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If you have ever been to either Austria or Hungary you will know they are wonderful countries to visit, with many places to explore. However history has changed these countries into what they are today, so you can enjoy learning more about it if you buy cheap Austria and Hungary textbooks from us here. Look for Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat; The Army of Francis Joseph; The State Against Society: Political Crises and Their Aftermath in East Central Europe; and many others as well. Whether you are looking specifically for information on one country or the other (or both) we have affordable prices for all our pre-owned text books. College students across America will find it easier than ever to rent or buy used Austria and Hungary textbooks to support their studies. Whenever you use Valore Books you will see how easily you can save money and get the books you need.

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Habsburg Monarchy 1618-1815 by Ingrao, Charles W., Beik, W... ISBN: 9780521785051 List Price: $32.99
History of the Habsburg Empire 1526-1918 by Kann, Robert A. ISBN: 9780520042063 List Price: $28.95
One Day That Shook the Communist World by Lendvai, Paul ISBN: 9780691132822
Europe's Classical Balance of Power by Gulick, Edward Vose ISBN: 9780393004137 List Price: $10.00
Staging the Past The Politics of Commemoration in Habsburg Central Europe, 1848 to the Present by Bucur, Maria, Wingfield, Na... ISBN: 9781557531612 List Price: $28.95
Austria's Wars of Emergence War, State and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy 1683-1797 by Hochedlinger, Michael ISBN: 9780582290846 List Price: $42.40
Introducing Austria A Short History by Johnson, Lonnie R. ISBN: 9780929497037 List Price: $14.95
Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire, 1815-1918 by Sked, Alan ISBN: 9780582356665 List Price: $34.20
Hungarians A Thousand Years Of Victory In Defeat by Lendvai, Paul, Decker, Jeff... ISBN: 9780691119694 List Price: $29.95
Land and Lordship: Structures of Governance in Medieval Austria by Brunner, Otto, Kaminsky, Ho... ISBN: 9780812281835 List Price: $55.00
Venice, Austria and the Turks in the Seventeenth Century by Setton, Kenneth M. ISBN: 9780871691927 List Price: $25.00
1956 Hungarian Revolution: A History in Documents (National Security Archive Cold War Readers) by Bekes, Csaba, Byrne, Malcom... ISBN: 9789639241480 List Price: $67.95
The War of Austrian Succession 1740-1748 by Anderson, M. S. ISBN: 9780582059511 List Price: $206.40
Crisis of Austrian Socialism by Rabinbach, Anson ISBN: 9780226701219 List Price: $22.00
Northern Hungary by Kostya, Sandor A. ISBN: 9781882785001 List Price: $15.00
Austrian Empire: Abortive Federation - Harold J. Gordon - Paperback by Gordon, Harold J., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780669904567 List Price: $11.33
Habsburg Twilight - Sarah Gainham - Hardcover - 1st American ed by Gainham, Sarah ISBN: 9780689109577 List Price: $11.95
History of Modern Hungry, 1867-1986 by Hoensch, Jorg K. ISBN: 9780582251090 List Price: $26.95
Hungarian Quo Vadis Political Trends and Theories in the Early 1840s by Vargajanos ISBN: 9789630564939 List Price: $29.00
Repression and Resistance in Communist Europe by Sharman, J. C. ISBN: 9780415306690 List Price: $145.00
Secret Trial of Imre Nagy by Dornbach, Alajos ISBN: 9780275943325 List Price: $99.95
Habsburg Monarchy 1618-1815 by Ingrao, Charles W. ISBN: 9780521780346 List Price: $95.00
From Prejudice to Persecution by Pauley, Bruce F. ISBN: 9780807819951 List Price: $65.00
Austria in the Age of the French Revolution, 1789-1815 by Brauer, Kinley, Wright, Wil... ISBN: 9780962699009 List Price: $12.00
Army of Francis Joseph by Rothenberg, Gunther E. ISBN: 9781557531452 List Price: $24.95
History of Modern Hungary 1867-1994 by Hoensch, Jorg K., Traynor, Kim ISBN: 9780582256491 List Price: $51.00
1848 Revolutions in German-Speaking Europe by Hahn, H. J. ISBN: 9780582357655 List Price: $31.20
Mozart Family Four Lives in a Social Context by Halliwell, Ruth ISBN: 9780198163718 List Price: $82.00
Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1918 by Mason, John W. ISBN: 9780582294660 List Price: $16.00
Modern Austria Empire and Republic, 1815-1986 by Jelavich, Barbara ISBN: 9780521316255 List Price: $53.00
History of the Habsburg Empire 1273-1700 by Berenger, Jean, Simpson, C. A. ISBN: 9780582090101 List Price: $67.20
War of the Austrian Succession, 1740-1748 by Anderson, M. S. ISBN: 9780582059504 List Price: $46.40
Music Criticism in Vienna 1896-1897 Critically Moving Forms by McColl, Sandra ISBN: 9780198165644 List Price: $175.00
Banking and Industrialization by Rudolph, R. L. ISBN: 9780521208789
Belle Necropolis : Ghosts of Imperial Vienna by Arens, Katherine ISBN: 9781433119002
Becoming Austrians : Jews and Culture Between the World Wars by Silverman, Lisa ISBN: 9780190257811 List Price: $24.95
The Last Battle for Saint Stephen's Crown by Simontsits, Attila L. ISBN: 9780920004098 List Price: $30.00
Habsburg Empire and the Sea Austrian Naval Policy, 1797-1866 by Sondhaus, Lawrence ISBN: 9780911198973 List Price: $36.95
Chess Game for Democracy: Hungary Between East and West, 1944-1947 by Palasik, Mária ISBN: 9780773538504 List Price: $32.95
Ferenc Molnar and the Austro-Hungarian 'Fin De Siecle' by Varkonyi, Istvan ISBN: 9780820416649 List Price: $46.95
Habsburg Empire by Rady, Martyn ISBN: 9780198792963 List Price: $11.95
Egypt and Austria IV: Crossroads by Holaubek, Johanna, Navratil... ISBN: 9788086277615 List Price: $60.00
The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: Reform, Revolt and Repression, 1953-1963 by Litván, György, Bak, Janos ... ISBN: 9780582215047 List Price: $32.20
Voice of History An Exegesis of Selected Short Stories from Ingeborg Bachmann's Das Dreissig... by De Serbine Bahrawy, Lisa ISBN: 9780820410272 List Price: $37.50
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