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Promise of the Land : A Passover Haggadah by Bernstein, Ellen, Goodman, ... ISBN: 9780874419795
Gregory of Nyssa's Tabernacle Imagery in Its Jewish and Christian Contexts by Conway-Jones, Ann ISBN: 9780198715399 List Price: $105.00
Encountering the Stranger : A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue by Grob, Leonard, Roth, John K. ISBN: 9780295992020 List Price: $30.00
On the Origins Of Jewish Self-Hatred by Reitter, Paul ISBN: 9780691119229
Between State and Synagogue : The Secularization of Modern Israel by Ben-Porat, Guy ISBN: 9781107003446 List Price: $85.00
Encountering the Stranger : A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue by Grob, Leonard, Roth, John K. ISBN: 9780295992013 List Price: $70.00
Gender and Timebound Commandments in Judaism by Alexander, Elizabeth Shanks ISBN: 9781107035560 List Price: $99.00
Urban Origins of American Judaism by Moore, Deborah Dash ISBN: 9780820346823
Debating Truth : The Barcelona Disputation of 1263: A Graphic History by Caputo, Nina, Clarke, Liz ISBN: 9780190226367
Who Will Lead Us? : The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America by Heilman, Samuel C., Heilman... ISBN: 9780520277236
C�bala : La Psicolog�a Del Misticismo Jud�o by Saban Cu�o, Mario Javier ISBN: 9788499884875
Myth of the Cultural Jew : Culture and Law in Jewish Tradition by Kwall, Roberta Rosenthal ISBN: 9780195373707
Studying Hasidism : Sources, Methods, Perspectives by Wodzinski, Marcin, Cooper, ... ISBN: 9781978804210
Gershom Scholem : An Intellectual Biography by Engel, Amir ISBN: 9780226428635
When the State Winks - the Performance of Jewish Conversion in Israel by Kravel-tovi, Michal ISBN: 9780231183246 List Price: $65.00
Modern Conservative Judaism : Evolving Thought and Practice by Dorff, Elliot N. ISBN: 9780827613102
Jewish Home : A Guide for Jewish Living by Syme, Daniel B. ISBN: 9780874419887
Arabic Translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch by Shehadeh, Haseeb ISBN: 9789652081575
Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed : A Philosophical Guide by Ivry, Alfred L. ISBN: 9780226395128
How the Rabbis Changed Judaism by Drazin, Israel ISBN: 9789652298867 List Price: $24.95
Early Judaism : New Insights and Scholarship by Greenspahn, Frederick E. ISBN: 9781479809905
Most Reliable Witness : Essays in Honor of Ross Shepard Kraemer by Harvey, Susan Ashbrook ISBN: 9781930675940
Samawal Al-Maghribi's (D. 570/1175) Ifham Al-Yahud : The Early Recension by Maghribi, al-Samawal ibn Yahy� ISBN: 9783447052849
Velizh Affair : Ritual Murder in a Russian Border Town by Avrutin, Eugene M. ISBN: 9780190640521 List Price: $34.95
Geschichte der Christlichen Kabbala by Schmidt-Biggemann, Wilhelm ISBN: 9783772825415
Jewish Renewal in Israel : Spiritualizing Self and Community by Werczberger, Rachel ISBN: 9781433117558
Early Judaism : New Insights and Scholarship by Greenspahn, Frederick E. ISBN: 9781479896950
Gender in Judaism and Islam : Common Lives, Uncommon Heritage by Kashani-Sabet, Firoozeh, We... ISBN: 9781479853267 List Price: $79.00
Scripture and Interpretation : Qumran Texts That Rework the Bible by Feldman, Ariel, Goldman, Li... ISBN: 9783110302981
Touching History : Memoirs of Rabbi Sholom Gold by Gold, Sholom ISBN: 9789652296399
Sharing the Burden : Rabbi Simhah Zissel Ziv and the Path of Musar by Claussen, Geoffrey D. ISBN: 9781438458359
Mishkan HaNefesh : [Mahzor Le-Yamim Noraim]: Machzor for the Days of Awe by Goldberg, Edwin C., Marder,... ISBN: 9780881232455
Body and Its Symbolism : A Kabbalistic Approach by de Souzenelle, Annick, Chap... ISBN: 9780835609326
Yerushalmi Nezikin by Rosenthal, David, Lieberman... ISBN: 9789652081766
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