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Buy used books and reading textbooks today and expand the knowledge you already have on the subject of literary criticism. We have a couple hundred books on this topic on a regular basis, and we're constantly adding more to our collection so you'll always have more to look through. Our collection often contains books such as Exploring Literature Writing and Arguing About Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay, and other examples too such as Ways of Reading. If you have several books you'd like to buy you'll probably find much cheaper options at Valore Books than you would by going elsewhere and buying newer copies. Our selection of pre-owned textbooks is bigger than you'd believe, providing you with affordable deals of all kinds. Try our marketplace now and unlock the best and biggest discounted prices we can offer. When you know how cheap we are, you'll know how many books you can buy.

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Thoughtful Reader by Fjeldstad, Mary C. ISBN: 9780155070592 List Price: $57.95
Literature and the Young Adult Reader by Bond, Ernest L. ISBN: 9780131116955 List Price: $38.00
A Short Course in Teaching Reading Skills by Mikulecky, Beatrice S. ISBN: 9780131363854 List Price: $54.67
Reading Lessons An Introduction to Theory by Carpenter, Scott ISBN: 9780130211002 List Price: $56.20
Best Books for Middle School And Junior High Readers, Supplement to the First Edition Grades... by Gillespie, John T., Barr, C... ISBN: 9781591584117 List Price: $40.00
Power of Reading Insights from the Research by Krashen, Stephen D. ISBN: 9781591581697 List Price: $27.00
Reading Matters What the Research Reveals About Reading, Libraries, and Community by Ross, Catherine Sheldrick, ... ISBN: 9781591580669 List Price: $35.00
Religious Reading The Place of Reading in the the Practice of Religion by Griffiths, Paul J. ISBN: 9780195125771 List Price: $95.00
Best Books for Children Supplement to the Seventh Edition Preschool Through Grade 6 by Gillespie, John T., Barr, C... ISBN: 9781591580829 List Price: $40.00
Critical Reading in the Content Areas 04/05 by Moss, Glenda ISBN: 9780072970739
History of Reading in the West by Cavallo, Guglielmo, Chartie... ISBN: 9781558492134 List Price: $45.00
Best Books for Building Literacy for Elementary School Children by Gunning, Thomas G. ISBN: 9780205286256 List Price: $46.99
What Every Student Should Know about Reading a Novel by Pearson Staff, Bonilla, Paula ISBN: 9780205870523 List Price: $13.40
Socratic Seminars and Literature Circles for Middle and High School English by Moeller, Marc V., Moeller, ... ISBN: 9781930556225 List Price: $29.95
College Reading With the Active Critical Thinking Method by Maker, Janet, Lenier, Minnette ISBN: 9780155066441 List Price: $72.95
Women's Nonfiction: A Guide to Reading Interests (Real Stories) by Zellers, Jessica ISBN: 9781591586586 List Price: $55.00
Shakespeare's Reading by Miola, Robert S. ISBN: 9780198711698 List Price: $45.00
Real Story A Guide to Nonfiction Reading Interests by Cords, Sarah Statz ISBN: 9781591582830 List Price: $55.00
Inscription and Erasure: Literature and Written Culture from the Eleventh to the Eighteenth ... by Chartier, Roger, Goldhammer... ISBN: 9780812220469 List Price: $24.95
Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds by Sova, Dawn B., Wachsberger,... ISBN: 9780816062720 List Price: $55.00
Reader's Adviser The Best in Philosophy and Religion by Sader, Marion ISBN: 9780835233248 List Price: $130.00
Talk About Books A Guide for Book Clubs, Literature Circles, and Discussion Groups, Grades 4-8 by Knowles, Elizabeth, Smith, ... ISBN: 9781591580232 List Price: $34.00
Guides to Collection Development for Children and Young Adults by Gillespie, John T., Folcare... ISBN: 9781563085321 List Price: $44.00
In the Circumstances About Poems and Poets by Robinson, Peter ISBN: 9780198112488 List Price: $188.00
Evolution of the Book by Kilgour, Frederick G. ISBN: 9780195118599 List Price: $55.00
Ways of Reading An Anthology for Writers by Bartholomae, David, Petrosk... ISBN: 9780312409951 List Price: $59.25
Dangerous Men & Adventurous Women Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance by Krentz, Jayne Ann ISBN: 9780812214116 List Price: $19.95
Edge of the Precipice : Why Read Literature in the Digital Age? by Socken, Paul ISBN: 9780773542501 List Price: $19.95
Book The Life Story Of A Technology by Howard, Nicole ISBN: 9780313330285 List Price: $46.95
Hillaire Belloc's Prefaces: Written for Fellow Authors by De Chantigny, J. A., Hollis... ISBN: 9780829402094 List Price: $10.00
Dictionary of Literary Influences The Twentieth Century, 1914-2000 by Powell, John ISBN: 9780313317842 List Price: $120.95
Edge of the Precipice : Why Read Literature in the Digital Age? by Socken, Paul ISBN: 9780773541788 List Price: $29.95
History of the Book in 100 Books by Cave, Roderick ISBN: 9781770854062 List Price: $35.00
Literature for Today's Young Adults by Nilsen, Alleen P., Donelson... ISBN: 9780673384003 List Price: $56.00
Content Reading+literacy by Alvermann, Donna E., Phelps... ISBN: 9780205270118 List Price: $63.75
Fantasy Literature For Children And Young Adults A Comprehensive Guide by Lynn, Ruth N. ISBN: 9781591580508 List Price: $67.00
Vigny : "Chatterton" by Buss, Robin ISBN: 9780729301701
Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds by Sova, Dawn B. ISBN: 9780816082292 List Price: $60.00
CT Strategy and Practice for Reading by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030740992 List Price: $12.80
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