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Valore Books gives you the chance to buy general textbooks online on the subject of construction. With several hundred titles available it couldn't be easier to get the cheapest discounted books you'll find anywhere today. Look for titles such as Principles of Foundation Engineering; Construction Management Fundamentals; Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design, and Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods. We have many other affordable and pre-owned titles to look for as well, so make sure you have the chance to get the best deals on either purchased or rented titles today. With prices discounted by massive percentages in many cases, it is simple to make your college budget go a lot further than it would otherwise. We buy back general construction books too so sell back here if you want to make some easy cash. It's the best way to ensure you only ever have the books you need to help you get through your college course.

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Foundation Design : Principles and Practices by Coduto, Donald P., Kitch, W... ISBN: 9780133411898 List Price: $226.40
Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings by Emmitt ISBN: 9781118255421 List Price: $44.95
Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings by Emmitt ISBN: 9781118255490 List Price: $49.95
Hempcrete Book : Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime by Sparrow, Alex, Stanwix, Wil... ISBN: 9780857842244
Rigidly Framed Earth Retaining Structures : Thermal Soil Structure Interaction of Buildings ... by Aboumoussa, Walid, Iskander... ISBN: 9783642546426 List Price: $179.00
Guideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope by American Society of Civil E... ISBN: 9780784413258
Tecniche Costruttive Murarie Medievali : La Sabina by De Meo, Mauro ISBN: 9788882653583
Estimating in Building Construction by Dagostino, Frank R., Peters... ISBN: 9780134701165
Offshore Operation Facilities : Equipment and Procedures by Fang, Huacan, Duan, Menglan ISBN: 9780123969774 List Price: $150.00
Modern Carpentry by Wagner, Willis H., Smith, H... ISBN: 9781631260834
Fundamentals of Residential Construction by Allen, Edward, Thallon, Rob... ISBN: 9781118977996 List Price: $125.00
Heating and Cooling Essentials by Killinger, Jerry, Crawshaw,... ISBN: 9781631260599
Modern Masonry : Brick, Block, Stone by Kicklighter, Clois E., Ande... ISBN: 9781631260957
Building Construction Handbook by Chudley, Roy, Greeno, Roger ISBN: 9781138907096
Manual of below-Grade Waterproofing by Henshell, Justin, Buccellat... ISBN: 9781138668195
Building Dynamics : Exploring Architecture of Change by Kolarevic, Branko, Parlac, ... ISBN: 9781138791022
Performance-Based Fire Safety Design by Hurley, Morgan J., Rosenbau... ISBN: 9781482246551
Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation : An Architect's Guide by Passe, Ulrike, Battaglia, F... ISBN: 9780415817776
Building Controls by American Technical Publishe... ISBN: 9780826920249
Evolving Fireground : Research-Based Tactics by Gray, Sean, Norwood, P. J. ISBN: 9781593704056
Building Construction Illustrated by Ching, Francis D. K. ISBN: 9781119583080 List Price: $52.00
Tools of the Trade : Firefighting Tools and Their Use by Fritz, Richard A., Ciampo, ... ISBN: 9781593703721
Quantity Surveyor's Pocket Book by Cartlidge, Duncan P. ISBN: 9781138698369
Bamboo Gridshells by Rockwood, David ISBN: 9781138795563
Large Floating Structures : Technological Advances by Wang, C. M., Wang, B. T. ISBN: 9789812871367 List Price: $179.00
Developing Firefighter Resiliency by Carpenter, Robert, Gillespi... ISBN: 9781593704209
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