging from nutrition or fitness and exercise. For the budding pediatricians, nutritionists, doctors, and teachers out there, the skills learnt about children's health will help you to encourage and further enhance the development of the next generation. Children often mimic the lifestyles that they see influential adults living, so leading by example is very important. Our new and pre-owned textbooks will guide you in how best to encourage children to live a healthier and as a result a happier life.

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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child 7e by Marotz, Lynn R. ISBN: 9781428320703 List Price: $154.95
Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children: Promoting Wellness (with MyEducationLab) by Sorte, Joanne, Daeschel, In... ISBN: 9780131381209 List Price: $100.00
Health, Safety, And Nutrition For The Young Child by Marotz, Lynn R., Cross, Mar... ISBN: 9781401837006 List Price: $146.95
All About Child Care by Segal, Marilyn ISBN: 9781879744066 List Price: $16.95
Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children by Marotz, Lynn R. ISBN: 9780827333666 List Price: $31.50
Pediatric Quick Reference Guide A Pocket Manual by Jenkins, James L., Jr. ISBN: 9780130601056 List Price: $23.95
Healthy and Sustainable Fundraising Activities : Mobilizing Your Community Toward Social Res... by De Marzo, Jenine, Gibbone, ... ISBN: 9781450412810 List Price: $20.00
Babies And Young Children in Care Life Pathways, Decision-making And Practice by Ward, Harriet, Munro, Emily... ISBN: 9781843102724 List Price: $85.00
Safety, Nutrition, & Health in Early Education by Robertson, Cathie ISBN: 9781418011628 List Price: $129.95
All About Child Care And Early Education A Comprehensive Resource for Child Care Professionals by Segal, Marilyn, Bardige, Be... ISBN: 9780205457892 List Price: $56.99
All about Child Care and Early Education by Segal, Marilyn M., Woika, M... ISBN: 9780205477814 List Price: $30.00
Politics of Australian Child Care Philanthropy to Feminism and Beyond by Brennan, Deborah ISBN: 9780521635103 List Price: $51.00
Healthy Young Child by Edelstein, Sari F. ISBN: 9780314041593 List Price: $35.50
Fitness for Life : Elementary School Classroom Guide by Lambdin, Dolly, Corbin, Cha... ISBN: 9780736086011 List Price: $49.00
Safety, Nutrition, and Health in Early Education by Robertson, Catherine, Rober... ISBN: 9781401812553 List Price: $98.95
Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child by Marotz, Lynn R., Cross, Mar... ISBN: 9780766809468 List Price: $151.95
Middle Childhood The Perspectives of Children and Parents by Borland, Moira ISBN: 9781853024726 List Price: $95.00
Statistical Field Theory by Pantell, Robert H. ISBN: 9780201488340 List Price: $45.00
Introduction to Early Childhood A Multidisciplinary Approach by Waller, Tim ISBN: 9781412910361 List Price: $35.95
Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child - Lynn R. Marotz - Paperback by Marotz, Lynn R., Rush, Jean... ISBN: 9780827320529 List Price: $25.95
Fitness for Life Elementary School Program Package by Corbin, Charles, Le Masurie... ISBN: 9780736083874 List Price: $599.00
Children and Exercise Xxv by Berthoin, Serge, Baquet, Ge... ISBN: 9780415575140
Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child by Marotz, Lynn R. ISBN: 9780827333673 List Price: $10.00
Fitness for Life: Elementary School Guide for Wellness Coordinators by Charles Corbin, Guy Le Masu... ISBN: 9780736087186 List Price: $39.00
Assessment and Management of Developmental Changes and Problems in Children by Powell, Marcene Lee ISBN: 9780801615207 List Price: $15.95
Overweight and Obesity in America's Children: Causes, Consequences, Solutions by Jordan, Amy B. ISBN: 9781412966849 List Price: $52.95
Literacy Lessons to Help Kids Get Fit & Healthy by Opitz, Michael, Davis-Duerr... ISBN: 9780545163248 List Price: $19.99
Child Health Guide Put Prevention Into Practice by Unknown ISBN: 9780788121845 List Price: $20.00
Paediatrics and Child Health by Levene, Malcolm I., Rudolf,... ISBN: 9780865429574 List Price: $52.95
Vaccine Anxieties by Leach, Melissa, Fairhead, J... ISBN: 9781844073702
Key Times a Framework for Developing High Quality Provision for Children from Birth to Three by Manning-Morton, Julia, Thor... ISBN: 9780335217656 List Price: $285.95
Overweight and Obesity in America's Children by Jordan, Amy B., Kaniss, Phy... ISBN: 9781412966856 List Price: $37.95
Health,safety+nutrition for Young Child by Marotz, Lynn R., Hill, Edna ISBN: 9780827372733 List Price: $42.95
Child Survival : Strategies for Research by Mosley, W. Henry, Chen, Lin... ISBN: 9780521301930 List Price: $95.00
Healthy Young Child by Houghton ISBN: 9780536635723 List Price: $41.00
How to Be an American Nanny by Unknown ISBN: 9780318654003
Young People Physical Activity and the Everyday : Living Physical Activity by Wright, Jan, MacDonald, Dou... ISBN: 9780415493130
Children and Exercise Xxvi by Armstrong, Neil, Williams, ... ISBN: 9780415578592
Wellness of Young Children by Ambery ISBN: 9781418012403
State of the World's Children : Excluded and Invisible by Moccia, Patricia, Anthony, ... ISBN: 9781422304266 List Price: $30.00
Child Health and Disease by Chakraborty, B. K. ISBN: 9780897713788
Children in Care : The Medical Contribution by Oxtoby, M. ISBN: 9780903534819
Trick Bag : A Handbook for Anyone Reaching Out to Kids by Karns, Michelle ISBN: 9780963653109
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