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From backgammon to board games and gambling to general gaming of all kinds, you will always be able to seek out advice and input from us. Buy used games textbooks today and see which books have been much loved by other college students. We have The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Player's Guide; The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary; Resident Evil 4 (Wii Version); and Doyle Brunson's Super System II: A Course in Power Poker. With discounted deals on all kinds of books in this field you can get the assistance you need to get ahead with your chosen games. It's good to have some downtime from your studies at college. It is equally good to know you can look for affordable deals on these kinds of books here too. We know how important it is to enjoy college in every way, so you can even sell your games books back if you wish.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Player's Guide by Nintendo of America ISBN: 9781930206304
Sims 2 Box Set by Prima Games ISBN: 9780761557708 List Price: $24.99
Doyle Brunson's Super System II A Course In Power Poker by Brunson, Doyle ISBN: 9781580421362 List Price: $34.95
Doyle Brunson's Super System A Course in Power Poker by Brunson, Doyle ISBN: 9781580420815 List Price: $29.95
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Officical Game Guide by Prima Games ISBN: 9780761552765 List Price: $19.99
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, 2nd Edition by David "Zeb" Cook ISBN: 9780880387163 List Price: $20.00
Playing Video Games Motives, Responses, And Consequences by Vorderer, Peter, Bryant, Je... ISBN: 9780805853223 List Price: $75.95
Caro's Book of Poker Tells The Psychology and Body Language of Poker by Caro, Mike ISBN: 9781580420822 List Price: $24.95
Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players by Sklansky, David, Malmuth, M... ISBN: 9781880685228 List Price: $29.95
Psychology of Poker by Schoonmaker, Alan N. ISBN: 9781880685259 List Price: $24.95
Daniel Negreanu's Power Hold'em Strategy by Negreanu, Daniel ISBN: 9781580422048 List Price: $34.95
Poker Mindset Essential Attitudes for Poker Success by Taylor, Ian, Hilger, Matthew ISBN: 9780974150239 List Price: $24.95
Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century by Unknown ISBN: 9781587760495 List Price: $20.00
Zen and the Art of Poker Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game by Phillips, Larry W., Phillip... ISBN: 9780452281264 List Price: $14.00
Online Poker Your Guide To Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money by Brunson, Doyle ISBN: 9781580421324 List Price: $14.95
Tournament Poker & The Art Of War by Apostolico, David, Bloch, Andy ISBN: 9780818406478 List Price: $12.95
Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro by Matthew Hilger ISBN: 9780974150208 List Price: $29.95
World Poker Tour In The Money by Esfandiari, Antonio, Harman... ISBN: 9780060763053 List Price: $15.95
Poker Essays, Volume II by Malmuth, Mason, Sklansky, M... ISBN: 9781880685273 List Price: $24.95
Travel Puzzles & Games by Unknown ISBN: 9781407530598 List Price: $7.99
40th Annual World Series of Poker Offical Guidebook by Cardoza, Avery, Belsky, Ric... ISBN: 9781580422420
Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers by Guerrera, Tony ISBN: 9780818407239
Hunting Fish A Cross-country Search for America's Worst Poker Players by Greenspan, Jay ISBN: 9780312347840 List Price: $13.95
The Chronicles of Narnia 60th Anniversary Edition by Lewis, C. S., Baynes, Pauline ISBN: 9780061721083 List Price: $100.00
Internet Gaming Law by I. Nelson Rose, Martin D., ... ISBN: 9780913113363 List Price: $224.00
Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games by Martin Gardner ISBN: 9780883855454 List Price: $69.95
Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green by Mylonas, Eric ISBN: 9780761547082 List Price: $14.99
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook Core Rulebook 1 by Wizards of the Coast Staff ISBN: 9780786934324 List Price: $75.00
Official Scrabble Players Dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780877799290 List Price: $7.50
Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance Handbook by Boss, Derk J., Zajic, Alan W. ISBN: 9781420087826 List Price: $79.95
Art of Blizzard Entertainment by Coffey, Robert, Blizzard En... ISBN: 9781608870271
Pathological Gambling A Clinical Guide To Treatment by Grant, Jon E., Potenza, Mar... ISBN: 9781585621293 List Price: $68.00
Ancient Board Games in Perspective by Finkel, I. L. ISBN: 9780714111537 List Price: $100.00
Battletech A Time of War by Catalyst Game Labs Staff ISBN: 9781934857656 List Price: $49.99
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