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When you get into the area of general textbooks on a particular subject, you can usually expect to find plenty of them to choose from. Here you can buy cheap general textbooks on political science and the political process itself. With fascinating titles including Democracy for the Few and A More Perfect Union, it becomes easier to see why American students come to our site for the cheapest deals. We also stock discounted copies of titles such as The Rhetoric of Agitation and Control, not to mention Classics of Moral and Political Theory. With superb titles from authors including Michael Parenti, Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson, you can learn more about political science than ever before. Rent used general textbooks on this topic today and become the next American student to save a considerable amount of money. Why get full priced books when you can buy general textbooks online here and now?

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Presidential Campaign Communication by Smith, Craig Allen ISBN: 9780745680224
Candidates, Campaigns and Elections : Projects - Activities - Literature Links by Scher, Linda, Johnson, Mary... ISBN: 9780545454643 List Price: $12.99
Civic Patronage in the Roman Empire by Nicols, John ISBN: 9789004214668 List Price: $162.00
Political Communication in China by Tang, Wenfang, Iyengar, Shanto ISBN: 9780415522663
Etica pubblica e Religioni : Centro Internazionale di Studi sul Religioso Contemporaneo - Un... by Scotti, Simona, Zarate Vida... ISBN: 9788856401646 List Price: $40.00
Latino Politics en Ciencia Pol�tica : The Search for Latino Identity and Racial Consciousness by Affigne, Tony, Hu-DeHart, E... ISBN: 9780814763797 List Price: $89.00
Zwischen Pragmatik und Performanz : Dimensionen Mittelalterlicher Schriftkultur by Dartmann, Christoph, Scharf... ISBN: 9782503541372
Louis XIV Outside In : The Image of the Sun King in the British Isles and the Dutch Republic by Claydon, Tony, Levillain, C... ISBN: 9781472431264 List Price: $124.95
Political Communication in the Republic of Ireland by O'Brien, Mark, � Beach�in, ... ISBN: 9781781381489
Political Leadership in a Global Age : The Experiences of France and Norway by Daloz, Jean-Pascal, Balders... ISBN: 9781138708235
Power, Policy and Profit : Corporate Engagement in Politics and Governance by Garsten, Christina, S�rbom,... ISBN: 9781784711207
First among Unequals : The Premier, Politics, and Policy in Newfoundland and Labrador by Marland, Alex, Kerby, Matthew ISBN: 9780773543447 List Price: $100.00
First among Unequals : The Premier, Politics, and Policy in Newfoundland and Labrador by Marland, Alex, Kerby, Matthew ISBN: 9780773543454 List Price: $29.95
Political Communication in the ERA of New Technologies by Dobek-Ostrowska, Bogusawa, ... ISBN: 9783631644119
Charlemagne's Practice of Empire by Davis, Jennifer R. ISBN: 9781107434134 List Price: $37.99
Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy by Altman, David ISBN: 9781108496636 List Price: $105.00
Protests As Events : Politics, Activism and Leisure by Lamond, Ian R., Spracklen, ... ISBN: 9781783480760
International Perspectives on Pragmatism by Unknown ISBN: 9781443801942
Ethnopoetics and Transformative Spaces Lived Geographies of Change Space and Emotion by Aitken, Stuart C. ISBN: 9781472400000 List Price: $109.95
Internet and Democracy in Luso-African Countries by Salgado, Susana ISBN: 9781409472933 List Price: $109.95
Internet and Democracy in Luso-African Countries by Salgado, Susana ISBN: 9781409436577 List Price: $109.95
How We Are Governed : Investigations of Communication, Media and Democracy by Dearman, Philip, Greenfield... ISBN: 9781443854061
Trouble with History : Morality, Revolution, and Counterrevolution by Michnik, Adam, Grudzinska G... ISBN: 9780300212624 List Price: $17.00
Parliamentary Discourses Across Cultures : Interdisciplinary Approaches by Ionescu-Rux�ƒndoiu, Li... ISBN: 9781443841979
Indifference to Difference : On Queer Universalism by Menon, Madhavi ISBN: 9780816695904
Society and Democracy in Europe by Keil, Silke I., Gabriel, Os... ISBN: 9781138830233
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