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An operating system is the most important of all the software that runs on a computer. It manages all of the computer's memory, processes and all of its hardware and software, an provides services for computer programmes. Perhaps most importantly it allows you to communicate with your computer without having to know the computer's 'language'. Basically if your computer didn't have an operating system it would be useless. Computer operating textbooks will inform you about the various tasks that are performed and the reasons behind them. A good knowledge of computer operating systems can take you far in life as they are always in demand. When a computer goes wrong the majority of people don't know how to fix it. With a greater understanding of operating systems you will be in demand! Have a browse through our extensive range of cheap operating systems textbooks to find the textbooks that you need for your studies.

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Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz, Abraham, Bera... ISBN: 9780470128725 List Price: $156.95
Operating Systems Design And Implementation by Tanenbaum, Andrew S., Woodh... ISBN: 9780131429383 List Price: $146.00
Modern Operating Systems by Tanenbaum, Andrew S. ISBN: 9780136006633 List Price: $154.00
Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz, Abraham, Gagn... ISBN: 9781118112731 List Price: $156.95
UNIX The Textbook by Sarwar, Syed Mansoor, Koret... ISBN: 9780321227317 List Price: $108.00
Unix Unbounded by Afzal, Amir ISBN: 9780131194496 List Price: $121.00
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals by Microsoft Official Academic... ISBN: 9780470901823 List Price: $64.95
Unix for Programmers and Users by Ables, King, Glass, Graham ISBN: 9780130465535 List Price: $95.80
Just Enough Unix by Andersen, Paul K. ISBN: 9780072952971
Operating Systems: A Spiral Approach by Elmasri, Ramez, Carrick, A.... ISBN: 9780072449815 List Price: $155.00
Linux For Programmers And Users by Glass, Graham, Ables, King ISBN: 9780131857483 List Price: $99.80
Advanced Guide to Linux Networking And Security by Sawicki, Ed, Wells, Nicholas ISBN: 9781418835392 List Price: $120.95
Labwindows/cvi Prog.f/beginners-w/cd by Khalid, Shahid F. ISBN: 9780130165121 List Price: $52.50
GO! with Windows 7 Comprehensive by Gaskin, Shelley, Ferrett, R... ISBN: 9780132375757 List Price: $86.67
70-646 - Windows Server 2008 Administrator by Microsoft Official Academic... ISBN: 9780470875087 List Price: $181.95
Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification by Schitka, M. John, Eckert, J... ISBN: 9780619216214 List Price: $131.95
Operating Systems Principles by Bic, Lubomir F., Shaw, Alan C. ISBN: 9780130266118 List Price: $126.80
Unix and Shell Programming A Textbook by Forouzan, Behrouz A. ISBN: 9780534951597 List Price: $49.95
Operating Systems: A Systematic View (6th Edition) by William S. Davis, T.M. Rajk... ISBN: 9780321267511 List Price: $176.80
Operating Systems (3rd Edition) by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. D... ISBN: 9780131828278 List Price: $197.40
Operating System Concepts Essentials by Silberschatz, Galvin, Peter... ISBN: 9780470889206 List Price: $100.95
70-680 : Windows 7 Configuration, Textbook by Zacker, Microsoft Official ... ISBN: 9780470875094 List Price: $123.95
GO! with Windows 8 Introductory by Shelley Gaskin, Heddy Pritc... ISBN: 9780133028911 List Price: $85.67
Unix Programming Environment by Kernighan, Brian W., Pike, ... ISBN: 9780139376818 List Price: $60.00
98-362 - MTA Windows Developer Fundamentals by Microsoft Official Academic... ISBN: 9780470889138 List Price: $64.95
Networking Systems Design and Development by Chao, Lee ISBN: 9781420091595 List Price: $89.95
Guide to Operating Systems Security by Palmer, Michael J. ISBN: 9780619160401 List Price: $125.95
Osp An Environment for Operating System Projects by Kifer, Michael, Smolka, Sco... ISBN: 9780201548877 List Price: $32.00
Your UNIX The Ultimate Guide by Das, Sumitabha ISBN: 9780072520422 List Price: $111.25
Linux and Unix Programming Tools A Primer for Software Developers by Sarwar, Syed Mansoor, Al-Sa... ISBN: 9780201773453 List Price: $68.00
IC3 BASICS: Internet and Computing Core Certification by Ann Ambrose, Marly Bergerud... ISBN: 9780619186036 List Price: $129.95
Complete Guide to Servers and Server+ by Graves, Michael ISBN: 9781418020231 List Price: $112.95
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