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Management of Child Development Centers (7th Edition) by Hearron, Patricia F., Hilde... ISBN: 9780137029440 List Price: $101.33
The Process of Parenting by Brooks, Jane B. ISBN: 9780073378763 List Price: $104.69
Working with Young Children by Herr, Ed.D., Judy, Judy ISBN: 9781605254364 List Price: $76.00
Administration of Programs for Young Children by Click, Phyllis M., Karkos, Kim ISBN: 9780495808985 List Price: $105.95
Parenting in Contemporary Society by Hamner, Tommie Jean, Turner... ISBN: 9780205379033 List Price: $75.60
Caring for Preschool Children by Koralek, Derry Gosselin, Do... ISBN: 9781879537750 List Price: $68.95
Developing And Administering a Child Care Education Program by Dorsey, Anne G., Sciarra, D... ISBN: 9781418001681 List Price: $83.95
Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting by Bigner, Jerry J. ISBN: 9780135002193 List Price: $96.67
Process of Parenting by Brooks, Jane B. ISBN: 9780073131450 List Price: $98.10
Caring for School-Age Children by Click, Phyllis, Parker, Jen... ISBN: 9781428318199 List Price: $109.95
Management of Child Development Centers by Hearron, Patricia F., Hilde... ISBN: 9780131712072 List Price: $96.67
Positive Child Guidance by Miller, Darla Ferris ISBN: 9781435418592 List Price: $101.95
Administration of Programs for Young Children by Karkos, Kimberly A., Click,... ISBN: 9781418037901 List Price: $105.95
20 Questions About Youth & the Media by Mazzarella, Sharon R. ISBN: 9780820463346 List Price: $42.95
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy A Step-By-Step Guide for Clinicians by Hembree-Kigin, Toni L., McN... ISBN: 9780306450242 List Price: $49.95
Guiding Young Children by Hearron, Patricia F., Hilde... ISBN: 9780135151648 List Price: $77.33
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Childhood and Society by Del Campo, Diana, Del Campo... ISBN: 9780078127571 List Price: $35.31
Coping Power by Lochman, John E., Wells, Ka... ISBN: 9780195327878 List Price: $57.95
Positive Child Guidance by Miller, Darla Ferris ISBN: 9781418030926 List Price: $97.95
Parenting in Contemporary Society by Hamner, Tommie J., Turner, ... ISBN: 9780205296460 List Price: $104.80
Annual Editions: Early Childhood Education 10/11 by Paciorek, Karen Menke ISBN: 9780078050671 List Price: $198.13
Parents and Their Children by Ryder, Verdene, Decker, Cel... ISBN: 9781590701164 List Price: $38.97
Working With Children from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds by Klein, M. Diane, Chen, Deborah ISBN: 9780766824065 List Price: $82.95
Brave New Stepfamilies Diverse Paths Toward Stepfamily Living by MacDonald, William L., Stew... ISBN: 9780761930235 List Price: $43.95
Growing Good Kids: 28 Original Activities to Enhance Self-Awareness, Compassion, and Leadership by Delisle, Deb, Lisovskis, Ma... ISBN: 9781575422770 List Price: $29.95
Parenting Rewards & Responsibilities by Hildebrand, Verna, McGraw-H... ISBN: 9780078690570 List Price: $57.76
Developing Child by Brisbane, Holly E. ISBN: 9780026427081 List Price: $66.64
Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education & Care by Nutbrown, Cathy ISBN: 9781412907170 List Price: $36.95
Children The Early Years by Decker, Celia Anita ISBN: 9781590705858 List Price: $61.28
Mothers and Children Feminist Analyses and Personal Narratives by Chase, Susan E., Rogers, Ma... ISBN: 9780813528762 List Price: $26.95
Power and Emotion in Infant-Toddler Day Care by Leavitt, Robin Lynn ISBN: 9780791418864 List Price: $29.95
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