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If you are studying history and you are focusing on the United States, you will no doubt be interested in our selection of books focusing on the 20th century. Indeed, you can buy cheap 20th century textbooks right now for a fraction of the usual price. Look for discounted titles including Crisis in American Institutions, Common Culture, Mirror on America: Essays and Images from Popular Culture, and On the Edge: The United States in the Twentieth Century. These represent just a few of the affordable titles from the hundreds we have in stock at any one time. Consider the option to rent used 20th century textbooks as well, as this may suit you better. You can sell your 20th century books back if you wish, using our buyback facility. It couldn't be easier to make the most of our site. Buy affordable titles now and enjoy lower prices than you'e ever paid before.

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Common Culture (7th Edition) by Petracca, Michael F., Sorap... ISBN: 9780205171781 List Price: $74.67
'sixties by Rosenberg, Norman L. ISBN: 9780130983497 List Price: $26.67
Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 A Brief History With Documents by Polenberg, Richard ISBN: 9780312133108 List Price: $11.91
Twentieth Century America A Brief History by Reeves, Thomas C. ISBN: 9780195044843 List Price: $45.95
Age of McCarthyism A Brief History With Documents by Schrecker, Ellen W. ISBN: 9780312393199 List Price: $17.05
Lyndon B. Johnson and the Transformation of American Politics by Bullion, John L., Carnes, M... ISBN: 9780321383259 List Price: $23.20
Moving On by Moss, George ISBN: 9780205692859 List Price: $76.93
Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns, 1952-2008 by West, Darrell M. ISBN: 9780872897786 List Price: $41.95
America Divided The Civil War of the 1960s by Isserman, Maurice, Kazin, M... ISBN: 9780195319866 List Price: $49.95
Legacy of Innovation: Governors and Public Policy by Sribnick, Ethan ISBN: 9780812240955 List Price: $47.50
Mickey Mouse History and Other Essays on American Memory by Wallace, Mike ISBN: 9781566394451 List Price: $29.95
American Politics in the Media Age - Thomas R. Dye - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Dye, Thomas R., Zeigler, L.... ISBN: 9780534055981 List Price: $17.75
Great War+search F/modern Order by Hawley, Ellis W. ISBN: 9780312036355 List Price: $22.95
America Views the Holocaust, 1933-1945 A Brief Documentary History by Abzug, Robert H. ISBN: 9780312133931 List Price: $15.95
Depression and New Deal A History in Documents by McElvaine, Robert ISBN: 9780195166361 List Price: $24.95
Liberalism and Its Challengers From F.D.R. to Bush by Hamby, Alonzo L. ISBN: 9780195070309 List Price: $49.95
Sixties Papers Documents of a Rebellious Decade by Albert, Judith C., Albert, ... ISBN: 9780275917814 List Price: $39.95
The Wadsworth Themes American Literature Series, Volume V: 1945-Present, Th by Parini, Jay, Hart, Henry ISBN: 9781428262522 List Price: $10.95
The Wadsworth Themes American Literature Series, Volume V: 1945-Present, Th by Parini, Jay, Hart, Henry ISBN: 9781428262539 List Price: $10.95
The Wadsworth Themes American Literature Series, Volume V: 1945-Present, Th by Parini, Jay, Hart, Henry ISBN: 9781428262492 List Price: $10.95
Politics of Women's Rights Parties, Positions, and Change by Wolbrecht, Christina ISBN: 9780691048574 List Price: $24.95
Gilded Age Or, the Hazard of New Functions by Summers, Mark W. ISBN: 9780135766798 List Price: $79.40
American Nation in the Twentieth Century by Boyer, Paul ISBN: 9780030506741 List Price: $84.40
The Harlem Renaissance: A Brief History with Documents by Ferguson, Jeffrey Brown ISBN: 9780312410759 List Price: $15.95
United States Since 1945 Historical Interpretations by Rossinow, Douglas C., Lowen... ISBN: 9780131840331 List Price: $52.60
The Sixties by Unger, Irwin ISBN: 9780132069557 List Price: $48.20
Profession Development Ancillary-Pop Culture Zone by Smith, Richard G., Bobbitt,... ISBN: 9781428231016
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in United States History since 1945 by Madaras, Larry ISBN: 9780073515199 List Price: $35.31
John F. Kennedy and a New Generation by Burner, David ISBN: 9780205603459 List Price: $23.60
Recent America: The United States Since 1945 by Grantham, Dewey, Maxwell-Lo... ISBN: 9780882952765 List Price: $45.95
Speaking Out: Activism and Protest in the 1960's and 1970's by Thompson, Heather ISBN: 9780131942141 List Price: $46.80
America in the Great War The Rise of the War Welfare State by Schaffer, Ronald ISBN: 9780195049046 List Price: $50.00
Making Peace With the 60s by Burner, David ISBN: 9780691059532 List Price: $31.95
All the Presidents' Spokesmen by Klein, Woody ISBN: 9780275990985 List Price: $55.00
America Since 1900 by Moss, George Donelson, Thom... ISBN: 9780131593077 List Price: $91.40
American Perspectives Readings on Contemporary U.S. Culture by Hildebrand, Colleen, Earle-... ISBN: 9780201520750 List Price: $34.33
Celebrity Politics by West, Darrell M., Orman, Jo... ISBN: 9780130943255 List Price: $38.60
Sense and Non-Sense American Culture and Politics by Wray, J. Harry ISBN: 9780130833433 List Price: $31.20
Perspectives on Modern America Making Sense of the Twentieth Century by Sitkoff, Harvard ISBN: 9780195128659 List Price: $39.95
Rethinking the New Deal Court The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution by Cushman, Barry ISBN: 9780195120431 List Price: $45.00
Transformation and Reaction America 1921-1945 by Jeansonne, Glen ISBN: 9780065001426 List Price: $69.00
On Modern Jewish Politics by Mendelsohn, Ezra ISBN: 9780195083194 List Price: $50.00
Commonwealth of Hope The New Deal Response to Crisis by Lawson, Alan ISBN: 9780801884078 List Price: $27.00
On Modern Jewish Politics by Mendelsohn, Ezra ISBN: 9780195038644 List Price: $60.00
The Wadsworth Themes American Literature Series, Volume IV: 1910-1945 Theme by Parini, Jay, Cutter, Martha ISBN: 9781428262560
Mobilization, Participation, and Democracy in America by Rosenstone, Steven J., Hans... ISBN: 9780321121868 List Price: $61.40
On the Edge With Infotrac The U.S. Since 1945 by Horowitz, David A., Carroll... ISBN: 9780534571870 List Price: $123.95
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