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American Criminal Procedure : Investigative by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314199713 List Price: $143.00
Street Legal by Wallentine, Ken ISBN: 9781590318225
Criminal Law Handbook : Know Your Rights, Survive the System by Bergman, Paul, Berman, Sara ISBN: 9781413316209 List Price: $39.99
Investigative Criminal Procedure : A Contemporary Approach by Kamin, Sam, Bascuas, Ricard... ISBN: 9780314206466 List Price: $170.00
Casenotes Legal Briefs Criminal Procedure: Keyed to Kamisar Lafave Israel King & Kerr (Casen... by Casenotes Publishing Co., I... ISBN: 9780735584112 List Price: $35.95
Criminal Procedure by Levenson, Chemerinsky, Erwin ISBN: 9780735569645 List Price: $160.00
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication by Chemerinsky, Erwin, Levenso... ISBN: 9780735577879 List Price: $95.00
Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials by Goldberg, Stephen B., Roger... ISBN: 9780735564039 List Price: $141.00
Cases on Criminal Procedure by Bloom ISBN: 9780735591929 List Price: $67.95
Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice 2010 by Weinreb, Lloyd L. ISBN: 9781599418445 List Price: $83.00
Protective Security Law by Inbau, Fred E., Farber, Ber... ISBN: 9780750692793 List Price: $86.95
Criminal Procedure (7th ed) (LexisNexis) by Cook, Joseph G., Marcus, Pa... ISBN: 9781422470398
Casenote Legal Briefs Criminal Procedure: Keyed to Chemerinsky and Levenson by Casenotes Publishing Co., I... ISBN: 9780735578463 List Price: $38.95
Criminal Law and Procedure by Boyce, Ronald N., Dripps, D... ISBN: 9781599412481 List Price: $156.00
Criminal Procedures 2008 by Chemerinsky, Erwin, Levenso... ISBN: 9780735577886 List Price: $25.50
Understanding Criminal Procedure by Dressler, Joshua ISBN: 9780820554051 List Price: $30.00
Criminal Procedure II by Singer, Richard G. ISBN: 9780735568143 List Price: $44.95
Comprehensive Criminal Procedure by Allen, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780735546226 List Price: $125.00
Criminal Procedure: Laying down the Law by Brown, Robyn Scheina ISBN: 9780735573161 List Price: $33.95
Criminal Procedures: The Police, Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, 3E by Miller, Marc, Wright, Ronal... ISBN: 9780735569829 List Price: $99.00
Inside the Criminal Courts by Lynch, David R. ISBN: 9781594607448 List Price: $35.00
Criminal Procedure Investigation And Right To Counsel by Allen, Ronald Jay, Hoffmann... ISBN: 9780735551930 List Price: $124.00
American Criminal Procedure, Cases And Commentary by Saltzburg, Stephen A., Capr... ISBN: 9780314145345 List Price: $105.50
Criminal Procedure Principles, Policies and Perspectives by Dressler, Joshua, Thomas, G... ISBN: 9780314262578 List Price: $114.00
Inside Investigative Criminal Procedure: What Matters & Why by Cook ISBN: 9780735584259 List Price: $38.95
Criminal Procedure, Principles, Policies and Perspectives, 4th, (also Investigating Crime 4t... by Dressler, Joshua, Thomas, G... ISBN: 9780314274656 List Price: $33.00
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