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Where would the world be without nurses? Throughout history, they have been unsung heroes that have cared for our soldiers and nurtured our families. Nurses are as tough as nails while possessing the unique ability to soothe those who need it most. For example, Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in history, was so bold that she nearly reformed the whole British military health system. Also, very few know that Walt Whitman was a volunteer nurse who gave his all during the Civil War to nurture soldiers. The same is true with Mary Todd Lincoln; she was a nurse during the Civil War, helping soldiers find health. For today's aspiring nurses or registered nurses in continuing education, we offer a wide variety of used Nursing textbooks including Fundamentals of Nursing, Child Care Nursing, Maternal-Newborn Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Respiratory Nursing and more. By shopping with us online, we will save you money on college textbooks and send them directly to your home. No more college bookstore lines! Instead, enjoy a few extra hours with friends or take a much needed breather. Our used books are in great condition and easy to browse. Search now for the Nursing textbooks you are looking for by author, title and/or ISBN number.

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Nurse Apprentice, 1860-1977 by Bradshaw, Ann ISBN: 9781138257474
Nurses by Arnold, Quinn M. ISBN: 9781608188741
Community As Partner : Theory and Practice in Nursing by Franicis, Karen, Chapman, Y... ISBN: 9781920994518 List Price: $69.55
Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing by Mensik, Jennifer, Sigma The... ISBN: 9781945157257
Understanding the Essentials of Critical Care Nursing by Perrin, Kathleen Ouimet, Ma... ISBN: 9780134528908
Nursing Science : Matter and Energy in the Human Body by Hickman, Ray, Caon, Martin ISBN: 9780732901912
301 Careers in Nursing by Fitzpatrick, Joyce J., Ea, ... ISBN: 9780826133069
Using Nursing Research to Shape Health Policy by Grady, Patricia A., Hinshaw... ISBN: 9780826170101
Medical Care in the Nursing Home : A Clinical Guide by O'Neill, Joy ISBN: 9781118450376 List Price: $65.00
Boost Your Nursing Leadership Career : 50 Lessons That Drive Success by White, Kenneth, Fontaine, D... ISBN: 9781567938869 List Price: $44.00
Curriculum Guide for Schools of Nursing by National League of Nursing ... ISBN: 9780598622877 List Price: $200.00
Unity of Nursing Care : A Report of a Project to Study the Integration of Social Science and... by Unity of nursing care, Giff... ISBN: 9780598621719 List Price: $59.60
Formal Education and the Process of Professionalization : A Study of Student Nurses by McPartland, Thomas S. ISBN: 9780598762672 List Price: $32.00
Critical Analysis of the Content of Psychology As Taught in Schools of Nursing by McLaughlin, Carmella, Sister ISBN: 9780598764010 List Price: $30.00
Survey of Nursing Education in Canada by Weir, George Moir ISBN: 9780598770042 List Price: $184.50
Position of the Lay Graduate Nurse in Accredited Catholic School of Nursing by Lefrois, Leona, Sister ISBN: 9780598770585 List Price: $30.00
Nursing As a Profession by Brown, Esther Lucile ISBN: 9780598721891 List Price: $46.50
Study of Content and Achievement in the Chemistry Course for Nurses by Sheehy, Mary Maurice, Sister ISBN: 9780598733375 List Price: $30.00
Standard Curriculum for Schools of Nursing : Prepared by the Committee of Education, 1915-1917 by National League of Nursing ... ISBN: 9780598731975 List Price: $59.60
Emotional Factors in Public Health Nursing by Wisconsin State Board of He... ISBN: 9780598743930 List Price: $56.20
Nursing Departmental Chairman in the Liberal Arts College : A Comparative Study of the Liber... by Bergeron, Rita Marie ISBN: 9780598711090 List Price: $75.10
Nursing Life and Discipline by Bevington, Sheila Macfarlane ISBN: 9780598755506 List Price: $31.40
Cardiovascular Disease Nursing : Proceedings of the Workshop by Catholic University of Amer... ISBN: 9780598884145 List Price: $85.00
Dynamics of Clinical Instruction in Nursing Education by Gabig, Mary Grace, Lanigan,... ISBN: 9780598888488 List Price: $87.80
Evaluation in Basic Nursing Education by Tschudin, Mary Stickels ISBN: 9780598840325 List Price: $99.20
Analytical Study of Content and Achievement in the History of Nursing Course by Desch, Digna ISBN: 9780598850041 List Price: $30.00
Aims of Nursing Administration by Olivia, M, Sister ISBN: 9780598855022 List Price: $30.00
High-Acuity Nursing by Wagner, Kathleen, Hardin-Pi... ISBN: 9780134459295
Resource for Nurse Anesthesia Educators by Henrichs, Bernadette, Thomp... ISBN: 9780982991251
Fast Facts for the Clinical Nursing Instructor : Clinical Teaching in a Nutshell by Kan, Eden Zabat, Stabler-Ha... ISBN: 9780826140074
Nursing Practice : Knowledge and Care by Peate, Ian, Wild, Karen ISBN: 9781119237471 List Price: $55.99
B and S Handbook Lab Diagnostic Tests by Hinkle ISBN: 9781496355119
Nursing Facts by Lippincott Williams and Wi... ISBN: 9781496372789 List Price: $32.99
Infusion Therapy by Lippincott Williams and Wil... ISBN: 9781496355010 List Price: $50.99
Nurse, Come You Here! : More True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle by MacLeod, Mary J. ISBN: 9781628728996 List Price: $16.99
21st Century Nursing Leadership by Gullatte, Mary Magee, Oncol... ISBN: 9781635930047
Nurses by Less, Emma ISBN: 9781681522791
Nurses by Less, Emma ISBN: 9781681512976
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