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If foreign language study is your thing and you're learning about Turkish and associated languages, check through our current selection and buy cheap Turkish and Turkic languages textbooks now to further your studies. It's the easiest way to learn aboput Uzbek, Turkic, Mongolic and other languages along the way. Find out how linguistics works in these other languages by investing in cheap textbooks for foreign language college students. We buy back Turkish and Turkic languages textbooks as well for great prices - just check our list to find out what we'll pay for each title. Whether you want a dictionary to help work out the nuances of a language or you want a history of a particular Turkish derived language over time, we've got the lot right here. For the cheapest pre-owned volumes available on the internet today, trust Valore Books to provide foreign language students with the opportunity to rent Turkish and Turkic textbooks online now.

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Student Grammar of Turkish by Ketrez, F. Nihan ISBN: 9780521149648 List Price: $36.99
Uzbek: An Elementary Textbook by Azimova, Nigora, Center for... ISBN: 9781589017061 List Price: $69.95
Student Grammar of Turkish by Ketrez, F. Nihan ISBN: 9780521763462 List Price: $95.00
Turkish Language Reform A Catastrophic Success by Lewis, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780198238560 List Price: $140.00
Turkic Languages by Csato, Eva Agnes, Johanson,... ISBN: 9780415412612 List Price: $71.95
Advanced Turkish I, Instructor Manual : OSU Foreign Language Publications by Galin, Muge, Otterbein Coll... ISBN: 9780874152548 List Price: $16.00
Turcology in Mainz /Turkologie in Mainz by Boeschoten, Hendrik, Rentzs... ISBN: 9783447061131
FSI Turkish Complete Basic Course Levels One and Two : Multilingual Books Language Course by Swift, Lloyd, Agrali, Selman ISBN: 9781582140674 List Price: $375.00
Learn the Kazakh Language in Seventy Steps Using 200 Sentence Models by Tangirberdi kyzy Ayapova, T... ISBN: 9781881265061 List Price: $54.00
Studies in Turkic and Mongolic Linguistics by Clauson, Gerard, Royal Asia... ISBN: 9780415297721 List Price: $150.00
Mongolische Lehnw�rter Im Westoghusischen by Sch�nig, Claus ISBN: 9783447043403
Arabische Texte Aus Kinderib by Jastrow, Otto ISBN: 9783447047142
Finite Verbalsystem Im Nogaischen by Karako�, Birsel ISBN: 9783447050234
Puzzles of Language : Essays in Honour of Karl Zimmer by Taylan, Eser Erguvanl, Rona... ISBN: 9783447064156
Aspekt Im Neuuigurischen by Rentzsch, Julian ISBN: 9783447052917
Wh-Konstruktionen Im T�rkischen by Herkenrath, Annette ISBN: 9783447064996
Turkish Grammar - Geoffrey L. Lewis - Paperback - Older Edition by Lewis, Geoffrey L. ISBN: 9780198158387 List Price: $55.00
English-Uzbek-Russian Commercial Dictionary by Bedeladze, T. ISBN: 9780828555425 List Price: $32.95
Advanced Turkish I, Student Manual : OSU Foreign Language Publications by Galin, Muge, Otterbein Coll... ISBN: 9780874152531 List Price: $21.00
Intermediate Turkish II : Student Manual by Gilson, Erika H., Otterbein... ISBN: 9780874152395 List Price: $28.00
Intermediate Turkish II : Instructor Manual by Gilson, Erika H., Otterbein... ISBN: 9780874152401 List Price: $12.50
FSI Turkish Basic Course Level 2 : Multilingual Books Language Course by Swift, Lloyd B., Agrali, Se... ISBN: 9781582140469 List Price: $225.00
Lexikalische Untersuchungen Zur Uigurischen Xuanzang-Biographie by Semet, Ablet, Huili ISBN: 9783447051996
Spoken Uyghur by Hahn, Reinhard F. ISBN: 9780295970158 List Price: $35.00
Uyghur-English Dictionary by Schwarz, Henry G. ISBN: 9780914584896 List Price: $120.00
Studies in Turkic and Mongolic Linguistics by Clauson, Gerard ISBN: 9781138983328
Structural Factors in Turkic Language Contacts by Johanson, Lars ISBN: 9781138983076
Memoriae Munusculum : Gedenkband F�r Annemarie V. Gabain by R�hrborn, Klaus, Gabain, An... ISBN: 9783447034678
Tiermetaphorik in T�rksprachigen Pflanzennamen by Hauenschild, Ingeborg ISBN: 9783447038102
Studia Ottomanica : Festgabe F�r Gy�rgy Hazai Zum 65. Geburtstag by Hazai, Gy�rgy, Kellner-Hein... ISBN: 9783447039154
Relative Constructions in Turkish by Haig, Geoffrey ISBN: 9783447040044
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