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The history of planet earth is a complex mix of devastating, amazing and everything in between. It's not a secret that society and history is constantly molded and shaped by the many characters that make up the fabric of daily life. How amazing is it that you could be sitting at a ballgame in the summer sun and be surrounded all at once by a mix of heroes, scoundrels, innovators, entertainers, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and doctors? They all contribute to society's fabric in one way or another, affecting the way laws are developed, social norms are established, hopes formed and peace established. Social Studies textbooks will provide you all sorts of information on Social Studies, and just may reveal that a happy society is one in which people can save money! To keep the peace, we offer cheap college textbooks for those who could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets. Used textbooks are a great alternative to expensive new books found in campus bookstores. Plus, it is much more convenient to have your Social Studies textbooks delivered to your dorm room, apartment or home. Never in the history of the earth has it been exciting to stand in line for hours, waiting to purchase overpriced college textbooks. To find the book you are searching for, browse our extensive collection of Social Studies textbooks. Make sure the ISBN number for your assigned book, matches up with the book you have found in our catalog.

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Encyclopedia of China (Abridged,single-Volume Edition) by Editorial Board of Encyclop... ISBN: 9781614728849 List Price: $39.99
Trajectory of India's Middle Class : Economy, Ethics and Etiquette by Lobo, Lancy, Shah, Jayesh ISBN: 9781443872430
Under a Cloud of Rain by Baumann, A. R. ISBN: 9781941758342
Making Transgender Count by Currah, Paisley, Stryker, S... ISBN: 9780822368243 List Price: $12.00
Weight of All Flesh : On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy by Gooman, Kevis, Honig, Bonni... ISBN: 9780190254087 List Price: $29.95
Perspectives in Sociology by Cuff, E. C., Dennis, A. J.,... ISBN: 9781138793538
Unraveling : Central African Republic by Bleasdale, Marcus ISBN: 9780996391207 List Price: $50.00
Applications of ICT in Social Sciences by Boshkoska, Biljana Mileva ISBN: 9783631660171
Rule Britannia? Britain and Britishness 1707-1901 by Lindfield, Peter, Margrave,... ISBN: 9781443875301
Quarterly Essay 42 Fair Share : Country and City in Australia by Brett, Judith ISBN: 9781459692015 List Price: $18.99
It's Not My Fault They Print Them by Deveny, Catherine ISBN: 9781459692008 List Price: $24.99
Coping with Threatened Identities by Breakwell, Glynis M. ISBN: 9781138838581
Unleashing the Potential of Election Data by Brown, Michelle, Kreiger-Be... ISBN: 9780991014224
Fractured Identities by Bradley, Harriet ISBN: 9780745644073
Management in a Liquid Modern World by Bauman ISBN: 9781509502226
"No Answers, No Apology" : Police Abuses and Accountability in Malaysia by MuhammedAlly, Sahr, Human R... ISBN: 9781623131173
Suicide As a Dramatic Performance by Lester, David, Stack, Steven ISBN: 9781412856614
Homes of the World by Loewen, Nancy, Skelley, Paula ISBN: 9781491439302
Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook by Kallen, Stuart A. ISBN: 9781601528766
Sex Crime by Thomas, Terry ISBN: 9781138019447
What Is Groundhog Day? by Smith, Maximilian ISBN: 9781482438338
Anthropology Unbound : A Field Guide to the 21st Century by Durrenberger, E. Paul, Erem... ISBN: 9780190269029
Paid Work Beyond Pension Age : Comparative Perspectives by Scherger, Simone ISBN: 9781137435132
Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art by Ross, Jeffrey Ian ISBN: 9781138792937
Management in a Liquid Modern World by Bauman ISBN: 9781509502219
Remedy by Williams, Williams, Williams ISBN: 9780990623229
Contemporary Terror : Studies in Sub-State Violence by Carlton, David, Schaerf, Carlo ISBN: 9781138916647
NGO Governance and Management in China by Hasmath, Reza, Hsu, Jennife... ISBN: 9781138909977
European Social Model Adrift Europe Social Cohesion and the Economic Crisis by Gabriella Punzia, Serena Ro... ISBN: 9781472454454 List Price: $119.95
Brain Beat : A Scientific and Evolutionary Perspective of Brain Health by Hoffmann, Michael ISBN: 9781681397399 List Price: $14.95
Remember the Wisdom That Progress Forgot : 2nd Edition by Pinkson, Tomas, Zanelanga, ... ISBN: 9780996356107 List Price: $19.95
Sociology of Deviance : Differences, Tradition, and Stigma by Franzese, Robert J. ISBN: 9780398090791
Rumor, Fear and the Madness of Crowds by Chaplin, J. P. ISBN: 9780486795454 List Price: $9.95
'Iwa, the Hawaiian Legend by Varez, Dietrich, Varez, Die... ISBN: 9780912180724
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