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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Contemporary Approach by Musser, Gary L., Peterson, ... ISBN: 9780470531341 List Price: $151.95
Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary School Teachers (6th Edition) by Calvin T. Long, Duane W. De... ISBN: 9780321693129 List Price: $153.33
Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers by Charles, Randall, Cooney, T... ISBN: 9780321448040 List Price: $142.67
Guiding Children's Learning of Mathematics by Kennedy, Leonard M., Tipps,... ISBN: 9780495810971 List Price: $169.95
Elementary Math by Bahr, Damon L., DeGarcia, L... ISBN: 9780618928170 List Price: $142.95
Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century by Huetinck, Linda, Munshin, S... ISBN: 9780132281423 List Price: $132.40
Teaching Secondary Mathematics: Techniques and Enrichment Units by Posamentier, Alfred S., Smi... ISBN: 9780135000038 List Price: $126.00
A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers by Billstein, Rick, Libeskind,... ISBN: 9780321570550 List Price: $146.67
Horizons Mathematics Grade 4 Set by Unknown ISBN: 9780867178432 List Price: $71.95
Math and Science for Young Children by Charlesworth, Rosalind, Lin... ISBN: 9781428375864 List Price: $135.95
Progress in Mathematics by McDonnell, Rose Anita, Le T... ISBN: 9780821526132 List Price: $104.00
Mathematics Content for Elementary and Middle School Teachers by Ridener, Barbara, Fritzer, ... ISBN: 9780205407996 List Price: $42.00
Today's Mathematics: Concepts, Classroom Methods, and Instructional Activities by Heddens, James W., Brahier,... ISBN: 9780470286906 List Price: $152.95
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers by Burger, William F., Peterso... ISBN: 9780470105832 List Price: $160.95
Teaching Student-centered Mathematics Grades 5-8 by Van de Walle, John A., Lovi... ISBN: 9780205417971 List Price: $38.99
Elementary Mathematics for Teachers by Thomas H. Parker, Scott J. ... ISBN: 9780974814001
Mathematics: The earth below by Andie Rice ISBN: 9781583311868
Teaching Student-centered Mathematics Grades 5-8 by Van de Walle, John A., Lovi... ISBN: 9780205408443 List Price: $38.99
Math Elementary Teachers by Musser ISBN: 9780023847608
Teaching Mathematics to Middle School Students A Practical Guide by Krulik, Stephen, Rudnick, J... ISBN: 9780205343270 List Price: $81.60
GED Matematicas by Steck-Vaughn Staff ISBN: 9780739869147 List Price: $19.30
Math for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach, MP by Bennett, Albert B., Burton,... ISBN: 9780077297930 List Price: $155.94
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