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We can provide you with a choice of thousands of text books on this particular science subject. It couldn't be easier - or cheaper - to buy used chemistry textbooks to help you through college. We have books on clinical, environmental and inorganic elements of the subject, not to mention many others as well. As far as book titles are concerned, look for General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts; Principles of General Chemistry; General, Organic and Biological Chemistry; and Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications. Whenever you want affordable text books you need to look for them in pre-owned format. This means looking for them on our website because we buy back chemistry books of all descriptions as regularly as possible. Whenever you get the chance to buy back from us, make sure you do it. When you do you will save more cash because our prices have huge discounts built in.

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General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts by Raymond Chang, Kenneth Goldsby ISBN: 9780073402758
Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition by Janice Gorzynski Smith ISBN: 9780073375625
Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis by Wuts, Peter G. M., Greene, ... ISBN: 9780471697541 List Price: $120.00
Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students by Hill, Robert H., Finster, D... ISBN: 9780470344286 List Price: $69.95
General Chemistry: The Essentials Concepts by Raymond Chang ISBN: 9780073048512 List Price: $161.25
Organic Chemistry by Sorrell, Thomas N. ISBN: 9781891389382 List Price: $134.50
Advanced Organic Chemistry Reaction and Synthesis by Carey, Francis A., Sundberg... ISBN: 9780387683546 List Price: $59.95
Modern Physical Organic Chemistry by Anslyn, Eric, Anslyn, Eric ... ISBN: 9781891389313 List Price: $142.50
Physical Chemistry of Surfaces by Adamson, Arthur W., Gast, A... ISBN: 9780471148739 List Price: $169.00
The Logic of Chemical Synthesis by E. J. Corey, Xue-Min Cheng ISBN: 9780471115946 List Price: $127.00
Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds by Ernest L. Eliel, Samuel H. ... ISBN: 9780471016700 List Price: $220.00
Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry by Prichard, Elizabeth, Barwic... ISBN: 9780470012048 List Price: $79.00
Introduction to Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy by Unknown ISBN: 9781405109147 List Price: $80.00
Organic Chemistry of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions by Silverman, Richard B. ISBN: 9780126437317 List Price: $131.00
Environmental Organic Chemistry by Schwarzenbach, René P., Gsc... ISBN: 9780471357506 List Price: $132.00
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by F. Albert Cotton, Geoffrey ... ISBN: 9780471199571 List Price: $200.95
Bioinformatics A Practical Guide To The Analysis Of Genes And Proteins by Baxevanis, Andreas D., Ouel... ISBN: 9780471478782 List Price: $114.95
Chemistry by Chang, Raymond ISBN: 9780073301709 List Price: $201.75
The Chemical World: Activities and Explorations (Houghton Mifflin science program) by C. Leroy Darlington ISBN: 9780395240700 List Price: $42.96
Modern Physical Organic Chemisty by Sponsler, Michael B., Ansly... ISBN: 9781891389368 List Price: $62.00
Review of Organic Functional Groups : Introduction to Medicinal Organic Chemistry by Roche, Victoria F., Lemke, ... ISBN: 9781608310166 List Price: $49.95
Environmental Chemistry: A global perspective by Gary W. vanLoon, Stephen J.... ISBN: 9780199228867 List Price: $66.95
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith ISBN: 9780073026572 List Price: $188.20
Solutions to Exercises, Organic Chemistry by Sorrell, Thomas N. ISBN: 9781891389405 List Price: $62.50
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