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In today's modern world the traditional values of family and relationships are constantly changing. There is no longer a normality, and variations can be as the result of religion, ethnicity or region to name but a few of the potential influencing factors. Understanding this area of study can be challenging, but don't worry as we have a huge range of discounted family and relationship textbooks to help you get through your studies. Our new and pre-owned textbooks cover topics such as adolescence, child development, human relations, marriage and family experience and the process of parenting. Save yourself the hassle of visiting your packed and cramped college bookshop to buy your textbooks and order them here online instead. You will save yourself a lot of money and valuable time. Our textbook range is as impressive as any bookstore but our prices are far lower. We offer new and used books, all in fantastic condition. You can also use our buyback service when you are done with the books.

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Domestic Violence A Reference Handbook by McCue, Margi Laird ISBN: 9781851097791 List Price: $55.00
Family Violence In The United States Defining, Understanding, And Combating Abuse by Malley-Morrison, Kathleen, ... ISBN: 9780761930853 List Price: $114.00
Understanding Parenting by Jaffe, Michael L. ISBN: 9780205189977 List Price: $76.20
Plato on Love Lysis, Symposium, Phaedrus, Alcibiades, with Selections from Republic and Laws by Plato, Reeve, C. D. C., Ree... ISBN: 9780872207882 List Price: $13.95
Couples, Kids, And Family Life by Gubrium, Jaber F., Holstein... ISBN: 9780195177909 List Price: $29.95
Adolescence: Development During a Global Era by Swanson, Dena Phillips, Edw... ISBN: 9780123744241 List Price: $99.95
Family Violence Across the Lifespan An Introduction by Barnett, Ola W., Perrin, Ro... ISBN: 9780761927563 List Price: $82.95
Childhood: Voyages in Development by Rathus, Spencer A. ISBN: 9780495904335 List Price: $136.95
Culinary Essentials by Glencoe McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078690709 List Price: $55.96
Family Patterns, Gender Relations by Fox, Bonnie J. ISBN: 9780195424898 List Price: $52.95
Children (Study Guide) by Kail, Robert V., Jr., Dewol... ISBN: 9780130933232 List Price: $20.55
Tests & Measurement For People Who (Think They) Hate Tests & Measurement by Salkind, Neil J. ISBN: 9781412913638 List Price: $124.00
When I Fall in Love Again: A New Study on Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life by Merrill, Jane, Knox, David ... ISBN: 9780313380860 List Price: $44.95
Family in Transition by Skolnick, Skolnick, Jerome H. ISBN: 9780205578771 List Price: $97.80
Battered Woman+shelters by Loseke, Donileen R. ISBN: 9780791408322 List Price: $29.95
Marriage And Family Experience with Infotrac Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society by Strong, Bryan, DeVault, Chr... ISBN: 9780534609306 List Price: $115.95
Adolescence (with MyVirtualTeen Student Access Code Card) by Feldman, Robert S. ISBN: 9780205801497
Introducing Death And Dying Readings And Exercises by Carr, Thomas K. ISBN: 9780131831032 List Price: $88.80
Abused Men The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence by Cook, Philip W., Cohen, N. ISBN: 9780275958626 List Price: $35.00
Family Experience A Reader in Cultural Diversity by Hutter, Mark ISBN: 9780205389209 List Price: $97.40
When Children Are Abused An Educator's Guide to Intervention by Crosson-Tower, Cynthia ISBN: 9780205319626 List Price: $51.99
Broken Mirrors: The 'Dowry Problem' in India by Wyatt, Robin ISBN: 9788132105039 List Price: $25.95
Parenting Rewards & Responsibilities by Hildebrand, Verna, McGraw-H... ISBN: 9780078690570 List Price: $57.76
Preschool Language Disorders Resource Guide by Weiss, Amy L. ISBN: 9780769300290 List Price: $86.95
Complete Guide to Sport Education by Siedentop, Daryl, Hastie, P... ISBN: 9780736098380 List Price: $38.00
Guiding Young Children by Hearron, Patricia F., Hilde... ISBN: 9780135151648 List Price: $77.33
Rose's Story, Revised Edition by Bibb, Wanda "Rose" ISBN: 9781577666622 List Price: $18.95
Elder Advocacy Essential Knowledge and Skills Across Settings by Huber, Ruth, Borders, Kevin... ISBN: 9780495000044 List Price: $57.95
Family Interaction A Multigenerational Developmental Perspective by Anderson, Stephen A., Sabat... ISBN: 9780205485475 List Price: $92.60
Sociology of the Family Investigating Family Issues by Bidwell, Lee D. Millar, Van... ISBN: 9780023096723 List Price: $133.60
Social Services and the Ethnic Community by Iglehart, Alfreda P., Becer... ISBN: 9781577666820 List Price: $28.95
Death by Domestic Violence: Preventing the Murders and Murder-Suicides by Van Wormer, Katherine S., R... ISBN: 9780313354892
Domestic Violence The Criminal Justice Response by Buzawa, Eve S., Buzawa, Car... ISBN: 9780761924487 List Price: $68.95
Death, Society, And the Human Experience by Kastenbaum, Robert J. ISBN: 9780205482627 List Price: $104.60
Developing Child by Brisbane, Holly E. ISBN: 9780026427081 List Price: $66.64
Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence by Berger, Kathleen Stassen ISBN: 9780716752578 List Price: $116.45
Administration of Programs for Young Children by Karkos, Kimberly A., Click,... ISBN: 9781418037901 List Price: $105.95
In an Abusive State by Bumiller, Kristin ISBN: 9780822342397 List Price: $22.95
Private Worlds of Dying Children by Bluebond-Langner, Myra ISBN: 9780691028200 List Price: $28.95
Interpersonal Skills Training A Handbook for Funeral Service Staffs by Wolfelt, Alan ISBN: 9781559590259 List Price: $49.95
Child Abuse and Neglect Multidisciplinary Approaches by Winton, Mark A., Mara, Barb... ISBN: 9780205308774 List Price: $81.00
All American Yemeni Girls Being Muslim In A Public School by Sarroub, Loukia K. ISBN: 9780812218947 List Price: $22.50
Our Families, Ourselves Study Guide by INTELECOM - INTELLIGENT TEL... ISBN: 9781583700808
Treatment of Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse by Gil, Eliana ISBN: 9780961320560 List Price: $18.95
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