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When you want to learn something about the law you need reliable text books to make the process easier. Buy cheap civil procedure textbooks from our collection today and have the reliability you need on this topic. Look out for affordable deals on all the books we have for you. These include Civil Procedure; Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals with CD; Emanuel Law Outlines: Civil Procedure; and Cases and Materials on California Civil Procedure (American Casebooks). These types of books can be notoriously expensive, but if you know where to look it can be easier than you think to get the cheapest offers. That's why we are here - to provide you with the most affordable deals on a wide range of discounted and pre-owned text books. Every aspect of law is challenging to get to grips with, especially if you want to become a lawyer. We help make it easier.

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Civil Procedure by Yeazell, Stephen C. ISBN: 9781454807100
Civil Procedure: A Coursebook by Glannon ISBN: 9780735597891 List Price: $179.00
Emanuel Law Outlines: Civil Procedure, 24th Edition by Emanuel, Steven ISBN: 9780735508118 List Price: $42.95
Civil Procedure by Glannon, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780735579545 List Price: $38.95
Fundamental Trial Advocacy, 2d by Rose, Charles H. ISBN: 9780314202833 List Price: $108.00
New York Practice by Siegel, David D. ISBN: 9780314278418 List Price: $77.00
Civil Procedure by Glannon, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780735570337 List Price: $46.95
Illustrated Guide to Civil Procedure by Allen, Michael, Finch, Michael ISBN: 9780735509535
Civil Procedure Cases Materials & Questions 5E 2008 by Freer, Richard D., Perdue, ... ISBN: 9781422407103 List Price: $136.00
Civil Procedure 7e by Yeazell, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780735569256 List Price: $160.00
Civil Procedure, A Contemporary Approach, 3D by Spencer, Benjamin ISBN: 9780314908643 List Price: $170.00
Civil Procedure 3e by Subrin, Stephen N. ISBN: 9780735570078 List Price: $160.00
Civil Litigation in New York by Chase, Oscar G., Barker, Ro... ISBN: 9780820570723 List Price: $129.00
Pleading and Procedure, State and Federal, Cases and Materials, 10th, 2010 Supplement by Hazard, Hazard, Geoffrey C.... ISBN: 9781599418094 List Price: $14.00
Basic Civil Litigation by Feuerhake, Herbert G. ISBN: 9780735558465 List Price: $94.95
Civil Procedure Yeazell 7th Edition Emanuel Law Outline by Cross, John T. ISBN: 9780735578821 List Price: $39.95
Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems, Fourth Edition by Babcock, Barbara Allen ISBN: 9780735582927 List Price: $161.00
Florida Civil Procedure Cases And Materials by Ramirez, Juan, Jr. ISBN: 9781594601323 List Price: $100.00
Civil Procedure, Part I (Law in a Flash) by Emanuel, Steven ISBN: 9780735551695 List Price: $36.95
Civil Procedure, Second Edition by Freer, Richard D. ISBN: 9780735578302 List Price: $66.00
Civil Procedure: Friedenthal Miller Sexton & Hershkoff 10e by Briefs, Casenote Legal ISBN: 9780735589421 List Price: $36.95
Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure (American Casebook Series) by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton ISBN: 9780314152312 List Price: $134.00
International Civil Litigation in United States Courts by Rutledge, Peter B., Born, G... ISBN: 9780735563070 List Price: $152.00
Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals 6e W/CD by Maerowitz, Marlene A. ISBN: 9780735568075 List Price: $128.95
Litigating in America Civil Procedure in Context by Subrin, Stephen, Woo, Marga... ISBN: 9780735552661 List Price: $40.00
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure...2005 by Yeazell, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780735551527 List Price: $35.50
Civil Procedure : Hazard Tait Fletcher and Bundy 10E by Casenotes ISBN: 9780735597631 List Price: $37.95
Civil Procedure I Law in a Flash by Emanuel, Steven ISBN: 9780735527294 List Price: $28.95
Inside Civil Procedure: What Matters and Why (Inside Series) by Erichson, Howard ISBN: 9780735564084 List Price: $38.95
Civil Procedure- Materials for a Basic Course, Concise 10th (University Casebooks) by Field, Richard H., Kaplan, ... ISBN: 9781609300111 List Price: $170.00
Class Action The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law by Bingham, Clara, Gansler, La... ISBN: 9780385496124 List Price: $27.50
Texas Civil Procedure : Trial and Appellate Practice by Dorsaneo, William V. ISBN: 9781422477694
Civil Procedure Cases And Problems by Babcock, Barbara Allen, Mas... ISBN: 9780735556201 List Price: $139.00
Siegel's Civil Procedure: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers by Siegel, Brian N. ISBN: 9780735578999 List Price: $30.95
Advocacy Case Files by Rose, Charles H. ISBN: 9780314268181 List Price: $33.00
Civil Procedure Examples And Explanations by Glannon, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780735555563 List Price: $41.95
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